ZIP ZIP CODE LOCATOR by thekylesouza


									                      ZIP CODE LOCATOR

The zip locator is a quick and easy way to locate any zip in the
U.S. This also helps to provide a base map for your map because
going through the
wizard you have the
option of adding the
zip information as a
shape file layer. To
begin click on the
find tab and choose
zip locator.

Clicking on the
zip Locator icon
will bring up the
first page of the
wizard. Enter in
the zip code you
are looking for
in the space
provided. Click
next to
The next page will presents the results of the search. If multiple
results were displayed, you can unselect the undesired zip codes
by un-checking the box next to the zip code. You can also select
or unselect all of
the zip codes
displayed by right
clicking. When
finished click next
to advance to the
last page of the













At the last window of the zip 
locator wizard, you are asked 
whether you would like to add 
the locator data to the map or 
select features. Selecting add 
locators to map will add a shape 
file containing county information 
for the U.S. You will also be 
zoomed into the county that 
matched your search. 







Once you have gone through 
the zip locator and the shape 
file associated with it is 
already added to your map, 
then the next time you need 
to locate a zip code you can 
choose the select features 
option. All that choosing this 
option will do is select the 
feature that matches the 
search you provided. 





The feature that is highlighted in the picture above, is the county that matched the search I provided in 
the zip locator. 

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