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thesis For my thesis project I want to create


									For my thesis project I want to create an application for any Android phone that

allows people to upload their personal electronic business cards. This is an easy way

to showcase work or websites via a business card that you create within the app or

with your own program. This website is mostly a print style type card, it will not

incorporate flash (unless I can figure out how to do it!) This is a very useful tool for

undergraduates that are looking for jobs to post their work and create a card they

can use and email out for job opportunities. This is also a more “green” friendly way

to get someone’s attention, instead of carrying your business card they will have

them stored in their phone. In order to create this I will be using Google’s interface

that helps with creating apps, it is a “button” interface that is fairly simple to use to

create basic apps, but the use-ability and creation aspect of the app will have to be

coded in and researched further. My inspiration for this project is truly from class,

when we were discussing our portfolios and presenting a business card with a

domain name when the course is finished. It got me thinking how the concept of a

business card has not truly changed and is almost outdated when it comes to all of

the technology we have today; portfolios become websites, phone calls become face

time, all of these things have morphed, so why shouldn’t the business card? Since

this will be on a phone my location does not truly matter, I can do screen shots and

post them on the walls on the second floor in front of GTP, or I can try and make it

compatible with the touch screen in the lobby or I can video tape someone using it

and have that on the video wall. Right now I want to mainly focus on trying to get

the app to work!

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