MISSOURI INSURANCE EDUCATION FOUNDATION
                                       2003 OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS
                                                                                                              (Revised 1/13/03)
   President                                                       Vice President
   R. L. LaFarge, CLU                                              Paul Heacock, CLU, FLMI, ACS, AIAF, ARe
   Executive Vice President                                        Human Dynamics
   Mo. Automobile Dealers Association                              11775 West 112th Street #203
   3322 American Avenue                                            Overland Park, KS 66210
   Jefferson City, MO 65109                                        Phone: 913-663-2088 ext. 112
   Phone: 573-634-3011                                             Mobile: 913-707-7079
   Fax: 573-636-5834                                               Fax: 913-663-2090
   E-mail: llafarge@mada.com                                       E-mail: pheacock@hdynamics.com
   Admin Asst: Maida Graham

   Secretary                                                      Treasurer
Joe L. Moseley                                                    R. Alan Hedrick, CIC
Vice President of Public Affairs                                  County Wide Insurance & Real Estate
Shelter Insurance Company                                         PO Box 67
Columbia, MO 65218                                                Dexter, MO 63841
Phone: 573-214-4324                                               Phone: 573-624-5440
Fax: 573-446-5722                                                 Phone: 573-624-5360
E-mail: jmoseley@shelterinsurance.com                             Fax: 573-446-5722
Admin. Asst: Karen Morton                                         E-mail: ahedrick@countywideins.com
Phone: 573-214-4569

                                          Other Directors (alphabetical order)
Stan Adamson, ARM, Ph.D.                  William A. Bennett, CLU                     Richard Jackson
Assoc. Professor of Insurance & Risk      Senior Vice President                       Barker-Phillips-Jackson, Inc.
Management                                Mercy Health Plans                          P.O. Box 4207
Southwest Missouri State University       40 Corporate Center                         Springfield, MO 65808-4207
Finance & General Business Department     425 South Woods Mill Road                   Phone: 417-887-3250, Ext. 319
901 South National Avenue                 Chesterfield, MO 63017-3492                 Fax: 417-887-3252
Springfield, MO 65804                     Phone: 314-214-8123                         E-mail: djackson@bpj.com
Phone: 417-836-6686                       Fax: 314-214-8103                           Admin. Asst.: Barbara Fox-Beuterbaugh
Fax: 417-836-6224                         E-mail: wbennett@mhp.smhs.com
E-mail: stanleyadamson@smsu.edu                                                       Lewis E. Melahn
Admin. Asst.: Jean King, 417-836-5504     Lewis R. Crist, C.I.E.                      Attorney-At-Law
                                          Chairman of the Board                       PO Box 275
C. Donald Ainsworth, JD, CPCU             Cameron Insurance Companies                 Jefferson City, MO 65102
Sr. VP, Government Relations              175 Cherry Hills Meadows Drive              Phone: 573-636-5057
Safety National Casualty Corporation      Wildwood, MO 63040-1649                     Fax: 573-635-9004
2043 Woodland Parkway, Suite 200          Phone: 636-273-5555                         E-mail: lmelahn@socket.net
St. Louis, MO 63146                       Fax: 636-273-5555 *51                       Admin. Asst.: Katie McMillin
Phone: 314-995-5300, Ext. 303
Fax: 314-995-6847                         Mary C. Hall, CPIW, FLMI                    Nicholas M. Monaco
E-mail: don.ainsworth.sncc.com            Retired/Consultant                          Inglish & Monaco, P.C.
Admin. Asst.: Loretta Muessig, Ext. 304   Experior Assessments, LLC                   237 East High Street
                                          2854 Foxdale Drive                          Jefferson City, MO 65101
Harry Bauer                               Jefferson City, MO 65109                    Phone: 573-634-2522
Director of Underwriting                  Phone: 573-635-1294                         Fax: 573-634-4526
AAA Insurance                             Cell: 573-338-2727                          E-mail: inglishmonaco-jc@socket.net
12901 North Forty Drive                   Fax: 573-893-7627                           Admin. Asst.: Judy Mason
St. Louis, MO 63141                       E-mail: mhall@socket.net
Phone: 314-523-7350 ext. 5201                                                         Troy W.Turner
Fax: 314-542-9240                         Steve Harter, CIC                           Claims Manager
E-mail: hbauer@aaamissouri.com            Select Risk Management Services             State Farm Insurance
Admin Asst: Betty Umbach, ext 5235        R.R. 5, Box 438                             4700 South Providence Road
                                          Ava, MO 65608-9109                          Columbia, MO 65217
                                          Phone: 417-683-4084                         Phone: 573-499-3474
                                          Fax: 417-683-3153                           Fax: 573-499-2192
                                          E-mail: steve@selectriskins.com             E-mail: troy.w.turner.cqce@statefarm.com

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