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Return of the Bionic Crowbar! You can get them now!
Some more information on the product:

You may remember my Triple-Lock Socket and my bionic crowbar the Anailator. There was a
lot of interest about a year ago in both products, I have since formed a company- E.B. Tool
Company to produce them so I am very happy to announce that both will soon be available for

The first one out will be the crowbar/nailpuller which has been renamed the KwickGripper. It
will be available early this summer with the Triple-Lock coming out not long after.

Here is a video we put together for the new KwickGripper

It is much better than the old vid if you remember it, and we still pull nails and log spikes out by
the pointed end.

I just wanted to sincerely say thanks to everyone on here who went to the website a year ago and
signed up for the discount when they go on sale. I was able to use that proof of interest to get an
investor and make this happen. thank you all
Uses for the KwickGripper …

The KwickGripper can literally remove any kind of nail, screw or staple without wrecking
your wood – so this “green tool” lets you reuse and repurpose your wood materials.

It doesn’t matter the condition of the nails, screws or staples - the KwickGripper nail
puller can remove even decapitated (headless) nails, mangled screws and broken
staples. With its patented pulling force technology, the KwickGripper nail puller can
even grab the pointed end of a nail and pull it through a board with the nail head still
attached. Usually, staples can only be grabbed from one side at a time to remove them
from wood, but the KwickGripper’s wide jaw grabs the whole staple at once, removing it
in one smooth move.

The KwickGripper’s ergonomic design sits easily in the users hand and its streamlined,
thin profile get it into tight spots and corners to remove nails and screws where a regular
hammer claw can’t reach. Even extra long nails and screws are easy and fast to remove
with the KwickGripper’s intense gripping action and force because it’s the only nail
puller that can be indexed to take a second bite.

Money saving and “green aspects” of the KwickGripper …

Because of its leverage-savvy design, the KwickGripper nail puller removes fasteners
while minimizing the amount of damage to boards – so individuals can reuse and
repurpose their wood materials. Nails and screws can be removed from outside decking

and the boards can be reused. The KwickGripper nail remover and screw removal tool
is also good at removing the tiny brads used in wood trim – cutting down on waste and
the added expense in buying new wood products.

What Ben has to say about the KwickGripper …

“My dad and I designed the KwickGripper nail puller to help with the many varied needs
of construction workers and professional carpenters along with making ease-of-use a
high priority so that every home hobbyist would find this tool useful as well. This handy
nail puller and staple removal tool replaces the need for locking pliers, crow bars and
hammers – all of which normally damage wood when removing nails, screws and

What someone (not related to Ben) has to say about the KwickGripper …

"We were fortunate to get our hands on the KwickGripper nail remover and screw
removal prototype to field test and I have no idea why this wasn't invented sooner. The
KwickGripper pulls staples, nails and screws with amazing ease. I honestly expect to
see this nail puller and screw removal tool everywhere.” - Jason Daily, Owner of Deck

About the EB Tool Company …

Ben Eby has founded the EB Tool Company and works as its product developer
in Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin. EB Tool “uses tools to make tools” that support the
hardworking professional trades as well as home hobbyists in saving time, money,
natural resources and frustration. For more information, or to receive a pre-order
discount, visit or contact EB Tool at              608-561-8665   .

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