Pressure Washers - Hot Water Vs. Cold Water

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					Pressure Washers – Hot Water Vs. Cold Water

Selecting the right type of pressure washer can be crucial. While cold water pressure
washers are lighter and easier to transport, hot water pressure washers are able to
emit heated water to handle particularly difficult cleaning. Deciding on which would
prove most effective for your operation can only be done with the right knowledge.
Here’s a list of comparative points between cold water and hot water pressure
washers to help you to determine the most suitable choice:

      Cold water pressure washers are significantly lighter than hot water pressure
       washers. This increased mobility makes cold water units easier to transport
       and ideal for locations that would be inaccessible for heated units. However,
       the heating components in hot water models equip them with the capability
       to handle tough cleaning applications and difficult-to-remove substances.

      A higher temperature is more adept at dissolving greasy substances, such as
       oil, and also has the additional benefit of sanitizing the surface while
       cleaning. Typically, for jobs that involve significant amounts of grease or oil,
       hot water units perform better than cold water versions.

      However, while it may seem self-evident that hot water units are faster and
       more effective at dissolving substances, sometimes the extra weight, power
       and expense is not always needed. With the addition of green chemicals and
       detergents, some cold water pressure washers, particularly those with high
       pounds per square inch levels, can also tackle equally demanding and
       challenging commercial and industrial applications.

      Cost is another factor that needs to be considered. As a general rule, cold
       water pressure washers are less expensive than hot water models. This is
       because hot water units contain heating coils, which can be quite expensive.
       However, consumers should be wary of purchasing machines simply due to
       their cost and instead should weigh the pros and cons according to their
       cleaning requirements rather than the price tag.

Between cold water and hot water pressure washers, which would make the best
choice ultimately comes down to what your unique cleaning needs are and how and
where you use them. Each type of pressure washer has its advantages and
disadvantages, but will only prove best, when used for the right application.

Due to the amounts of money usually involved in a pressure washer set up and the
numerous factors one needs to consider, prospective and established buyers are
recommended to visit established cleaning equipment suppliers to help choose the
perfect type of pressure washer.
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Description: Pressure washers are essential cleaning tools. They can be used in a variety of settings, ranging from small, household applications to large, industrial conditions. Regardless of the environment, consumers must first make a critical decision: hot water or cold water? This article offers a comparison of these two types of pressure washers to help determine which would make the better choice for you.