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					                   Export to Google Earth
Exporting to Google Earth is a great feature because it allows you to export either the whole
map image or just selected features to Google Earth, where you can view features you created
in a 3-D environment. There are a few ways to achieve this, one is to use the Export map Image
to Google Earth button located on the Export Tab.

Using this option will export the exact image from the map and export to Google Earth.

If you do not want to export the entire map image, just a few features then the export selected
features to Google Earth option is the one to choose. Start by selecting the feature you wish to
export to Google Earth. Left click and drag across the feature you wish to select. The features
that are selected will have a blue highlight around them.

                                                           Now right click and choose show
                                                           selected features in Google Earth.
                                                           Google Earth will now load and show
                                                           only the selected features.

                                                           These are the two options available
                                                           to export features into Google Earth
                                                           for viewing.

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