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					Amazing Beauty Techniques

There are so many make different cosmetics available to consumers that women often wonder about the proper way
to apply their make-up for the best results. The following tips will aid you in getting the best results
from cosmetics and creating a beautiful appearance.

First of all, it is very important to apply a moisturizer before putting on foundation. It is very
to keep your skin hydrated to prevent flaking and premature aging. The moisturizer also acts as a primer
giving the foundation an even surface to adhere to and will make the foundation last longer. A fan can
be to dry the moisturizer if you are in a hurry.

It is important to set your foundation to keep you looking beautiful the entire day. If set properly,
foundation will remain fresh looking until you are ready to wash it off. After applying the proper
moisturizer and foundation for your skin tone, dust your face with a translucent powder. Use a sponge to work
the powder into the foundation. This will set the foundation onto your skin. Be sure to use good quality
products for best results.

Cosmetic eye drops can be used to make the eyes brighter and clear.    They are not dependent on eye color and
will sooth and enhance all eyes, even contact wearers can use them. They whiten the sclera, eliminating and
redness due to allergies or tiredness. Whitening the sclera makes you appear more rested and alert as well as
enhancing your eyes in photos.

Using an eyelash curler will make your eyes appear brighter and wider as well as making the eyelashes appear
thicker. Metal eyelash curlers work the best and it is important to use the curler before applying mascara.
For best results, heat the eyelash curler for five seconds with a hair dryer. Make sure the curler is not
too to touch before using. The curler should be applied near the roots of the eyelashes and should be held
for no more than thirty seconds. The clamps should be released slowly to avoid damaging the delicate
eyelashes. After curling, apply mascara as desired. It is not necessary to curl the lower lashes.

After spending your hard earned money on cosmetics, it is important to store them properly. Make-up should
not be stored in the bathroom, as the heat and moisture can cause your cosmetics to degrade at an accelerated
rate. Not only is this a costly mistake, it can also be unhealthy as well by promoting bacteria growth.
Ideally, make-up should be kept in a bedroom away from the bathroom to prevent temperature and humidity
changes. If you do not have a place in your bedroom with adequate lighting to apply your make-up, a fishing
tackle box works great for taking your cosmetics into the bathroom for application. They are available in
sizes, prices and colors. They generally have several tiers that are easily accessed and easily organized.

The above tips are not big beauty secrets but will make the most out of your cosmetics.   These easy techniques
will enhance your appearance and will make you feel your absolute best.

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