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									                                      地 產 代 理 監 管 局
                                      ESTATE AGENTS AUTHORITY

                              Invitation for Tender
                         Group Medical Insurance Scheme

The Estate Agents Authority (EAA) intends to appoint a broker / insurer to provide the Group
Medical Insurance Scheme for staff and their family members for 2011-13. For details for our
specifications, please contact Ms Yue on 2598 9571.

Below are the conditions of tender for your reference:

Conditions of Tender

1.     The tender proposal should include the following:

       (a)   Proposals A and B for the insurance plans recommended together with the
             annual fees;
       (b)   Details of the Group Medical Insurance Plans to be provided;
       (c)   Your company profile;
       (d)   Ratings of your company within the industry;
       (e)   Disciplinary sanctions being imposed in the past year, if any, and the nature of
             the offence;
       (f)   Experience of your company in serving other institutions, non-governmental
             organizations and government departments as provider of Group Medical
             Insurance Scheme for them;
       (g)   Contact details of the personnel of institutions / non-profit organizations /
             government departments with whom we can consult for a reference, subject to
             your consent to our approaching them for such information.

2.     Description of the EAA’s background, vision, mission, functions and activities can be
       obtained from its website at www.eaa.org.hk.

3.     The tender proposal is to be delivered to the following address on or before 29 April
       2011 at 4:30 pm:

               Manager (Human Resources & Administration)
               Estate Agents Authority
               48/F Hopewell Centre
               183 Queen’s Road East
               Wanchai, Hong Kong

       Late tenders will not be considered.

4.     Tenderers are warned that offering or giving any gratuity, bonus, discount, bribe, loan
       or any other gift or consideration as an inducement or reward to any employee of the
       EAA in relation to this or any other contract of the EAA could constitute an offence
       contrary to the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance Cap. 201, and that if the Tenderers
       were found to have made such an offer, the EAA shall be at liberty to cancel the
     contract and shall hold the Tenderers liable for any loss or damage which the EAA
     may thereby suffer.

5.   Where applicable, the service provided shall not infringe any laws or regulations. In
     the case of any claim or action brought against the EAA alleging infringement of any
     laws or regulations in respect of the service provided, the Tenderers shall keep the
     EAA fully indemnified against such claim or action including all legal costs incurred
     or thereby undertake to defend or settle such claim or action as directed by the EAA at
     the Tenderers’ own expense.

6.   Shortlisted tenderers may be required to make a presentation on the service to the
     Tender Board.

7.   Tenders shall, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the EAA, remain open for
     acceptance for 30 days after the closing date specified in (3) above.

8.   Tenderers who do not receive any notification within 14 days of the expiration of the
     30 days mentioned in (8) above should assume that their tenders have not been

9.   The EAA is not bound to accept the lowest or any tender and reserves the right to
     accept all or any part of any tender at any time within the period mentioned in (8)

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