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542/E-13/12/7/2011Admn                                                              Dt:-05.04.2011

                                      TENDER NOTICE
                    The Medical Superintendent, ESIC Model & Super speciality
Hospital, Asramam, Kollam invites sealed tenders from reputed centres for supply of
Wellness Mobile Van with driver for the period from 01.05.2011 to 31.03.2012.

General Conditions
1. Agencies/ Establishments must have at least three years standing in the field. Evidence
to this effect should be forwarded along with tender.
2. Each tenderer must remit earnest money deposit of Rs.2000/- by means of a Demand
Draft drawn in favour of account No. I ESIC and the DD should be attached with tender
3. The contract will normally be valid for a period of one year but can be extended upto a
maximum of two more years on mutual consent and subject to the instructions of ESIC
Headquarters Office, New Delhi. The Medical Superintendent, ESIC Model & Super
speciality Hospital, Asramam, Kollam reserves the right to terminate the contract at any
time, before the expiry of one year, by giving one months notice. The selected tenderer
should sign an agreement with the Medical Superintendent, ESIC Model and Super
speciality Hospital, Asramam, Kollam.
4. The selected tenderer should deposit an amount equal to 5 % of value of the estimated
tender value for one year as security deposit within 7 days from the date of signing of the
contract. The amount be refunded after satisfactory completion of contract without
5. The tenderer should have valid PAN /TAN No. Copy of the same should be attached
with the tender document. Income tax and other taxes due to the Government will be
deducted from the holding charges payable to the contractor every month at the
prevailing rate as per rules.
6. Contractor should comply with all labour laws and other statutory provisions
governing employment of persons, working hours, payment of minimum wages, bonus
and similar benefits.
7. The contractor’s personnel/staff shall have to maintain strict discipline as per the rules
of the Hospital and maintain absolute integrity at all times.
8. Any loss to ESIC on account of non performance of the contract, deficiency in
performance due to lack of quality, non performance in time or similar deficiencies, will
be recovered from the contractor and the contract shall be liable for termination /
forfeiture of security.

     EMD Rs. 2000/-
    (1) Require one wellness mobile van with a minimum sitting capacity of four plus
        one driver and specious for keeping medical equipments required for a medical
    (2) Wellness mobile van service on contract basis is for 8 AM to 8 PM. In the event
        of non availability of the vehicle on contract for service for any reason or any
        alternative vehicle, the hospital will make its own arrangement and the cost
        incurred for such arrangements will be realised from the contractor.
    (3) Quote- Monthly retaining charges for the vehicle inclusive of charges such as
        vehicle rent driver’s wages /bata and all incidental charges. Hospital will not pay
        any extra amount except the monthly charges quoted.
    (4) Reimbursement of fuel charges will be made on the basis of agreed to by the
    (5) No mileage charge will be paid for the first 2000 km/ month. Mileage charges
        upto the first 2000 km each month is to be included in the retainer fee.
    (6) The wellness mobile van to be deployed should be in perfect condition in all
        respects and should be of latest model. A brand new one will be preferred.
    (7) Vehicle should bear the Name and Emblem of the Hospital during the period of
        contract for which no extra charges will be paid. Name and address of the
        contractor and instructions should be displayed inside the vehicle.
    (8) Financial background of the quotationers will also be a factor for consideration of
        the quotation. The vehicle should be produced for inspection before acceptance of
        quotations. Alternative vehicle can also be quoted.
    (9) Details such as Name, Address, Telephone No. etc. if any, in respect of client
        with whom they are having tie-up presently may be furnished.
    (10)         Driver should have mobile phone with him and he should be available on
        phone round the clock. The driver should wear uniform while on duty.
        Refusal/non-attendance of call will tantamount to termination of contract.
    (11) The driver provided should have a pleasing personality, knowledge of
        Malayalam, able to make announcements aver public address system, basic
        knowledge of health, nutrition, hygienic etc. and should be able to handle the
        affairs of a small medical camp.
    (12) The cost of wages of the driver engaged by the contractor will be borne by the
        contractor along with other allowance applicable. The driver so engaged by the
        contractor shall not be the employee of the Corporation. He will not be entitled to
        get any amount from the Corporation as allowances, wages, bonus, gratuity or
        retrenchment compensation etc.
    (13) ESIC shall not be liable for any damage to vehicle during the tenure of the
    (14) Drivers provided to the vehicle should possess valid driving license and also
        should posses the certificates required by RTA staff. (Licence, Insurance,
        Pollution, R.C., Road Tax, Taxi licence, etc.)
    (15) In case of break down or non supply of vehicle, the loss suffered or
        expenditure incurred by the ESIC will be recovered from the contractor.
                                Last date for receipt of tender is 28.04.2011 till 1 PM.
Tender will be opened on the same day at 3 PM. In the presence of tenderer or their
authorised representatives the tenders will be opened at the scheduled time even if no
tenderer is present.
                                The Medical Superintendent, ESIC Model & Super
speciality Hospital, Asramam, Kollam reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the
tender without assigning any reason. Selected tenderer should sign an agreement with the
Superintendent specifying all the terms and conditions of contract before commencement
of the contract.
                                                        for Medical Superintendent


Name of owner/firm


Address with contact No

DD ( Details of EMD)

Make of vehicle

Model of vehicle with Reg No.

Rate for retention per month. (inclusive of
salary of driver + other incidental expenses
+ mileage charges for first 2000 km)
Mileage charges per KM for running over
and above 2000km

                                      Signature of the Vendor
                                      Name & Address of the Vendor
                                      & Telephone No.

Check list

               1.   Demand Draft
               2.   Copy of RC book
               3.   Copy of taxi licence
               4.   Copy of driving license
               5.   Copy of experience
               6.   Copy of certificate of insurance and pollution

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