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File-size: 7.86 MB

Date Released: May 05, 2011

Works on: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows xp

Does not work on: Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95

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AOL Instant Messenger

You don't have to be an AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) member to experience the
immediate cross-Internet communication made possible by aim. This program allows
Internet users to communicate via private, personalized text messages, and indicates
when friends, family members, and business colleagues are online. AOL Instant
Messenger combines AOL's popular Buddy List and Instant Message features, enabling
users to send and respond to messages immediately. Other features include a user
directory and buddy chat capabilities, personalized news, and a Neighborhood Watch
feature so that you can disconnect when crank chatters contact you.

AIM 5.2 introduces the ability for AIM members to send and receive end-to-end
encrypted messages - IM, Chat and File Transfer - allowing for message privacy and
member identification. Messages are encrypted and decrypted using industry-standard
encryption methods - messages sent between AIM members can be digitally encrypted
and signed. IM Forwarding is another new feature. With AIM 5.2, you can be online, all
the time, anywhere. Register your cell phone with IM Forwarding, and you'll continue to
receive your IMs after you sign out of AIM.

AIM 5.5 adds video conferencing and the ability to sign-on with multiple screen name

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