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The benefits of evening primrose oil have been investigated thoroughly in the past decade. It has
been utilized for a wide range of health conditions. But despite so, it seems that fish oil is better
than evening primrose oil for several reasons. Let us find out more about evening primrose oil,
what it can do and why fish oil is still better for overall health.

Evening Primrose Oil - the benefits

This special kind of oil can be extracted from the Oenothera biennes seeds, which in turn is part of
the willow family that thrives in the North American continent. It has been popular especially for its
gamma linoleic acid content (GLA), which is an essential fatty acid.

Among the well-known uses of primrose oil include lowering blood pressure, alleviating skin
disorders, and easing symptoms of PMS. It has remarkable anti-inflammatory properties and has
been used as natural treatment for arthritis. There are also significant evidence that the fatty acid
content in this oil helps promote weight loss.

The GLA in primrose oil is actually known as one of the omega-6 fatty acids. Hand in hand, omega
6 and omega 3 are essential fatty acids that the body needs and thus have to be maintained at
optimum levels.

Reason 1: Evening Primrose contains Omega 6, Fish Oil has Omega 3

It has been found however, that most people take in more omega 6 than needed, and they don't
take in enough omega-3 to counter it. Omega 3 are remarkable for many reasons: for their anti-
inflammatory properties, immunity boosting properties, for promoting better heart and brain
function, managing depression, preventing certain cancers, lowering cholesterol, and even slowing
down aging. Comparing omega-3 in fish oil and omega-6 in evening primrose, the therapeutic
benefits of the former still reigns supreme over the latter.

Reason 2: Fish oil contains long-chain, bio-available omega-3 fats

Studies have confirmed that fish oil by far is still the best source of omega-3 fatty acids,
specifically of DHA and EPA. Unlike GLA in primrose, there is no need for interconversions of
DHA and EPA; these two essential fatty acids are bio-available and can thus be easily absorbed.

Reason 3: You already have more omega-6 than your body can handle.

Did you know that modern diets today contain high amounts of omega-6 than it should. Intake of
vegetable oils, sweets, and junk food provides you omega-6 fatty acid levels that are more than
enough. However, most normal diets lack of it and we must take omega-3 to allow our body to
have a new lease in health and life.

Only it can provide all the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. Although there are oils
like evening primrose oil, they still do not match up with the health benefits omega-3 fish oil can

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