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					Advertising your products with contests on the internet

A contest, drawing or sweepstake is an excellent way to promote your products on the internet. Read this
article to learn more about this excellent marketing technique.

Keep in mind that your contests need to be legal. Write comprehensive terms and conditions regarding
participation, eligibility and the prizes. Have a lawyer help you if necessary. Since most people will
not over your terms and conditions, write a shorter version on how to enter the contest and the prizes. And
make sure you add a box for the participants to check and agree to the terms and conditions your wrote for the

The success of an online contest depends on the prizes. What will you give out for your next contest? The
prizes should be both interesting and valuable. You can either offer free products or interesting discounts,
but think about giving out promotional material too. This could be a good way to develop the image of your
brand. Give out more details about the prizes and post links to reviews of the products you are giving away.
A of participants will consider buying the product they wanted to win if they are convinced of the value
this product.

Advertising your contest is very important. Write updates to announce your contest and remind people that you
are still accepting entries. Place links to the subscription page on your homepage, your social media profiles
and updates and send out mass emails. Look for websites targeting a similar audience and have your contest
featured in ads, banners or updates. You can reach out to even more people by asking the participants to share
the contest on social networks as a step to enter the contest.

Create a useful contest. Ask people to submit something you can use to promote your products. A contest will
expose a lot of people to your brand and products but you can get even more out of a contest with content you
can use. You could for instance ask people to answer to surveys designed to help you develop better products
or marketing strategies. You could also ask people to create content you can use as marketing material such as
pictures, videos, reviews or artistic pieces.

Asking people to create new content related to your products is also a good idea: ask the contestants to take
pictures or videos of themselves using your products, write reviews, create new slogans, logos, come up with
a product idea or submit their artistic creations. Ask people to submit their content by posting a picture
on Facebook and tagging you; all their friends will learn about the contest and your brand. People will also
share your contest if you give out prizes to the submission with the most votes. There are many different
types of contests: try different things and keep creating contests that correspond to your target audience.

It is now time to start planning your first contest. Take the time to plan everything carefully and
improving each new contest based on the previous ones.

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