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									                                 Offshore Banking Business
                        What can we do for you?
                            Offshore Corporate Loan
                             BOK provides financing products or
                             guarantees to good customers and
                             overseas subsidiaries whose parent
                             company or enterprise group has high
                             credit ratings and assists corporations
                            Offshore Deposits
                             BOK provides FCY demand and time
       國際金融業務                deposits to individuals, corporations,
                             governments, or financial institutions, either
● 境外授信業務                     in or outside the territory of R.O.C. Account
                             clients may decide whether to have the
  提供本行往來優良客戶、債信良好企           passbook or bank statement for account
  業、集團之海外子公司融資或保證,           balance.
                            Offshore FX Transaction
  以協助企業國際化。                  Customers who open demand or time
● 境外存款業務                     deposits in BOK’s Offshore Banking Unit
                             may transfer currencies and hedge
  提供中華民國境內、外之個人、法人、          exchange rate risk by using FX exchange,
  政府機關或金融機構外匯活期存款、           forward transactions, and currency swaps.
                            Offshore Remittance
  外匯定期存款服務。存戶可自行決定           BOK’s loan or deposits customers may
  領用存摺或以對帳單方式通知餘額。           request either inward or outward remittance
                             to effectively manage cash outstanding.
● 境外客戶換匯交易業務                Offshore Import              / Export FX
  提供本行境外活期、定期存款客戶利           Transaction
                             BOK enables Offshore Banking customers,
  用即期外匯交易、遠期外匯交易及貨           including      individuals,      corporations,
  幣間換匯交易服務,透過國際貨幣互           governments or financial institutions, to
                             apply for LC, advising of LC, LC
  換,規避匯率升降的風險。               negotiation, import & export collections.
● 境外匯款業務                    International Syndicated Loan
                             BOK has high interest in participating
  提供本行存、放款客戶利用匯入匯款           syndicated loans granted to both domestic
  或匯出匯款靈活調度資金。               and international companies or enterprise
                             groups who earn well credit ratings with
● 境外進出口外匯業務                  good business potentials, facilitating
  辦理中華民國境外之個人、法人、政           globalization           and          improving
                             competitiveness of business entities.
  府機關或金融機構之外幣信用狀簽           Investment Banking
  發、通知、押匯及進出口託收服務。           BOK has a sound investment strategy in
                             international financial markets. We make
● 國際聯貸業務                     reasonable profits with adequate portfolios
  本行積極參與國內外債信良好、具發           as well as diversification of risks.
                            USD:CNY Non-delivery
  展潛力企業、集團籌資之聯貸案,配           Forward Business
                              Further information:
● 投資銀行業務
                              Any inquiry please call: 07-556-5083
● 無本金交割美元對人民幣遠期外匯交易

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