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					Winning business.

A step-by-step guide to seizing the opportunities around the
London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Winning business
                                                             “A winning combination”
                                                                                   T    he London 2012 Olympic
                                                                                        and Paralympic Games are
                                                                                    about much more than 26 days
                                                                                    of elite sporting competition.
2      Getting started                                                              They present a unique
       Introducing the organising bodies and the key                                opportunity for our country,
       resources you’ll need to find and win business.                              people and businesses to
                                                                                    demonstrate their finest
3      Where and when?                                                              qualities on a world stage,
       Numerous business opportunities will become           and they will leave a valuable legacy.
       available, nationwide, in the run up to 2012
       and beyond.                                           As official bank to the London 2012 Games and a
                                                             national sponsor, Lloyds Banking Group (which Bank
4      Join the race                                         of Scotland is a part of) is integral to the successful
       CompeteFor is at the heart of the procurement         delivery of these events. We will help companies across
       process. What is it and how does it work?             the UK make the most of the business opportunities
       We guide you through.                                 generated nationwide, and in doing so they will
                                                             become better businesses with a long-term and global
7      What next?                                            outlook. We are also committed to actively supporting
       Find out what more you can do to improve              our communities and ensuring they benefit as much as
       your chances of finding and winning tenders.          possible, over the next three years and beyond.

8      Meeting expectations                                  We are proud of our involvement with the London
       Once you have won a tender you will have to deliver   2012 Games. It’s all about commitment and self-belief
       to expectations and an immovable deadline.            — qualities that all great athletes share and that drive
                                                             success in every walk of life. Apply them to the
9      Green for go                                          business opportunities created by the London 2012
       Your role in making the London 2012 Games             Games and the host of peripheral activities and
       become the first sustainable Games.                   related development projects, and you have a
                                                             winning combination.
10     2012 and beyond
       Applying to tender and winning business can have      Truett Tate, Group Executive Director,
       considerable legacy benefits for your business.       Wholesale Division, Lloyds Banking Group

11/12 Links and support
      Where to go for advice and information.
“A national opportunity”                                    “Backing Britain for 2012”
                      D    elivering the London 2012
                           Games requires a huge
                      range of goods, works and
                                                                                 T  he London 2012 Games
                                                                                    will be the biggest events
                                                                                the UK has ever seen. With their
                      services from an equally wide                             global exposure and a ripple
                      variety of businesses — from                              effect throughout the economy,
                      construction, engineering and                             they are an inspiration to every
                      manufacturing to creative,                                Briton and every business as
                      merchandising and retail.                                 we emerge from a recession.
                                                                                As official bank to the London
Just as we prepare to give the athletes the best            2012 Games, Bank of Scotland is uniquely placed to
possible chance of performing at their peak in 2012,        support those businesses that are eager to make their
we are also offering the whole of British industry a        own contribution.
unique opportunity to be part of our journey and to
                                                            The organisers have been clear: they want companies
create a lasting legacy of skilled businesses, fit and
                                                            of all sizes and from all over the UK to be on the
ready to compete on the global stage.
                                                            supplier roster. Bank of Scotland will help companies
Throughout the LOCOG procurement process,                   prepare to join that roster. We can offer a wealth of
we expect to award many millions of pounds worth            advice and knowledge about the London 2012 Games
of contracts. The London 2012 Games will provide            procurement programme.
business benefits across the UK. And any business
                                                            As an introduction to the processes behind becoming
involved in the events, even if in only a small way, will
                                                            a supplier, this guide is your first step to making the
find the increase in staff morale, productivity and drive
                                                            most of this fabulous opportunity for business and
to be both invaluable and enduring.
                                                            for Britain.
Gerry Walsh, Procurement Director, LOCOG
                                                            Chris Daniels, Head of London 2012 Activation,
                                                            Wholesale Division, Lloyds Banking Group

                                                                                          Bank of Scotland Winning business   1
    Getting started
    Various tools and resources are available to help you to prepare for,
    identify and win business opportunities.

