Workforce Race Advisory Group Minutes
                          20 May 2008, LLUK Offices, London

Nicola Broady, AoC                            Tasleem Chaudary, Ofsted
Christopher Core, rep. CEL                    Sian Davies, UNISON
Mark Kaczmarek, DIUS (Chair)                  Robin Landman, NBP
Aisling Lyon, LLUK                            Paul Mackney, NIACE
Karen Murray, LSC                             Chris Nicholas, UCU
Saheema Rawat                                 Nigel Smith, DIUS
Martin Steinmuller, CEL                       Joel Whittle, UNISON
Angela Young, LLUK                            Dawn Ward, BLI

Margaret Adjaye, CEL                          Margaret Bennett, QIA
David Hunter, LLUK                            Sunaina Mann, NESCOT
Stella Mbubaegu, BLI

Summary of Action Points
   Action                              By Whom       Deadline         Completed   Notes

1   Members to provide LLUK with       WRAG          ASAP                         Additional
    any outstanding views on the                                                  comments
    future structure of the WRAG.                                                 received
2   NB to feedback comments            AoC           ASAP
    regarding impact assessment        LSC
    training to relevant contact in
    the LSC.
3   TC to send draft handbook,         TC            ASAP             10 June     Circulated
    OFSTED guidance for                                                           to Group
    inspectors, to Group members                                                  members
    for consultation and feedback.                                                for comment
4   DIUS and/or the LSC to             DIUS          Next Meeting                 Update at
    provide an update on the           LSC                                        next
    ‘Single Voice’ agenda and          LLUK                                       meeting
    ‘Framework for Excellence’ at
    the next WRAG meeting.
5   Members to comment on the          WRAG          2 June           June 08     Circulated
    Draft NOS in Intercultural                                                    to WRAG
    Working.                                                                      members
6   A presentation on CILT’s           LLUK          Next Meeting                 Possibly for
    National Occupational                                                         February
    Standards in Intercultural                                                    meeting?
    Working to be arranged for the
    next WRAG meeting.
6   Meeting to be arranged             LLUK                           26 June     SR to
    between AoC, UNISON and                                                       follow-up
    LLUK to discuss case studies.

                                      WRAG Minutes 20 May 2008
7   Annual Diversity Workforce        LLUK          Next meeting      9 Sept.
    Profile to be included on
    agenda for next meeting
9   EHRC to be invited to next        LLUK to       Next meeting                     SR to
    meeting to discuss compliance     invite                                         provide
                                                                                     update on
10 SR to provide a written project    SR            Next meeting      9 Sept.
   progress report for the next

1. Introductions

Mark Kaczmarek (MK) welcomed everyone and introductions were made by Group members.

MK gave some background to the WRAG for those new to the Group and who had been unable
to attend for some time. MK emphasised that the Group is fundamental in driving forward the
findings from the Workforce Strategy for the FE Sector in England and its subsequent
Implementation Plan, and that all aspects of Equality and Diversity have been embedded into this
Strategy. DIUS has asked LLUK, in providing secretariat to the WRAG, to support and lead on
equality and diversity on behalf of the sector.

MK also emphasised that he expects members of the WRAG to represent their respective
organisations fully and to have the authority to speak on their behalf.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting (21 February 2008)

In response to the question of resources for implementing the WRAG work plan, MK confirmed
that DIUS have now discussed the issue with LLUK and funding has been allocated within LLUK's
Grant Agreement to take this forward. LLUK invited Group members to prioritise actions for
implementation, which are listed in the work plan and fit with the priorities of the Workforce

Christopher Core (representing CEL) confirmed that the Executive Summary of CEL’s research
on BME succession planning will be launched at CEL’s conference on equality and diversity on
Wednesday 21 May.

Regarding the future WRAG structure (whether to form a single equality group), LLUK confirmed
that they have circulated by email a summary of members’ views prior to the meeting. Five
responses were received regarding the possibility of a single equality group. MK invited members
who had not yet submitted their views to do so as soon as possible. In the meantime, the
Disability Equality Implementation Group has confirmed that they would like to be a separate
group for at least one year, so that they can implement the Commission for Disabled Staff’s
recommendations. In light of this, it is expected that WRAG will continue for the same timescale,
subject to ongoing review.

Action: Members to provide LLUK with any outstanding views on the future structure of the

                                     WRAG Minutes 20 May 2008
3. Progress Update by WRAG Members

Members were invited to give an oral update of progress in relation to their actions on the WRAG
work plan.

