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					Chimney Crown Repair
If you think about it, many things have the perfectcounterpart to protect them from rain. Convertibles
have tops, houses haveroofs, pools have covers, and chimneys have caps! All of these
items’counterparts are essential to the functioning of that item. If a convertiblehad no top you could
never take it out if there was a chance of rain. Yourthings would get soaked if there wasn’t a roof on
your house, and your poolwould get damaged over the winter months without a cover. Similarly, a
crowntops off a chimney to strengthen it and prevent brick from being damaged at thevery top of the
chimney which is most exposed to the elements.
Since the crown is exposed to the elements at a higher ratethan the rest of the chimney, cracks
frequently occur. Once cracks occur in thecrown, they will continue to grow and deepen as
precipitation enters them inthe form of vapors and actually liquid water. These become
extremelyproblematic, lessening the integrity of your chimney and leading to itseventual deterioration.
Cracks in the crown must be treated in a timely manner witha sealant to prevent them from worsening
and jeopardizing the strength and lifeof your chimney. Various treatments exist, but siloxane
treatments have thebest life and protection and often can be stored for a few years to re-treatand
treat any new cracks that may develop over time. ChimneySaver products,like CrackMagik, are
tested and true products that provide results. When makingrepairs here in Cincinnati, my service
technicians use ChimneySaver productsbecause they are specially formulated to withstand the harsh
elements chimneysare exposed to since they have no coverage from any surrounding forms.
Thechimney projects above the roofline, making it a perfect target for damage from the elements, so
no ordinary brick andmasonry sealant is going to provide the needed protection.
It is crucial that the crown be constructed in the right wayto begin with. Mortar crowns are far from
recommended. Mortar, although strongenough to hold brick together, is not what should be used to
construct a crown.Concrete is what is recommended for a crown, made with Portland cement,
sand,and stones. The stones make for strength that cannot be matched by mortaralone. The concrete
will prevent the elements from wearing down more and moreon the chimney itself, seeing that the
crown is really protecting the top ofthe chimney in general.

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Description: crowntops off a chimney to strengthen it and prevent brick from being damaged at thevery top of the