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Even though most people think that osteoporosis happens when you don't get enough calcium in
your diet, studies have shown that in countries where little dairy is consumed, osteoporosis is very
rare.    The real reason? Some researchers believe that osteoporosis is linked to
having too much acid in the body and the body taking calcium from bones, teeth and tissue in an
attempt to alkalize blood PH and stay healthy.   

What is "alkaline pH" and how can green food powder help?  

Our bodies are designed to maintain a specific alkaline/acid balance. This "pH balance" needs to
be slightly alkaline for our cells to work. When our bodies are slightly alkaline (from eating alkaline
foods like raw veggies and powdered greens), unfriendly bacteria, cancer, yeast and viruses
CANNOT survive and we stay healthy.   If our bodies get too acidic (from poor diet or
stress), an imbalance occurs and unfriendly bacteria, viruses, yeast and other unfriendly
organisms flourish AND our bodies go into emergency alkalize mode to buffer the acid. In
"emergency alkalize mode," our bodies: 

use "alkaline" reserves, if they have any
 take calcium from blood, teeth, bones, and tissue to act as a buffer 
 store the acid as fat to keep it away from our organs 

So how can you keep your body alkalized and from depleting calcium? Follow this simple

[   ] Balance your diet with 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic foods.  Search
the web for lists of alkaline and acidic foods. Dairy, meat, eggs, and processed foods like flour,
sugar, coffee and artificial sweeteners are examples of what can make the body more acidic.
  Green powder supplements; barley grass; lemons; limes; grapefruit; leafy greens; broccoli;
flax seed oil; and olive oil are some examples of what can make the body more alkaline.  

[   ] Get green powder on a daily basis. It's a fabulous alkalizer as it's 100% alkaline
and easy to make. It contains alkaline-forming minerals like sodium, potassium and magnesium,
all which help prevent the body from becoming acidic.   

[   ] Go fresh fruit and veggie on a daily basis. When you see your list of alkaline and acidic
foods, you'll see that almost all veggies are alkaline. Many fresh fruits are as well. Dried fruit,
however, is very acidic.  

[   ] Drink plenty of pure water. You should have a minimum of half your weight in ounces of
water per day.  

[   ] Do something for you every day to keep your stress down. If you have a high-stress
day, supplement with more superfood juice.  

[   ] Eat a healthy mix of lean protein, healthy fats and carbs (preferably vegetable carbs like
green drink powder) at every meal to give your cells proper nutrition.   

[   ] Check your pH balance regularly with pH strips so you can adjust your diet

Ready to go alkaline to help prevent osteoporosis? ... 

The green drink powder Greenergy is a great place to start and is available
with a money-back guarantee. An easy way to begin with a green plan is to mix a green drink for
breakfast or as a quick snack. Green drink powder can be added to water or you can click for
some green drink smoothie recipes. EnergyFirst also offers all-natural whey protein powder and
omega 3 mixed nuts to mix in your smoothie and ensure you're getting the right protein/carb/fat

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