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					          Metes and Bounds Tool: X/Y Calls

                                                       The Metes and Bounds Tool has the ability
                                                       to create three types of calls; Direction
                                                       Bearing, Curve, and X, Y. The Metes and
                                                       Bounds tool allows you to use all call
                                                       types when create a feature so you can
                                                       use Direction Bearing for one call, Curve
                                                       on the next, and even have some X, Y calls
                                                       in there too. To create a X,Y call with the
                                                       Metes and Bounds tool; first select X,Y
                                                       Call from the Call Type Drop Down.

The window will now look like this.

1                                          Monday, August 24, 2009
                                     Now you can type in the X, Y location in the areas provided.

If you uncheck decimal degrees,
located beneath where you input
the X,Y, you are able to enter the
call in Degrees / Minutes /

You can also uncheck the visible
checkbox to make the call

                                                                    At the bottom of the window there
                                                                    are six buttons to help you when
                                                                    creating a Metes and Bounds Feature;
                                                                    Add, Auto Close, Clear Last, Clear Calls,
                                                                    Save, and Cancel.

                   Once you have entered the Direction, Angle (Degrees/Minutes/Seconds), Bearing, and
Distance click on this button to add the call.

2                                                    Monday, August 24, 2009
                   The Auto Close button will connect the last point created with the first point of the
feature, closing the feature.

                  This will only clear the last call created.

                  This will clear all calls created for the feature.

                  Use the Save Button once you are finished creating the feature.

                  This button will cancel the Current Metes and Bounds Feature.

3                                                   Monday, August 24, 2009

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