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      The Benefits of Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization): What Organic SEO Entails and
                                    WHY It Is Preferred by Some
                                                              By Vishal P. Rao

  The Benefits of Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization): What Organic SEO Entails and
WHY It Is Preferred by Some
 by: Vishal P. Rao

If you're going to sell any type of product or service online, you're eventually going to have to optimize
your Web site for the Search Engines, in order to boost traffic and sales.

Many years ago, it was quite easy to draw effective traffic, as a good content-driven site, with good
products, was enough to get a Web site ranked highly in the Search Engines. The competition has
increased one thousand times over since then, with billions of Web sites existing online now, making
for some very stiff competition in the area of Search Engine placement and rankings.

This increase in competition has given rise to many different styles, and many different methods of
Web site optimization. Optimization is simply the method of making a Web site "Search Engine
friendly", by using methods of enhancement that will increase rankings and placement by placing the
Web site higher in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

Everything from software to increase rankings and placement, to Search Engine Management and
Marketing Firms exist, with many online merchants becoming confused about what or "whom" to use
and how to effectively use the various services to increase rankings and placement.

The real battle seems to exist between those that favor "Organic SEO" as opposed to those that prefer
"Non-Organic SEO". The term "organic" itself is defined by Webster's Dictionary as: instrumental;
acting as instruments of nature or of art to a certain destined function or end (Webster's: 1913: 3).

"Organic SEO", also called "Natural SEO", is the most time consuming, and the most tedious method
of optimization for placement and rankings. However, it is prone to longevity of results, as it has a
focus on content, meta-tag enhancement using proper descriptions, keyword enhanced copy within the
appropriate specified densities of the Search Engines, and link exchanges. In addition, keyword dense
reports, articles, and other content materials are usually added in a routine fashion to a site to maintain

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the densities necessary and increase rankings and placement.

"Organic SEO", if done properly in a step-by-step approach, can literally promote increased traffic and
rankings for years. It can also contain overall marketing costs, as the use of PPC (Pay Per Click), is not
needed as much with this method. The main drawbacks with this type of SEO, however, are the length
of time it takes to properly implement all the steps necessary, and the length of time it takes the Search
Engines to thoroughly spider and index a site that has implemented "Organic SEO".

"Non-Organic SEO", also called "Artificial SEO", can take many forms, and can use some "Organic
SEO" coupled with other techniques. These techniques can include software generated keyword
enhanced pages, some methods of re-directs, whereby traffic is shunted off from other sites, with their
permissions, and software generated doorway pages and meta-tag descriptions. There are many
different techniques that can be employed including rather controversial ones such as hidden text
loaded with keywords, and tiny text.

Overall, "Non-Organic" SEO methods are quite popular, as it is a much quicker means to rankings and
placement. Links might be purchased from "link farms" which are simply services that specialize in the
promotion of links to others.

Although "Non-Organic SEO" can speed up rankings and placement initially, care needs to be given
when using any of these methods. If keyword dense pages are automatically generated en masse, the
Search Engines might view large sites, with large numbers of such pages as "Search Engine
Spammers" and a risk of being banned does exist. In addition, pages may initially place very high, only
to drop lower rather quickly, as the Search Engines still place a great emphasis on good content, which
is not usually the focus of the "Non-Organic" type of SEO.

All in all, it really depends upon the overall purpose of a site, and the longevity of results desired by a
Web master/site owner. It also depends upon how quickly results and sales are needed. For some
seasonal sites, such as holiday-theme sites that only remain up for a few weeks or months, then the
quicker method of "Non-Organic SEO" can be quite effective. On the other hand, if a Web master/site
owner promotes a product or service to which they are committed for years, or perhaps a lifetime, then
"Organic SEO" would definitely be the better choice of optimization method.

No matter which type of SEO methods are chosen or implemented, an ongoing campaign of
optimization does need to exist, as the parameters that are used for the rankings and placement by the
Search Engines, change frequently, and research into current methods needs to be done routinely.

As the old saying goes, "Different strokes for different folks", really applies to Search Engine
Optimization and rankings and placement. The whole Search Engine Optimization process is really
more "art than science", and continues to change daily.

Vishal P. Rao is the editor of - A website
dedicated to opportunities, ideas and resources for starting a home based business. He is also the
owner of the - an online community of folks who work at home.

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                                              Organic Search Engine Optimization
                                                           By Anthony Parsons

Organic Search Engine Optimization by Anthony Parsons

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simply a marketing term for the natural development of a
website. Organic SEO allows a website to gain free listings within the major search engines without
regular ongoing marketing costs. SEO comprises many aspects to complete a total marketing
package. The difference is whether the SEO package is natural in form to comply with the search
engines, or artificial in an attempt to cheat the search engines. It's no secret that every website owner
wants the top position within the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP's). What is unknown to many is
that artificially manipulating a website or other external elements will not allow a website see the top
position for very long. Artificial manipulation is what you hear when someone says "hit or miss"

Let me quickly define professional and unprofessional. A professional is "a person having impressive
competence in a particular activity" and unprofessional being "below or contrary to the standards
expected in a particular profession". I have explained this to highlight the meanings of non-organic,
artificial, unethical or more commonly, unprofessional SEO. Unprofessional SEO is utilising
door-pages, entry-pages, cloaking, spamming (constant submissions), hidden text, tiny text, pages
made with no sole purpose other than for search engines, landing pages and several other methods. A
professional SEO would never need to adopt these methods to achieve high, stable rankings.

There are several key advantages and disadvantages to organic SEO, as there are with most things.
Organic SEO may be costly, and it will be costly when performed by a professional. Once performed,
however, your website will achieve long term stable high rankings for the one outlay, then your costs
are finished. The disadvantages of organic SEO is that because it is designed to obtain completely free
high ranking, it takes some time to see the results. Results average between 1 - 6 months for stable
performance depending on your actual keyword phrase. You also need to allow for minor tweaking and
ongoing link analysis work to be performed. A problem that can occur, and will occur for competitive
keyword phrases for example; internet, computer, marketing, etc, is that other websites are constantly
tweaking to out perform yours. This can lead to a monthly monitoring and updating cost as required. If
your website is that competitive though, the cost is obviously well worth it.

 Anthony Parsons has been performing search engine optimization since 1998. In late 2003 I decided
to fly solo and opened my own SEO business to service the global community. With my wife being an
acknowledged copywriter, as a business will continue stepping forward breaking
the boundaries of conventional SEO techniques. Making a winning husband and wife team, we make
SEO affordable for all budgets.

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