AMAGANSETT, NEW YORK


                              Wednesday, July 1, 2009
                                    6:45 p.m.


1.    Call to Order by District Clerk

2.    Pledge of Allegiance

3.    Administer Oath to Newly Elected Board Members

4.    Election of President & Vice President

5.    Administer Oath to President & Vice President

6.    Appointment of Officers:
      a.    District Treasurer - Roxanne Ecker
      b.    Clerk of the Board – Cheryl E. Bloecker
      c.    Assistant Clerk of the Board – Christina Goldsmith
      d.    Claims Auditor – Lauren Howie
      e.    Administer Oath

7.    Other Appointments:
      a.    School Physician & Boys Physicals – Dr. Anthony Knott
      b.    Girls Physicals – Dr. Anthony Knott
      c.    Bus Driver Physicals – Dr. Michael Israel and/or Kenneth Dodge, Physicians
      d.    School Attorney – Ingerman Smith, L.L.P.
      e.    Census Enumerator – Cheryl E. Bloecker
      f.    Substitute Teacher Service – Cheryl E. Bloecker; alternate Christina Goldsmith
      g.    Records Access/Management Officer – Cheryl E. Bloecker
      h.    Attendance Officer – Ken Brown
      i.    Insurance Consultant - Cook, Hall & Hyde, Inc.
      j.    Independent Auditor – Markowitz, Fenelon & Bank LLP
      k.    Accountant – Coughlin, Foundotos, Cullen and Danowski LLP
      l.    Architect/Engineer/Surveyor – Burton, Behrendt, Smith
      m.    Title IX/Section 504/ADA Compliance Officer – Mary Jo Bennett
      n.    Liaisons for Homeless Children and Youth – Janine Balnis (10 month) and
            Alternate Eleanor Tritt (12 month)
     o.    Committee on Special Education – CSE Co-Chairpersons Kelly White and Ed
           Swensen; CPSE Co-Chairpersons Janine Balnis and Ed Swensen, Steve Sicilian,
           School Psychologist, Dr. Anthony Knott, School Physician; Mary Jo Bennett,
           School Nurse; Cassie Butts, CSE/CPSE Parent Advocate.
     p.    Surrogate Parent - Marian McMahon
     q.    SAVE & Safety Committee – Mrs. Eleanor Tritt, Edward V. Ecker, Jr., Kelly
           White, Janine Balnis, Kerry Griffiths, Mike Rodgers, Encie Peters, Cheryl E.
           Bloecker, Cassie Butts, Htun Han, Mary Jo Bennett and Rev. Steven Howarth
     r.    AIDS Advisory Committee – Mrs. Eleanor Tritt, Mary Jo Bennett,
           Dr. Anthony Knott, Mike Rodgers, Encie Peters and Dr. Vincent Vigorita
     s.    Impartial Hearing Officers – Refer to Updated List of Impartial Hearing
           Officers for Suffolk County
     t.    AHERA Local Educational Agency Designee - Kerry Griffiths
     u.    Buildings and Grounds Committee – Mrs. Eleanor Tritt, Patrick R. Bistrian and
           Kerry Griffiths
     v.    Investment Policy Committee – Mrs. Eleanor Tritt, John Hossenlopp and
           Roxanne Ecker
     w.    Purchasing Agent – Mrs. Eleanor Tritt or her designee
     x.    Public Relations – John Hossenlopp and Mrs. Eleanor Tritt
     y.    Technology Committee – Mrs. Eleanor Tritt, Jen Miller, Marcie Angel, Marilee
           Talmage, Liz Paris and Peg Bianchi
     z.    East Hampton/Amagansett Liaison – Victoria Smudzinski and Mary Lownes
     aa.   Audit Committee – Mary Lownes, Patrick R. Bistrian, Victoria Smudzinski, Rick
           Slater and Rose Evangelista

8.   Designations:
     a.    Official Bank Depositories - Bank of New York, Suffolk County National Bank,
           Bridgehampton National Bank, North Fork Bank & Trust, MBIA Class and Bank
           of America
     b.    Regular Monthly Meeting(s) – July 2009(1st Wednesday of the month @
           6:45 p.m.), August 2009 (2nd Tuesday of the month @ 8:00 a.m.); September
           2009 - June 2010 (2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month @ 6:45 P.M., unless
           otherwise noted on school calendar)
     c.    Official Newspaper - East Hampton Star
     d.    Educational Official to receive court notification regarding a student’s
           sentence/adjudication in certain criminal cases and juvenile delinquency
           proceedings – Mrs. Eleanor Tritt, Superintendent

9.   Authorizations:
     a.    Clerk of the Board to sign contracts & informational forms.
     b.    Mileage Reimbursement -$.55 per mile for the 2009/2010 school year.
     c.    Substitute Teacher rate of pay - $150.oo per day for certified teachers (NYS and
           outside of NYS), Nurses rate of pay - $150.00 per day, and $125.00 per day for
           non-certificated substitutes.
     d.    Superintendent of Schools to authorize attendance at conferences,
           conventions and workshops for which funds have been budgeted
            with expenses to be paid by the District in accordance with
            provisions of Chapter 359 of the Laws of 1956.
      e.    Delegating to the Superintendent of Schools the responsibility for
            certification of payrolls.
      f.    Authorization of the Superintendent of Schools to suspend pupils
            from classes for cause pending further details by the Board of Education.
      g.    Authorization of the Treasurer, with the approval of the
            Superintendent of Schools, to invest available school monies in
            special time deposit accounts, or certificates of deposits issued by
            banks and trust companies authorized to do business in New York State.
      h.    Authorization for the Treasurer, with the approval of the
            Superintendent of Schools, to transfer unexpended and
            unencumbered monies from one account of the General Fund to
            another, if necessary, when permissible.
      i.    Delegating the Superintendent of Schools to act as District
            Representative for and to sign all applications in conjunction with
            projects of the Education Consolidations and Improvement Act.
      j.    Authorization of Superintendent to direct the Treasurer to issue
            hand-drawn checks when needed.
      k.    The President of the Board of Education as Chief Fiscal Officer of the
            Amagansett Union Free School District, or Vice-President in the
            absence or inability of the President to act, shall be and is
            empowered and directed to authorize the issuance of tax anticipation
            notes and revenue anticipation notes of this school district and
            renewals of any and all such notes at such times and under such
            circumstances as he/she deems proper and advisable; and to
            prescribe the terms, form and contents thereof; to execute the same
            in the name of and on behalf of this school district; and to see at
            private sale and deliver the same; and the full faith hereby pledged
            to the punctual payment of the principle of and interest on all notes
            issued pursuant hereto by said Chief Fiscal Officer; all in pursuance
            to and the aggregate amount of such notes outstanding shall not
            exceed the sum of $750,000.00 without further resolution of this
            board, and provided further than this authorization shall expire
            June 30, 2010.

10.   Other Items:
      a.     Re-adopt all Board Policies, Code of Ethics and Regulations.
      b.     Re-adopt Code of Conduct and Discipline Policy
      c.     Re-adopt S.A.V.E. Plan
      d.     Re-adopt A.I.S. Plan
      e.     Re-adopt P.D.P. Plan

11.   Adjournment

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