3.1      CEL

      a.) CEL will launch their research on succession planning at their Equality and Diversity
          conference on 21 May.
      b.) A new ‘Introduction to Leadership’ programme is being launched soon.
      c.) CEL are about to impact assess all their HR policies.

3.2      Association of Colleges

      a.) AoC are completing a revision of the bullying and harassment guidance for the sector.
          This is a joint publication with trade unions.
      b.) Training on equality impact assessments have been organised for the sector. 2 days have
          been organised so far (London and Manchester). It was suggested additional sessions
          should be organised in other areas. It was also suggested that impact assessment
          workshops could be held in colleges (possibly organised by AoC branches) and for
          clusters of colleges, particularly in rural areas.
      c.) The AoC are also planning to organise an equality and diversity conference, specifically
          for the FE sector, at the end of 2008. Sessions on equal pay and job evaluation will be
          included at this event.

Action: Nicola Broady to feedback comments regarding Impact assessment training to relevant
contact in the LSC.

3.2      LSC

      a.) The LSC is running Single Equality Scheme Support programme as a model employer. 9
          briefing sessions have been organised to date. This will be followed by regional seminars
          for providers to give feedback in July. There will also be an evaluation of these events.
      b.) There will be an evaluation of the Single Equality Scheme in December which will go out
          to Tender. This will focus on what the LSC’s legacy can do for new organisations that will
          take forward this agenda.

3.3      UCU

      a.) 4 Black Member Networks have now been developed across the country.
      b.) UCU is currently undergoing a restructure and this process will be impact assessed.
      c.) UCU is working with the AoC and are planning some joint activities on impact
      d.) Regarding UCU structures, two places are reserved for BME and other diversity stands on
          the national executive committee.

3.3      OFSTED

      a.) This is the first year since the merger of the four inspectorates into OFSTED. It is
          obviously a much larger organisation; consequently there was a need to update Ofsted’s
          equality schemes. Currently Ofsted has produced a new Race, Disability and Gender
          Equality Schemes. These have been signed off by the Equality and Human Rights

                                       WRAG Minutes 20 May 2008
            Commission (EHRC) as being compliant. All relevant internal policies and procedures
            have also been updated and impact assessments have been conducted.
      b.)   A workforce review is currently underway to assess the make up of OFSTED. Targets
            have been included in the Equality Schemes where there are gaps.
      c.)   OFSTED has developed guidance for inspectors and is providing ongoing training.
      d.)   Inspectors handbooks (which are public documents) are also in the process of being
            updated. This includes guidance on what inspectors look for and report on in terms of
            equality and diversity. The report structure and word count has been amended to give a
            dedicated minimum of 150 words to equality of opportunity in addition to the allocation for
            leadership and management to enable distinctions between social and educational
            inclusion in college inspections. OFSTED will be checking the impact of compliance. This
            handbook is due to be published end of June.
      e.)   OFSTED is also doing more work on promotion of equality within the curriculum.

Action: TC to send draft handbook, OFSTED guidance for inspectors, to Group members for
consultation and feedback.

Action: DIUS and/or the LSC to provide an update on the ‘Single Voice’ agenda and ‘Framework
for Excellence’ at the next WRAG meeting.

3.5         NIACE

      a.) NIACE are organising a conference on community cohesion on 16th June. Event details
          will be sent to Group members.
      b.) NIACE are currently working on implementing the recommendations of the Commission
          for Disabled Staff in Lifelong Learning.

Paul Mackney (PM) noted the development of draft National Occupational Standards in
Intercultural Working by CILT (National Centre for Languages). It was noted that the draft
standards are currently out for consultation and the deadline for comments is 2 June. Copies
were provided to members, who were encouraged to respond to the consultation. It was
requested that the final standards be presented at the next WRAG meeting.

Action: Members to send comments directly to CILT regarding consultation on the Draft National
Occupational Standards for Intercultural Working.

Action: A presentation on CILT’s National Occupational Standards in Intercultural Working to be
arranged for the next WRAG meeting.