          wo agencies are primarily               The ODA’s major venue and infrastructure       Key resources
          responsible for delivering the          projects are being managed by a delivery
                                                                                                 London 2012 will directly buy and manage
          London 2012 Olympic and                 partner. They, in turn, handle the’tier one’
                                                                                                 a comparatively small number of contracts
    Paralympic Games:                             contractors — companies that win tenders
                                                                                                 with tier one suppliers or contracts. Most
                                                  for each of the major construction
    The London Organising Committee of                                                           opportunities for SMEs are likely to come
    the Olympic Games and Paralympic                                                             from further down the supply chains.
    Games (LOCOG) Responsible for                 Other important players include:
                                                                                                 The London 2012 Business Network
    preparing and staging the 2012 Games,         The London Development Agency
    LOCOG will award most of the contracts        (LDA) Working with local boroughs and
                                                                                                 has been designed and set up to help
    for services to achieve this. Major           groups to boost skills, employment
                                                                                                 companies get involved in the Games.
    procurement started in 2009. LOCOG            and volunteering.
                                                                                                 You’ll find news on procurement trends,
    is also responsible for staging test events                                                  opportunities and local events, and you
    in the year prior to the Games; recruiting                                                   can sign up for regular business e-alerts.
    and training volunteers and overseeing         Watching out for you
    the four-year Cultural Olympiad. Funding       As part of Lloyds Banking Group,              There is also a link to the contract-
    for LOCOG comes mainly from the private        Bank of Scotland is proud to be               matching portal CompeteFor The ODA
    sector, with £2bn being raised from            an official Partner of the Games.             and LOCOG publish all substantial
    sources including sales of merchandise,                                                      contracts to be tendered using this
                                                   This makes us uniquely placed to
    broadcasting rights and sponsorship.                                                         resource. (See our guide on page 6.)
                                                   support businesses as they bid for
                                                   contracts. We are also supporting
    The Olympic Delivery Authority
                                                   the communication of these
    (the ODA) The public body responsible
                                                   opportunities by monitoring the
    for developing and building new
    infrastructure and venues and                  contracts that are published, to
    planning their long-term use.                  ensure our business customers
                                                   don’t miss out.

2    Bank of Scotland Winning business
Where and when?
There are still many projects yet to be commissioned, but there’s
no time to lose in getting fit to tender.

   n many cases, venues and facilities for      “The business community in                   beach volleyball to producing licenced
   the London 2012 Games will need to            Scotland is benefiting from the             merchandise in over 70 categories will
   be ready for a year in advance to allow       London 2012 Games. To date                  be required.
for test events and certification. But, while
                                                 68 Scottish businesses have secured          LOCOG’s own requirements are now
work on some sites is already advanced,
there are numerous projects yet to be            90 Games-related contracts. This            starting to ramp up and will rise rapidly
                                                 experience will be invaluable in            closer to 2012, when facilities are being
commissioned on large and small venues.
                                                 the lead up to future national and          dressed for the events and related
These won’t be confined to London, as                                                        activities — such as marketing and support
                                                 international opportunities.”
there will be venues used across the UK —                                                    for athletes, officials and spectators —
                                                Jillian Moffat, Scottish Enterprise.
                                                                                             begin in earnest.
                                                from the sailing venue in Weymouth to        Visit for a list
  Nationwide opportunities                      the football ground at Hampden Park,         of the work already commissioned by
  The impact of the London 2012                 Glasgow. Tenders for many of the smaller     the ODA as well as upcoming tenders.
  Games will be felt by business                venues were issued in late 2009, and over    Over the coming months, you’ll also
  and communities across the UK.                the next two years the ODA and LDA will      begin to see more LOCOG activity listed
  The Nations and Regions Group                 seek contractors to convert facilities for   on the website.
  will ensure all regions of England,           long-term use after the Games.
  Scotland, Wales and Northern
                                                In the meantime, contracts are being
  Ireland can get involved and
                                                awarded for work on a huge variety of
  benefit from the events.                                                                     Don’t delay
                                                facilities, services and peripheral

