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How to Maintain Calmness of Mind in the 21st Century.txt by BannavtiEric


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The Boiling Point

In today's faced-paced society and the myriad of things on everyone's to do list, it's no wonder
people are short-tempered and easily shaken up. Technology is moving so fast it can't keep up
with itself anymore, and sometimes neither can we. God forbid someone can't get a cell phone
connection or their internet access goes down, the very ground beneath them crumbles.

Emotions can flare up at the slightest event because people are at their boiling points. So how do
you cool off when things heat up, especially if you don't want to blow off steam in someone's
general direction?

10 Tips to Cool Off When Things Heat Up

Peace of mind can keep you from falling to pieces. Here are 10 things you can do to remain calm,
centered and focused when things are unraveling around you.

1. Take a deep breath, step back and separate yourself from the instigating event so you can get a
proper perspective.

2. Have compassion for someone who flies off the handle, including yourself. Acknowledge that
people are stressed and have a lot going on in their lives just like you do and give them some
breathing room when it happens.

3. Offer to lend someone a helping hand when the opportunity arises but don't let them pull you
down when you give it to them.

4. Refocus your energy on something calming and relaxing, such as a pet, the view, or someone
who is smiling because they are not engaged in the drama that is unfolding before you.

5. Learn to laugh it all. A word to the wise, try not to laugh at the person flying off the handle. That
usually doesn't go over well.

6. Tell a joke. It can quickly lift your emotional state.

7. Shorten your to-do list or delegate to others.

8. Take a break and do something fun. Sometimes the best solution is to walk away and come
back when things calm down.
9. Do a couple of stretches to release tension in the body and re-route your thoughts to something
that feels good.

10. Learn to roll with the punches so you don't get taken out by them. In other words, become a
crisis-management expert. Remind yourself of all the other countless times you made it through a
crisis and came out with flying colors. This should calm you down immediately.

Beth Rosen is an enlightened author, illustrator, yoginii, healer, screenwriter, film producer,
comedy writer, actress, songwriter and lawyer. She offers free enlightenment at and a downloadable guide with nine of the biggest
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