Angry alligators always ask for apples by ert554898


									Alphabet         and       Animal
           Thanks for
  Professor Playtime Video Series
Angry alligators always ask
        for apples.
      Alice the alligator
Bouncing bears buy brown
      Bruno the bear
Cute calves catch colds.

       Carol the calf
Dirty dogs dig down deep.

      Donald the dog
Enormous elephants eat eggs.

       Ernie the elephant
Frightful frogs fry french
       Freddy the frog
Greedy goats graze on green
        Gareth the goat
Hungry hippo having hiccups.

        Helen the hippo
Insects inside icy ingloos.

        Ian the insect
Lions love learning lessons.

        Laura the lion
Menacing monkeys munch
       the moon.
    Michael the monkey
Nice nightingales never
      nibble nets.
   Nina the nightingale
Obedient ostriches often
      Olly the ostrich
Pink pigs proudly prance.

       Paula the pig
Quiet quails question queens.

        Quincy the quail
Roving rabbits run in rain.

       Rita the rabbit
Snakes sip sickly syrup.

     Sammy the snake
Ten tall tigers tickling toes.

         Tina the tiger
Ugly unicorns use umbrellas.

       Ursula the unicorn
Venomous vipers visit
    Victor the viper
Wild wolves worry witches.

       Wilma the wolf
Excited foxes play on boxes.

         Xavier the fox
Yuppy yellowhammers yearn
    for yellow yogurts.
   Yolanda the yellowhammer
Zealous zebras zigzag in zoo.

         Zak the zebra

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