  46%         of suppliers that have            development projects.                          Most facilities need to be ready
              won work with the                                                                a year in advance. Businesses
                                                The range of opportunities will be             should act now to join the race
  ODA so far are based outside
                                                huge and not confined to construction.         for opportunities and ensure
  of London.                                    Everything from seating and security to
  (Source: LOCOG, Sept 09)                                                                     they are fit and ready to supply.
                                                supplying 2,000 tonnes of sand for the

                                                                                                    Bank of Scotland Winning business     3
    Join the race
    Register your business profile on CompeteFor and start searching for,
    and winning, new business opportunities.

         he London 2012 Business Network                        HoW Does CompeTeFoR WoRK?
         aims to ensure that work on the
    London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic
                                                 Register your business and complete a profile (see our 8-step guide)
    Games is spread as widely as possible.

    What is CompeteFor?                                       Do you meet the minimum requirements?
    Accessed through the London 2012
    Business Network, CompeteFor enables
    contractors to advertise jobs and                       Yes                                        No
    suppliers to highlight capabilities.

    CompeteFor allows you to search
                                                                                        You will automatically be referred
    for any contract that your business might          Start searching
    be able to fulfil, even if you don’t yet                                             to your local business support
                                                         for tenders
    have a relationship with LOCOG or a                                                          provider for help
    main contractor. Think of it as a business
    dating agency: either side can specify the
    attributes they are seeking in a partner,                               Apply for tenders
    and see companies and contracts that
    fit those specific criteria. It enables
    contractors to narrow down their search                    The procurer selects a shortlist from an
    ahead of the formal tender process or                           anonymous list of applicants
    to uncover new companies to work with.
    Suppliers, meanwhile, can search for
    available opportunities and ensure that                              Formal tendering begins
    they meet the requirements.

4    Bank of Scotland Winning business
                                                                                                     minimum requirements
                                                                                                4    Health and safety, quality
                                                                                               management and equal
                                                                                               opportunities policies are essential.
                                                                                               If you can’t say yes to all of the
                                                                                               questions in this section — or you
                                                                                               lack appropriate professional
                                                                                               indemnity and public liability
                                                                                               insurance — contact Bank of
                                                                                               Scotland or your local Business
                                                                                               Gateway. They can help you to draft
                                                                                               policies, often using a standard
                                                                                               template, to meet requirements.
                                                                                               Business Gateway can also get you
                                                                                               preferential rates for ISO 9001
                                                                                               quality certification. That may be
                                                                                               helpful, especially if competitors
                                                                                               are accredited. Rather than being
Using CompeteFor                                  sign up                                a box-ticking exercise, this is a great
                                            1     Visit CompeteFor and click on the      opportunity to improve your business’
Before you can start searching for                                                       professionalism and competitiveness.
                                           ‘register’ tab to fill in basic contact and
opportunities, you need to register
                                           log-in details.
your business and complete a profile.
                                                                                                You will be asked for details about
Here’s our guide.
                                                  Your profile                                  the sustainability of your supply
Before you start: Compile a dossier on
                                             2 Once registered, click one of the                chains and ethical trading policies.
your company and have it to hand. You’ll   links to ‘complete and publish your full      This is vital for the organisers to ensure
need data on staff numbers and turnover    business profile.’ Remember to hit the        that goods and services are procured in
(with forecasts for the year ahead);       save button at each stage.                    a way that achieves value for money on a
information about big contracts you’ve                                                   whole-life basis, benefiting society and
won in the past; details such as your             Define yourself                        the economy with minimum damage
company number, VAT registration and
                                            3     The ‘business categories’ section      to the environment.
business insurance policies; and a         is especially important, but can be
summary of skills and capabilities.        confusing to use. There are hundreds of
                                           fixed categories, from which you can pick
                                           up to ten that apply to you. When you click
                                           on the link, a pop-up box lets you search
                                           for appropriate keywords. Tick those
                                           that apply to your business on the results
                                           page. Hit ‘view selected’ to see an
                                           updated list, then ‘add to profile’ to
                                           complete the process.

