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                                                                                                                                              TODAY’S DIVINE LITURGY OF ST. JOHN CHRYSOSTOM
                                                    ST. ANN MELKITE GREEK CATHOLIC CHURCH
                                                                       41 Cross Rd, Waterford, CT 06385               Antiphon of Transfiguration
                                               860-442-2211                O Son of God, who were transfigured on Mount Tabor, save us who sing to You, Alleluia!
                                                                                                                      Troparion of the Resurrection pg 68
                                            Rt. Rev Edward G. Kakaty                Aug 7 & 8, 2010
                                                                                                                      Troparion of Transfiguration
                                                FEAST OF THE TRANSFIGURATION
Intentions this Weekend:                                                                                              O Christ our God, at the time of your Transfiguration on the Mount, You showed Your disciples as much
Sat. 5:00 PM +Elias & Antoinette Doro by Elias & Abroze Gharios          Grapes are blessed today, symbolizing        of Your glory as they could hold, so that seeing You crucified they would know You had willed to suffer
               +Souad Hage (7yrs) & Wadad Malek by Halim & Jack                                                       Your passion and would proclaim to the world that You are verily the reflection of the Father.
Sun 10:00AM +Soliman Negm by the Kakaty Family                           wine becoming the Blood of Christ!           Kondakion pg 85
           +Souad Hage (7 yrs) by Afif & Vivianne, Mounir & Mona              FAST OF THE VIRGIN MARY                 Prokimenon
              PHS All men not named for a saint                               Aug. 1-14                               Reader: How great are Your works, O Lord! In wisdom You have wrought them all!
Intentions at the Liturgy: Next weekend:                                       Pray the Paraclesis and fast           People: How great are Your works, O Lord! In wisdom You have wrought them all!
Sat. 5:00 PM      PHS All Women not named for a saint, MARY, etc.             especially Wed and Fri                  Reader: Bless the Lord, O my soul! You are very great indeed O Lord, my God!
Sun. 10:00 AM +Rt Rev Simon Hage (6 yrs) by his parishioners                                                          People: How great are Your works, O Lord! In wisdom You have wrought them all!
Please remember in your prayers those who are convalescing: Chafiq Kozak, Bishop Nicholas, Abla Jabbour, ,            Reader: How great are Your works, O Lord!
Eva Dozier, Blanche McCracken, George & Mary Soloweyko, Michelle Ramos, Diane Burgess, Libby Khoury, Lillian          People: In wisdom You have wrought them all!
Moutran, Jack Butler, Jean Kiser, Patty (Gorra) Meehan, Sally Perry, Sam Mekel Ed Perrella, FrMartin Hyatt, BSO       ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
      This Weekend    Saturday:     John Jalonski    Sunday:        Gerard Massad          Thanks to all who                                                        MAHRAJAN REPORT
      Next Weekend    Saturday:      Rafka Hage      Sunday:        Denise Brooks           Always make up             Mahrajan/Middle Eastern Festival was a huge success, celebrating the Feast of our Patroness, St Ann. Thanks to
                                                                                        Their missed collections      Archbishop Cyril, Fr Ed, Protodeacon Saleem Naber, and the Knights of Columbus Honor Guard, for the beautiful
      July 31            24             Gave            237            Includes
                                                                                            Including fuel &          Pontifical Liturgy. Other clergy attending the Mahrajan were: Fr Constantine Simones, Fr Dennis Cleary, Fr Paul
      Aug 1              40             Gave            523            Fuel and
                                                                                              Building fund           Pantelis, Fr Joseph Little, Fr Naji Kiwan, Fr Gabriel from Sudan, Sister from Kenya. Thanks to the food committee:
                         64                             760          Building Fund                                    Joumana Hajj, Mona Hage, Mounir Hage, Samira Hajj,” G” Moreno, Gerry Egan, Ray & Anna Sobanski, Amanda
 Asleep in the Lord: Our condolences to the family of + Mildred Palm: Carole, Joy, Fred. Funeral Mon.@10:30           Hajj, Samira Hajj, Katia Hage, Diane Kakaty, Alex & Betty Antipoff, Kristen Sobanski
                  +Soliman Negm, brother of Protodeacon Magdi, +Harvey Nassaney, brother of Archdeacon                Thanks to the tent committee: Gerry Egan, Brian Lasky, Ray & Anna Sobanski, 7 men from Serenity Lodge. Thanks
George Yany & father of Fr. Dan Nassaney,OMI. Their funerals were in Maine & Rhode Island. Memory eternal!            to Gloria Massad at the door all day, Cathy Egan beverages, Mary Dib organized children’s games, Lisa Shasha
                                                                                                                      supervised the moonwalk, Rafka Hage did facepainting, Susan Hage & Leah sold raffle tickets.(netted $127).
