you are my love

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					Hands on the wheel

Traveling the road

Heart is open

Eyes are closed

No belief in what I'm told

Free spirit

Or wandering spectre

I don't even know

But the feeling grows

It don't even show

Mess in the kitchen

Last night's spaghetti

Life embalmed willing

But seldom ready

Just keep whippin'

Duck and cover

Bob and weave

Roll with the punches

Failure to believe

It's a source of relief
Essence of reality

Permeated by imagination

Surfing on a radio

That keeps changing stations

An interminable relation

Dust on the toys

Cod webs in the attic

Keep missing the target

But still shooting at it

Time for something drastic

Educated mannequins

Working out reality

Some trying to decide

What it should even be

Its just the world you see

Ghost in the mirror

Filter of bile

But just so elated

To have survived the miles

No choice but to smile

Cry in bliss
Smile through pain

Just thankful for this

The chance to try again

And try and try and try

Try and try

And try not to cry

But that's how feelings hide

What you keep inside

It's what makes you die

Also what makes you live

Able to forgive

Trying to be wise

Under the guise

Is all I got to give

Try and succeed

Try and fail

What ever result

Influenced by the veil

Only time will tell

Don't know why I wrote this

Don't know what it means
Life is like the monster

Stitched at the seems

Inside to gleam

Dare to dream

Just be

Fail or succeed

Just don't flee


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Description: you are my love...your sweatheart