                                                                                                Bank of Scotland Winning business      5
                                                  There is an option you can select if             You can edit your profile at any time,
                                                  your company doesn’t track personnel             should your details change. For example,
                                                  details such as these. This information          your forecast turnover might rise or you
                                                  is confidential and used for statistical         may develop a sustainable procurement
                                                  purposes.                                        policy.

    of contracts                                   7     sell yourself
    awarded so far                                       The section entitled Marketing
                                                  Information is effectively your sales pitch,
    by the oDA have                               so it’s important to get it right.
                                                  You only have 255 characters to explain
    gone to smes                                  your core capabilities and another 600
                                                  characters for your marketing message.
    (Source: LOCOG, Sept 2009)

                                                       Don’t waffle. Give straightforward,
                                                       concise descriptions and                           Look at your competitors’ profiles,
            Your finances                         explanations throughout. Clearly list                   in particular those firms that have
      5     Procurement rules mean you can        your unique selling points.                      already won jobs with contractors you’d
    only bid for a job if your turnover                                                            like to work with. There may be things you
    is at least four times the contract value.    You can also upload up to three images           can learn to enhance your own profile.
    Be honest about your finances, but don’t      to appear in your profile. They could,
    be shy about your forecast turnover.          for example, show your offices, key                    Think outside the box.
    Speak with Bank of Scotland about how         equipment, recent jobs or work samples.                Many contracts have been awarded
    you can firm this up and tighten up core                                                       that are not directly related to the
    financing arrangements. (See page 13 for            Pictures are vital. Your CompeteFor        London 2012 Games.
    more information about where to go                  profile is like a corporate CV and
    for help.)                                    should be polished and professional. For
                                                  each image, you can add an 80-character
                                                  ‘alternative text’ description, which
                                                  could help to explain an aspect of
                                                  your business.                                    Don’t make assumptions
                                                                                                    Many companies wrongly assume
                                                         publish                                    that the majority of contracts around
                                                   8     CompeteFor will show you a                 the London 2012 Games are already
                                                  summary page of your information and              predetermined or go to the biggest
                                                  an assessment of whether your company             companies. However, everyone has
                                                  is ‘business ready.’ If it isn’t, your details
           Diversity                                                                                a chance to become part of the
      6                                           will be passed to a local business support
           You will be asked about the            agency that can help. Bank of Scotland            London 2012 Games legacy,
    diversity of the people who own and work      can help support businesses, so ask               regardless of size. The most
    in your business, with questions covering     your relationship manager for advice              important thing is to join the race.
    sex, race, religion and sexual orientation.   on meeting requirements.

6    Bank of Scotland Winning business
What next?
Don’t just sit and wait! There may be much more you can do
to maximise your chances of winning business.

         nce your profile is complete and     track the progress of a tender or submit      Team up
         uploaded, you should start to        a brief response. This will be sent to the    If your business is unable to meet every
         receive emails or e-alerts about     contracting company along with your           aspect of a tender, consider getting
tenders that are relevant to your business.   company profile.                              together with other suppliers.
However, it pays to be proactive in
seeking out opportunities and ensuring        Get ready                                     How?
you are fully fit for business.               If a major firm has won a large contract,     Select the opportunity type ‘partnership’
                                              it’s likely that they will require            from the main menu. This informs
Search for opportunities                      subcontractors at some point. By keeping      suppliers that, while you may not have
An opportunity relevant to your business      an eye on who is doing what, you can          secured a contract, you want to work
could slip through the e-alert net.           ensure you are ready to meet their needs.     with partners to respond to a listed
For example, if a buyer has chosen an                                                       opportunity. Describe the opportunity and
unusual category for their job, you may       How?                                          the additional capabilities you’re seeking.
not be alerted to it. Do a regular search,    CompeteFor can help you stay abreast
as the window of opportunity on some          of ongoing projects. Also visit
contracts is very short.             to monitor
                                                                                             Talk to us
                                              current and future opportunities with          With thousands of businesses
How?                                          LOCOG and the ODA.                             seeking work on the London 2012
Log on to CompeteFor and select                                                              Olympic and Paralympic Games,
‘opportunity search’ from the left-hand       If you’ve done business with a company
                                              that has won a major contract, re-establish    it’s likely that Bank of Scotland or
menu. Search simply for relevant terms
                                              contact with them. Ensure that you have        other parts of Lloyds Banking Group
or use the advanced option to specify
details such as contract values or start      the capacity and finances in place to meet     are already talking to companies with
dates. Suitable contracts will be listed,     their needs when they arise. Your Bank of      whom you could partner. Your
each with a buyer, response deadline,         Scotland relationship manager can walk         relationship manager might be able
start date and value. Click on a contract     you through the financing options.
                                                                                             to put you in touch.
for more details. From there, you can

