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 NEWSLETTER             The Family Pet
                        Improving the life of pets
                        Volume I, Issue II                               March 2012
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Page 2                                                                                               The Family Pet

                                                                          By Carol Facklam,
                                                                          Creature Comforts Home Pet Care

                                                                          Pet insurance is still a relatively new concept.
                                                                          As we become more attached to our furry
                                                                          friends and have begun to consider them fami-
                                                                          ly we know how important it to keep them
                                                                          happy and healthy. Along with everything else
the price of pet care has gone up over the years and has presented us with sometimes difficult decisions regarding our
pets’ health care; do we treat or put down. The best time to think about pet insurance is when your pet is young and
beginning his/her life with you. Some insurance will cover well care including those costly puppy shots and cover con-
genital defects in some cases. There are pet insurances that cover a more wide range of holistic services including al-
ternative treatments by holistic doctors and chiropractors, laser therapy, nail clipping and anal glands to name a few.

Insurer              Plan              Mthly rate      Features
                     Dogs & Pup-                       Pays up to 90% of veterinary bill for any accident or illness,
Healthy Paws                           18.89+
                     pies                              including hereditary and congenital conditions. Customizable.
                                                       Covers all accidents, injuries & illnesses inc. hereditary condi-
                                                       tions for the life of the pet. $200 deductible, 80% claims reim-
Pet Plan             Bronze            $7.70+
                                                       bursement (100% reimbursement available for additional premi-
                                                       $200 annual deductible, 20% coinsurance, $10,000 annual maxi-
                                                       mum, no per incidence limits. Covers accidents & illnesses, ge-
                     Creme de la
Embrace                                $43.75+         netic & chronic conditions, prescription drugs and wellness.
                                                       Covers holistic and alternative treatments, plus wellness. Does
                                                       not pay for supplements Does not cover dental illness.

Checklist	for	Selecting	a	Pet	Insurance	Plan	

•    Check to see if your insurer excludes or charges a higher premium for your breed.
•    Review any age limits for coverage. Some insurers require the pet to be 8 weeks old, some don't cover pets
     over a certain age and some have no age limit.
•    If you have more than one pet, ask your insurer if they offer a multiple-pet discount.
•    Make sure you understand what you are buying. Some policies cover only accidents, most cover accidents &
     illness, and a few offer comprehensive coverage, including preventive care (checkups, vaccinations, neutering,
     etc.) along with accident and illness coverage.
•    Review the deductibles, co-pays and caps on coverage. For example, some insurers will pay 80% of the costs for
     treating your pet's illness, others will pay 100%. Make sure you select an insurer that provides the coverage you
•    Check to see if the insurer excludes any genetic or hereditary conditions for your pet.
•    Review any optional extra coverage that may be available. Some insurers cover items such as wellness, drug,
     dental, cancer treatment, etc. only if you pay extra.

Read more on our website at, come by and pick up a copy of the complete article or come
see us at the Kearney Business Group Expo on March 3rd from 9am—4pm (see front pg).
Volume I, Issue II                                                                                            Page 3

                    What	to	Look	for	In	Dog	Food
                    By Carol Facklam, Creature Comforts Home Pet Care
                    The Whole Dog Journal, a monthly guide to natural dog care and
                    training, publishes guidelines to follow when selecting dry dog food.
                    The foods that are carried by The Family Pet are mentioned in a
list the WDJ publishes each year of the dry dog foods that follow the guidelines. Below
are the foods and highlights of each one. For an entire list of ingredients and more in-
formation about each product visit our store. We’ll be happy to fill you in on the rest.

Food                                   Facts
Canidae                                Has Grain-Free products including pureEL-
                                       They have two puppy formulas with DHA (a                    "An animal's
                                       natural omega-3 fatty acid that is essential in the
Taste of the Wild
                                       development of the brain and nervous system in
                                                                                                  eyes have the
                                       puppies.)                                                     power to
                                       The company tests each batch for contaminants              speak a great
Natural Balance                        and makes the rest results available on its web-
                                       site.                                                       language." ~
                                       Fourth-generation family-owned and operated                Martin Buber
                                       Introduced a grain-free food with alternative
                                       carbs and single source proteins to create con-
California Natural, Evo & Innova
                                                                  sensitivities associated
                                       sistent fat levels to ease <
                                       with protein rotation in different varieties.
                                       Offers frozen raw and canned foods to comple-
Nature’s Variety
                                       ment the dry food lines they have.
                                       Launched a new grain-free & gluten-free varie-
Solid Gold
                                       ty; added new ingredients such as tapioca.
                                       Blue Buffalo uses only whole grains in their
Blue Buffalo
                                       Adds the combination of anchovies, sardines
                                       and salmon to every variety of kibble they have.
Eagle Pack Holistic Select
                                       These are all a natural source of vitamin E
                                       which help skin and coat health.

The	Guidelines	
What	You	DO	Want		
• Lots of animal protein at the top of the ingredients list
• A named animal protein                                                                     For more on the articles
• Whole vegetables, fruits, and grains                                                       in our newsletter go to
• "Good bacteria" from the natural cultures of lactobacillus                       
• A “best by” date that’s at least six months away
                                                                                             or come by our store at
What	You	DON’T	Want		
                                                                                             907 W Hwy 92 in
• Meat by-products or poultry by-products                                                    Kearney, MO
• A “generic” fat source
• Added sweeteners
• Artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives (i.e., BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin)
                                    Improving the life of pets

                                    At The Family Pet            we strive to improve the quality of life for
                                    you and your pet every day. We carry a variety of healthy pet
                                    foods, provide top notch grooming services and offer boarding services
                                    giving your pet a comfortable and secure place to stay with us overnight
                                    or just for the day.

                                                    Grooming ♦ U-Wash ♦ Pet Food

                                                                 Daycare ♦ Boarding


907 W Route 92
Kearney, MO 64060

Phone: 816-903-DOGS (3647)                                        )

                                                                  Join Us Saturday, March 10th
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