3.6         UNISON

      a.) Feedback from UNISON’s FE seminar for support staff on the Workforce Strategy was
          very negative. There is a general mistrust around Workforce Strategy and support staff
          feel that any professional developments outlined (CPD etc.) will benefit teaching staff only.
      b.) There is an issue with BME support staff wishing to attend positive action programmes run
          by CEL, since very often they are not allowed the time off work by employers to attend.
          (It has also been noted by UNISON that members have had to take annual leave in order
          to attend staff development events, such as the FE seminar.)
      c.) UNISON members believe that CPD is not for support staff. This is a cultural issue and
          there is a need to change the culture as CPD has to be accessible to all.

MK commented that the Workforce Strategy for FE is a 5 year plan and prioritises leaders and
teachers, due to the key drivers that influenced FE workforce reforms (Ofsted Inspections 2004,

                                          WRAG Minutes 20 May 2008
Foster, FE White Paper, Leitch). The Strategy will be reviewed and updated by LLUK annually
and LLUK and DIUS will look at the issues affecting support staff when revising the Strategy.

3.7      Dawn Ward (Principal, Royal Forest of Dean College)

DW stated that learners are experiencing stereotyping when they go out to work. All learners now
get an equality and diversity qualification, to support them. A Level 1 programme is currently
being written for students.

It was suggested that AoC and LLUK to look into what colleges are doing around equality and
diversity, stories from the grass roots perspective. It was suggested that UNISON could also be
part of this.

Action: AL to arrange a meeting with AoC and UNISON to discuss the development of some
good practice case studies.

3.8      LLUK

      a.) The Workforce Strategy Implementation Plan was published on 31 March (hard copies
          were available at the meeting for members. LLUK is about to embark on a series of
          promotional activities for providers.
      b.) The Annual Workforce Diversity Profile published at the end of last year. LLUK has now
          started work on this year’s profile (which will use data from the academic year 2006/06). It
          is due to be published by early September and its key findings will be presented at the
          next WRAG meeting.
      c.) LLUK is working with UCU to begin a capacity building programme for FE colleges on
          improving their compliance with race relations legislation. This activity also applies to
          Strategic Aim 3 of the WRAG work plan, which addresses how organizations within the FE
          System achieve equality-led Human Resources processes and practices.

Action: Annual Workforce Diversity Profile 2008 to be included as an agenda item for the next

3.9      NBP

      a.) Two cohorts of the ‘High Flyers’ programme have been delivered. These included 8-10
          senior managers.
      b.) Work is continuing on attracting BME governors.
      c.) The NBM is re-launching its regional networks on 23rd May 2008.
      d.) The talent management service has been launched.

4. Follow-up to UCU/CRE Monitoring Project

Chris Nicholas (CN) updated the Group on recent progress and explained that the final research
report will be published soon. Delays have been a result of difficulties experienced in obtaining
information from the EHRC - the new compliance body and successor to the Commission for
Racial Equality.

CN confirmed that there was a variance between the amount of evidence submitted to the project
team and this illustrated a variance between the level of understanding of compliance. It

                                       WRAG Minutes 20 May 2008
confirmed that no college that was reviewed produced satisfactory records of 3 completed impact

CN suggested that a representative of the EHRC be invited to the next WRAG meeting to present
the Commission’s intentions to enforce compliance with legislation in the future. This suggestion
was supported by Group members.

Action: LLUK to invite EHRC to next meeting to speak about how they will monitor compliance.

CN introduced Saheema Rawat, LLUK Policy Consultant (Race Equality), who then provided
Group members with a short presentation outlining some of the key areas she will be working on
following the UCU/CRE report.

SR outlined the following objectives to the project’s work:
   a.) To ensure that Governors and SMTs at further education colleges adopt a reflective and
       integrated approach to Race equality implementation, going beyond minimum legal
   b.) To build on past and existing work in this area and benchmark progress;
   c.) To enable colleges to consider multiple identities in the context of Race equality;
   d.) To ensure that colleges engage with BME staff in an effective way; and
   e.) To develop a sustainable model of implementation that can be used in other equalities

Action: SR to provide a written project progress report for the next meeting.

5. Delivering on Diversity: The Skills and Cohesion Challenge
- presentation by Robin Landman, Network for Black Professionals

Full presentation available.

It was commented that BME representation may be low in colleges located in areas where there
is a high proportion of failing colleges. It may be a leadership/management issue. It would be
useful to map BME representation with inspection grades.

6. Any Other Business

There is room for discussion regarding an overarching group.

The date for the next meeting will be Tuesday, 9 September 2008 (11:00 – 14:00) and will be
held at UNISON, London.

                                     WRAG Minutes 20 May 2008

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