                                                                                                   Bank of Scotland Winning business      7
    meeting expectations
    As the deadlines are immovable, every part of the supply chain for facilities,
    events and services must be highly efficient.

              ith no margin for error,           additional resources where necessary. For
              companies working on the           example, you might find that you require         Fit to supply? — a checklist
              London 2012 Olympic and            additional staff or staff with specific skills   • Can you issue e-invoices and
    Paralympic Games will need to carefully      to cope with demand or need to update              accept e-payments?
    review their resources and capabilities to   your invoicing capabilities.
                                                                                                  • Do you have sufficient working
    ensure they are able to deliver on time,
                                                 Given the scale of ODA and LOCOG                   capital to cope with big projects?
    whatever happens.
                                                 activities, the organisers need to be
                                                                                                  • Are your financial systems able to
    The finish date for most projects is         able to track spending precisely. It is
                                                                                                    provide detailed management
    fixed — in many cases at least a year        important, therefore, that businesses
    before the London 2012 Games,                working on the London 2012 Games
    to allow for test events.                    can accept corporate procurement and             • Do you have formal terms and
                                                 purchasing cards and are equipped                  conditions in employee contracts?
    As many of the projects and the supply
                                                 to support line item transactions.               • Could you cope with the loss of
    chains involved are highly complex,
                                                 Even if you’re only providing services             key employees part-way through
    companies working on them will need
                                                 during the events themselves, your
    to demonstrate flexibility and forward                                                          a job?
                                                 payment systems should be fully
    planning. Excellent project management                                                        • Are your project management
    will be required in order to respond in a                                                       skills and processes fully
    high-pressure environment and deploy         Bank of Scotland is already working with           up-to-date?
                                                 organisations to help them prepare for
                                                 the London 2012 Games. (See page 13              • Have you assessed staff skills and
     Help at hand                                for more information on the help and               capabilities to deliver on the work?
     Bank of Scotland has experts on             resources available.)                            • Have you sought advice from
     hand in all of the areas in this                                                               your bank on payment systems,
     checklist (right). Ask your relationship                                                       cashflow and improving your
     manager for advice.                                                                            financial stability?

8    Bank of Scotland Winning business
Green for go
The London 2012 olympic and paralympic Games aims to be
the first sustainable Games. What role will you play?

      ustainability underpins the London      How does it affect you?                       emissions in your business and supply
      2012 Games bid, and the success of                                                    chain. It aims to:
                                              Sourcing — Suppliers must comply with
      the events will be measured to a
                                              the base code of the Ethical Trading              H
                                                                                            •	 		 elp suppliers being asked to meet
large extent by the ability to deliver a
                                              Initiative (, while          carbon management requirements.
lasting legacy for the UK. The organisers
                                              contractors sourcing from overseas must
are committed to ensuring that                                                                 P
                                                                                            •	 	 rovide non-technical, practical
                                              ensure their suppliers comply with SEDEX
environmental impact, local economic                                                           guidance on measuring, managing
development and social renewal are                                                             and reducing their carbon emissions.
considered at every step of the way.          Materials — Effective waste management,
                                              minimising packaging and recycling               H
                                                                                            •	 	 elp procuring organisations to
The London 2012 organisers and                should be a priority for all contractors.        better engage their suppliers on
stakeholders are working together to                                                           carbon management.
minimise the carbon footprint of the          Minimal impact — Suppliers will be
                                              encouraged to limit their environmental       The guide will help you to understand
London 2012 Games. This will be                                                             the main issues and work out what your
achieved by minimising the use of and         impact and energy usage.
                                                                                            business needs to do. To obtain a copy of
specifying low-impact materials; efficient    (Visit for more            the guide, visit
design; and specifying recycled products.     information on London 2012 sustainability.)
                                                                                            The Prince’s May Day Network is the
The organisers will need to ensure            more help and support                         biggest network of UK businesses
that goods and services are procured                                                        committed to taking action on climate
                                              Being more sustainable can save
in a way that benefits society and the                                                      change. The Network’s May Day Journey
                                              you money and position you for
economy with minimum damage to                                                              is a great online resource to help you gain
                                              further growth.
the environment.                                                                            business benefits from taking action
                                              Carbon management: a practical                and putting in place your own strategy.
It is a great opportunity for UK businesses   guide for suppliers is an easy-to-use,        Follow the links to the May Day Network
to demonstrate their ability to deliver a     downloadable pdf that gives practical         at
sustainable Games fit for the challenges      advice on measuring and managing
of the 21st century.

