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Long-term and short-term illness can take a toll on your immune system. While the cost to recover
from either might be different, you can use immune system boosters regardless of the time you
didn't feel well. Even if you just feel run down and don't want to get sick, simple things can rebuild
your immune system.

Simple Step #1: Rest! Yes, one of the most important things you can do to boost your immune
system is get plenty of rest. This includes sleep and down time. Lack of sleep is common in our
busy, stressed world. However, it is perhaps the essential step. If your sleep cycle is messed up,
consider taking something short-term to get you back on track. Getting and staying tired can
actually increase your risk for staying sick and having more problems. Research has found that
lack of sleep even increases your risk for heart attack. Simply put, you need time to sleep and
relax if your immune system is going to improve.

Simple Step #2: Breath! You're probably thinking, what, another obvious thing? It's not as obvious
as it might seem. Stress and tiredness mean people take fewer breaths that are shallow. This
reinforces getting stressed and feeling exhausted. Long, deep breathing through your nose
increases the oxygen in your blood, pumps the lymph through your body to filter your immunity,
and also helps you relax (so Step #1 is easier). Lot's of people talk about going back to basics
when times are tough. The same approach will help your immune system.

Simple Step #3: Drink! Okay, don't drink just anything. A couple specific fluids are recommended
to boost the immune system. Water, of course, is one of them. Many of the immune responses
that happen when you're ill can lead to dehydration. From digestion to kidney health to happy
immune function, drink water to boost your body. On a second front, drink green tea and take
Cordyceps supplement. It is loaded with compounds that help protect and boost your health. One
favorite is citrus flavor. Here you get the benefits of the green tea and the extra Vitamin C with it.

Simple Step #4: Laugh! It may be an old saying, but it's true that laughter is good for you and your
immune system. Besides the fact laughter can improve your mood and your outlook, the action of
laughter is good for your body. Illness and reduced immune function often result in feeling
sluggish. Your physical systems often actually are sluggish at this time. Good belly-laughs help get
everything moving again.

Simple Step #5: Exercise! Studies have shown that even people who are struggling from Chronic
Fatigue or other long-term immune problems benefit from exercise. To get the best results, know
your current limits. At this stage, exercising to total exhaustion doesn't help you. You want to
stretch, loosen and get your body moving to tap into immune system booster chemicals. In
addition, you want to avoid problems from lack of movement. Most of your joints make the fluid
that keeps things moving well during movements. So the less you move, the more you can hurt
and find yourself even less able to move.

You don't have to spend a ton of money or dedicate hours each day to heal your immune system.
As you can see, boosters can come from small, manageable changes. You can incorporate these
into your daily and weekly routine. Try them for at least four weeks and notice the difference in
how you feel.

It's good that you have read so far, that means you have a will to take action!!!
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