We owe $4000 for property insurance & $1580 to the Diocese for July.                    Please $upport your church!   Thanks to raffle prize donors: Hannoush Jewelers, Denise Brooks, Kalamian Rugs, Jared Jewelers, Dr Madelene
August 9, 6pm Parish Advisory Council Meeting. All are welcome as usual.                                              Eskarose, Lina Hajj, Samira Hajj, Fawzi Soliman. Thanks to Gregory Massad for lending us the moonwalk. Thanks
August 7-8, Mahrajan @ Ehden Club, Wolcott, CT                                                                        to Tanios Karam for donating all the bread etc. Thanks to Pierre Hage for bringing Coca Cola’s donation.
August 13-14, St. Anthony Maronite Church Mahrajan, Danbury, CT                                                       Thanks for cash donations from: $50 Elias & Abroze Gharios, $50 Joe & Cindy Doro, $50 Faouzi & Katia Hage, $35
August 21-22, Mahrajan, Our Lady of the Cedars Church, Manchester, NH George Maalouf                                  Takla Hage, $25 Catherine Yost, $25 Ron Abraham. Thanks to Nader Hawa & Ensemble for the entertainment and
August 14, 5pm Melkite Liturgy @ Ender’s Island, followed by barbeque. Bring side dishes. If rain, Sun @10            Maggie for dancing. Thanks to the hardwork of the chairmen, Gerry Egan, Brian Lasky, Joumana Hajj, Mona Hage,
August 29, Mahrajan, Annunciation Cathedral, Boston- George Maalouf                                                   we netted $1,500 (all the hummus, muhammara, rice, watermelons,etc. were donated by the rectory)           -Fr Ed
Sept. 12, Mahrajan, OLPH, Worcester, MA
Sept 9-12 Grecian Festival, Holy Trinity Church, Norwich                                                                                            Commandments of the Roman Catholic Church:
Sept .17-19 Taste of Lebanon , O. L. of Lebanon, Waterbury. 9-12                                                              to keep the Sundays and Holy Days of obligation holy, by attending Liturgy and resting from servile work;
NAMW dues are $10 a year. Please give to Mary Dib. ( Fr Ed advises the National Association of Melkite Women)
                                                                                                                              to keep the days of fasting and abstinence appointed by the Church;
200 Club finished in June. Please give your $50 yr dues to Mary Dib, Fawzy Soliman as soon as possible!
Congratulations to June winners: Mary Dib, $50; Virginia Facas, $25; Jerry Villani, Gerard Massad, MJ Facas, $10.             to go to confession at least once a year;
Toiletries Needed for homeless shelters, bring them from your stays at hotels/motels. Thanks! We still need more!             to receive the Blessed Sacrament at least once a year and that at Pascha or thereabouts;
New Parish Directory of all our families and members will be started soon by Gerard Massad.                                   to contribute to the support of our pastors;
The Gift Shop has icons, statues, rosaries, cards, etc, and you would be supporting your church.                              not to marry within a certain degree of kindred nor to solemnize marriage at the forbidden times.
Our hall is NOT available for small parties until it is remodeled and new ductwork and bathrooms are installed!
The sanctuary lamp for August is lit in memory of David Facas by his godmother/aunt, Gloria Jeffords.                                          Financial Regulations of the Eparchy of Newton (some)
                                                                                                                      I-5. Kitchen/Food expenses of the priest and/or parish house are reimbursed from the parish account, upon proper
Suggested donations for Baptisms $100; Weddings $300; Churching of Babies $20; House Blessings $20;                   documentation (e.g. receipts), and are to be entered into the account book under expenditure “Household.” Further,
Liturgy Intentions $10; Memorial Service $25; Funerals $200, wake $100 extra. Donations to the priest are not         upon proper documentation a priest will be reimbursed for ministry related expenditures.
included in the above and are optional. Hall donations are $100 for active parishioners, $200 for others. For
use of kitchen facilities add $25. Deposits are $50. Certificates are $20.                                            II-8. The parish checking and savings accounts shall include the name “Diocese of Newton for the Melkites in the
*After the hall is remodeled the Parish Advisory Council will decide new donations for the use of the hall.           USA, Inc” in its title. The checking account shall bear the signature of the pastor. Parish savings accounts shall bear
                                                                                                                      the signatures of the pastor and the parish financial secretary. (This applies to ALL parish organizations)
                     Please patronize our bulletin sponsors on the back                                               The St Jude Club refused to comply, nor give a donation for energy; they voted to meet in their own homes!

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