                                                                                                   Bank of Scotland Winning business      9
     2012 and beyond
     Working on the London 2012 olympic and paralympic Games
     could have major, lasting benefits for your business.

            he impact of the London 2012             Experience of working on these kinds       •	 Motivation — The excitement of
            Games will be felt long after the        of events will also be in demand on           being involved could have a positive
            Closing Ceremonies. Their lasting        similar projects — for example, the           and lasting effect on staff morale
     legacy was a key component of London’s          2014 Commonwealth Games in                    and productivity.
     original bid to become host city — and that     Glasgow. The Department for
     legacy applies as much to UK businesses         Business, Innovation and Skills and        •	 Community — The buzz created will
     as it does our culture of sport or our          UK Trade and Investment see work              bring communities together, motivate
     infrastructure.                                 on the major sporting events as a             and inspire them. This is also an
                                                     way to establish UK businesses on             opportunity for businesses to engage
     •	 Experience and exposure —                    a global stage.                               with local communities and work with
        Preparing your business to tender                                                          them to make Britain a better place.
        will deliver concrete long-term            •	 Investment — After 2012, facilities
        benefits. Registering on CompeteFor           used for training and events will need
        exposes your company to a host of             to be converted for long-term use.
        opportunities from private and public         The Athlete’s Village will become
                                                                                                 Building bridges
        sector contractors (Local Authorities         housing, for example. These future
        and government agencies are already           opportunities require innovative           Through its Local Heroes initiative,
        extensive users) after 2012.                  approaches from private companies.         Bank of Scotland is already helping
                                                                                                 young sporting hopefuls to fulfil their
     •	 Proven fitness — Working on the            •		 Regeneration — The London 2012            potential, and building bridges
        London 2012 Games shows potential              Games are part of a wider and
                                                                                                 with local communities. Bank of
        clients that your company is fit to            longer-term re-development project.
        do business on complex and high-               Meanwhile, nationwide, expansion and      Scotland National School Sport
        profile projects. Meeting supplier             development of sites used during the      Week (,
        requirements for LOCOG and the                 events is likely to see investment and    meanwhile, provides free materials
        ODA ensures your business can win              business opportunities. Contact your      to schools to help get them active.
        work from government bodies.                   RDA for more information.

10    Bank of Scotland Winning business
Bank of scotland
products and services:
Banking solutions — A range of products from       Supplier finance — Connects large buyers with
flexible current accounts with the functionality   smaller suppliers, which offers beneficial terms
to support your everyday banking requirements,     for both. Suppliers benefit from accelerated
to longer-term lending and deposit products,       cashflows at favourable rates for 100% of the
all designed to meet your business needs           contract value.
and help you manage all aspects of your            Hedging — As many of the London 2012
cashflow through the cycle.                        Games opportunities are long-term, our
Payment, trade and card solutions —                financial markets experts can help you
A full range of payment, procurement and           minimise the risks associated with interest
trade propositions to help you manage              rate and foreign exchange.
your domestic, international and                   Asset finance — Lloyds TSB’s suite of asset
trading requirements.                              finance solutions includes confidential invoice
eCommerce solutions — Comprehensive                discounting, loans against stock and cashflow
online and integrated banking solutions to         finance.
manage your day-to-day information and             Merchant Services — The card payment
transaction banking needs.                         processing business of Bank of Scotland
Deposits — A range of bespoke deposit              provides advice, systems, payment terminals
facilities are available (sterling or foreign      and integrated solutions to meet all payment
currency), providing a secure return to meet       needs.
your investment needs.

