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					The in’s and out’s of…

               With the…
       Starting the Podcast
• The initial idea
  – What makes you different?
• Develop mission statement
  – Streamline focus
• Picking the right people
  – Doing it by yourself vs doing it with others
  – Time Commitments
          Podcast Content
• Outline prior to recording
  – Google Documents
• User requested content is good
  – Anime requests
  – Topic requests
• Consistent template is professional
• Divide segments
  – Commercials
  – News
          Podcast Content
• Reviews
  – Spoilers vs Non-Spoilers
  – Brand New Anime
• Explicit vs Non-Explicit content
  – Needs to be consistent
• Special guests drive traffic and listenership
• Microphone
  – DON’T use your computer’s built-in mic
• Mixer
  – Good for loud areas/even sound levels
• Software
  – Free software: Audacity
  – Paid Software: Adobe, Sonar, Acid
• Consistent Recording Time
  – Leads to consistent release time
• Consistent Recording Location
  – Quiet environment, everyone in one room
• Skype only if necessary
  – Different connections can lead to sound issues
  – Programs to record Skype
  – However, great for guests
• Keep it between 30min – 1hour & 30min
• You really do need to edit
  – But don’t over-edit
  – Makes the show sound more professional
• Set aside time for it
  – 1 minute of podcast = 2 minutes of editing
• Background music/sound effects
• Be patient
            RSS/XML Feed
• Gets your podcast onto the internet
  – Used for iTunes, Feedburner, Zune Network,
• iTunes has a handy explanation of how to
  make an RSS feed!
• Needs to be updated for every episode
  – Things that don’t seem important, likely are
• Free Sites
  – Wordpress
  – Blogger
• Original site is more professional
  – Domain name is wholly owned
  – HTML Templates
• Update content as frequently as possible
• Integrated forums drive traffic
• Search Engine Optimization
  – Backlinking
  – Keyword frequency
  – Alt image descriptions
• Branding
  – Logo design
  – Color scheme
• Be original!
• Domain name and Server
• Link exchanging leads to backlinks
  – Improved Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
• Talk with other podcasts
  – They have experience
• Network with people at cons! Duh! 
• Facebook, Itunes, Mevio, Youtube,
  Twitter, Feedburner, Zune Network
• Special Guests
  – Non-voice actor industry guests
  – Host-Swap
  – Voice actors(when you hit the big time)
• Our personal examples
  – Daryl Surat, Joel McDonald
  – Future Guests
    • Yaya Han, Terri Doty and J. Michael Tatum
              Voice Actors
• Getting your foot in the door
  – Facebook them!
  – Meet them at cons
  – Don’t be afraid to ask! They’re nice.
  – Many have own websites
• How to interact
  – Be professional
     • Use business cards
• Forums/Blogs for fan interaction
  – Contact Forms as well
• Heading to cons
  –   Flyers
  –   Business Cards
  –   Panels
  –   Tables
• Be prompt in getting back to people
• Always remain professional
  – In Character if Necessary

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