Vampires Are Real by reviewmaster3


									                                               Vampires are Real

Vampires are real, exclaims a young man who just found a young dead girl in the park with blood gushing from
her neck. Have you ever felt like biting someone in the neck or caught yourself biting your lovers neck? If you
have, then maybe you do have some vampire tendencies or you just have a neck fetish. There are people who
believe vampires are real and who is to say that they are not real. As with many of my articles, you will her me
say it is really a matter of perspective. What one person thinks is a vampire may be entirely different then the
view of everyone else.

We can argue all day about whether vampires are real or not, but there is no argument to our deep curiosity to
learn more about them. I've met very few people who don't have some type of interest in the vampire genre. I
personally don't see the interest in vampires ever dying out, because look how long we have heard about the
legends. I think the thought of Immortality and power lures us in, but there are many other characteristics of
vampires each one of us may find enticing.

There is a lot of false information about vampires floating around the Internet and you really need to do your
research to tell fact from fiction. I had an interesting conversation the other night at a goth club in Canada. We
talked about how many people are actually involved in a real life vampire subculture. This subculture is very real
and seems to be growing. It has been said the modern vampires do not attack folks to drink their blood, which
may be the case, but with a real vampire that is not the case.

What you may find today is people who practice the lifestyle of being a vampire, but who are not dead or
immortal. Are their people who see themselves as vampires? Yes, but many people look at vampires as
creatures of folklore and old superstitions. The vampires of fictional books and horror movies are mythical, but
there is also a real life subculture of vampires. They aren't undead or immortal, and more importantly, many
modern vampires don't attack people to drink blood. The mythical creatures of the night arose from many
generations passing down the legends, but there are human beings who really do see themselves as vampires.

You have your blood drinkers and you have your energy zappers, but the real deal is not something you can run
into very easily. Let's look at a possible scenario of meeting a real vampire shall we? You are walking home
alone when you feel something behind you, you look but there is nothing there, then all of a sudden you feel
fangs go into your neck and your body locks up and you are pulled to the feel the blood rushing out
of your body and it's lights out!

Veronica Mordem writes young adult short stories in the horror genre. She adds a touch of romance and
sensuality to her short stories leaving her readers literally breathless and turning blue. Her latest book of short
stories is called, "Strange Tales of Vampires." She has also written a book called, "Bizarre Zombie Stories." Both
books are currently available on Amazon's Kindle.

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