                                                                     Bank of Scotland Winning business   11
                           Useful links and resources
                           London 2012 — The London Organising                 Nations and Regions Group — Made up of
                           Committee of the Olympic Games and                  12 senior representatives from UK business and
                           Paralympic Games (LOCOG), and the                   sport, this group will ensure the whole of
                           Olympic Delivery Authority (the ODA).               the UK is involved in, and benefits from, the
                                                 London 2012 Games.
                                                                               (Go to ‘About us’, then ‘The people delivering
                           London Development Agency — The LDA is              the Games’.)
                           working with the Olympic Delivery Authority on
                           the delivery and legacy of the Olympic Park site.   Scottish Enterprise and Highland & Island
                                                       Enterprise are working closely with the ODA
                                                                               and LOCOG to ensure that companies in
                           London 2012 Business Network — A focal              Scotland are aware of the opportunities.
                           point for businesses seeking work around  
                           the London 2012 Games. Find up-to-date              CompeteFor — Online brokerage service
                           information on procurement, past and future         between buyers and potential suppliers
                           opportunities and news of events in your area.      throughout the London 2012 supply chain.
                           Business Gateway offers practical help, advice
                           and support for new and growing businesses.
                           The sales and marketing area of the site has
                           ‘how to’ guides and templates to support those
                           businesses on CompeteFor that are not business

12   Bank of Scotland Winning business
London 2012 is a once
in a lifetime opportunity.
For athletes too.

              The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are
              set to give an enormous boost to the UK economy.
              Of the thousands of UK businesses which stand to benefit,
              those that act soonest will gain most.
              As part of the Lloyds Banking Group, Bank of Scotland
              is proud to be an official Partner of the London 2012
              Olympic and Paralympic Games.
              To find out more, please talk to your
              Relationship Manager.
  As part of Lloyds Banking Group, Bank of Scotland is proud to be an official Partner of the
  London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Information is available in large print, audio and Braille on request.
You may contact us by Type Talk.
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We are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). The FSCS can pay compensation to depositors if a bank is unable to meet its financial obligations. Most depositors —
including most individuals and small businesses — are covered by the scheme.
In respect of deposits, an eligible depositor is entitled to claim up to £50,000. For joint accounts each account holder is treated as having a claim in respect of their share so, for a joint account held
by two eligible depositors, the maximum amount that could be claimed would be £50,000 each (making a total of £100,000). The £50,000 limit relates to the combined amount in all the eligible
depositor’s accounts with the bank including their share of any joint account, and not to each separate account.
For further information about the scheme (including the amounts covered and eligibility to claim) please ask at your local branch, refer to the FSCS website
or call 020 7892 7300 or 0800 678 1100.
Telephone calls may be recorded for security purposes and monitored under our quality control procedures.
Merchant services are provided by FDR Limited, trading as First Data as agents for Bank of Scotland. First Data is a business name of FDR Limited, a company incorporated and registered in the
state of Delaware, U.S.A. under no. 2269235. Registered in England as a branch of an overseas Company with Limited Liability. Company no. FC015955, Branch no. BR01147. Principal place of
business branch and address: Basildon House, Christopher Martin Road, Basildon, Essex SS14 9AA.
Factoring, Invoice Discounting, Hire Purchase and Leasing facilities are provided by Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance Scotland. When using these products and services your agreement will be
with the Lloyds Banking Group whose terms and conditions will apply. Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance Scotland is a trading name of Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance (Scotland) Ltd. Lloyds TSB
Commercial Finance (Scotland) Ltd. Registered office: 110 St Vincent Street, Glasgow G2 5ER. Registered in Scotland no 93252.

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