DUE DILIGENCE CHECKLIST

Please supply the following information in respect of (proposed partner) (“the Organisation).

                                               Due Diligence Checklist                                                       Received   Source (hardcopy; web
                                                                                                                             by Kent pages; CD etc – if web pages
                                                                                                                              (/ x ) please also insert link) and
1.   Mission statement (or equivalent)
2.   Strategic plan (or equivalent)
3.   Prospectus (or equivalent)
4.   Copy of potential collaborative Organisation institutional regulations relevant to the nature of
     the collaboration1
5.   Confirmation that the organisation is solvent following examination of the Annual Accounts.
     Details of financing arrangements at the potential partner organisation eg funding of students and
     any state or public sector funding applicable.
6.   Written statement covering the legal status of the Organisation
7.   Confirmation that the Organisation has the authority/legal right to enter into collaborative
8.   Details of the internal structure of the potential collaborative partner including the membership
     and terms of reference of its governing body and most important internal committees
9.   Information regarding administration and management procedures covering the nature of the
     collaboration at institutional and programme level including the details of those Schools and/ or

 The OQA&V can advise on the regulations which are required, for instance in the case of jointly supervised PhDs research regulations will be relevant; for a taught masters
programme leading to a dual award Kent will require the institutions regulations for taught studies as well as other general student regulations. Regulations of private sector
organisation will be governing regulations outside of the HEI framework, Such regulations should not conflict with Kent’s current strategic plan.
      individuals responsible for arrangements
10.   Quality assurance arrangements currently in place for collaborative provision. Relevant
      information will include: curriculum development; collection and evaluation of student feedback;
      management and administration of assessment processes; teaching and learning methods;
      feedback to students on assessed work; tracking student progression achievement; recruitment
      of students; student academic support and guidance and student pastoral support, etc
11.   Confirmation of adequate physical, learning and human resources2 relevant to the programme(s)
      of study
12.   Details of any reports from funding or external quality assurance/professional bodies regarding
      the Organisation. For overseas organisations (both EU and non-EU countries), evidence of the
      standing based on advice from organisations such as the British Council, NARIC, the Foreign and
      Commonwealth Office etc.
13.   Confirmation that the partner institution has the appropriate staffing cohort in place to deliver
      the collaborative programme (evidence may include staff CVs where appropriate)
14.   Confirmation that the Organisation has mechanisms in place for publicising students’ rights and
      responsibilities and providing feedback channels
15.   Confirmation that the Organisation has appropriate insurance arrangements in respect of its
      responsibilities and liabilities towards students, and the University of Kent;
16.   Details of any past or current collaborations, licenses, approvals, third party rights and consents
      recognised by other organisations (whether granted by public or private authorities or
      the ability of the prospective partner organisation to provide a safe working environment for
17.   students and staff who will be studying/ teaching at the organisation
      Confirmation (in the case of student exchanges) that a site visit has been carried out to the
18.   Organisation and that there are appropriate facilities in place for our outgoing students
       Confirmation (in the case of overseas organisations) that the partner organisation can operate
19.   within the legislative and cultural requirements of that country, and, at the same time, address
    the points of reference offered by the UK’s Academic Infrastructure.

Completed by:                                                                    Date

Amended by:                                                                      Date

Comments provided by the OQA&V3:                                                 Date

Approved on behalf of EG by:                                                     Date

 The completed due diligence checklist should be sent to qa@kent.ac.uk for comment prior to approval. If the partnership constitutes part of a mainstream University programme
delivered on-campus or make no contribution to the award of credit or the achievement of an academic award (ie not collaborative) the EO/IO may wish to provide commentary
but there is no formal requirement to seek commentary from the OQA&V.

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