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Chapter 1 3M Case Study by uVLerY


									                                            Kristen Eskildsen

                                             3M Highlighter
                                            Video Case Study

1.    (a) How did 3M’s David Windorski get ideas from college students to help him in designing the final
commercial version of the Post-it® Flag Highlighter?
      He asked them what they thought of it.

(b) How were these ideas important to the success of the products?
        They knew exactly what the customer wanted.

2. What (a) special advantages and (b) potential problems did 3M have in introducing a new highlighter-
with-flags product for college students in 2004?
         A) Already made post it flags and highlighters. They were a big corporation before they started the
flag highlighters. Everyone knows there products.

3. Visit your college bookstore before you answer. (a) Where would you display the Post-it® Flag
Highlighter in a college bookstore and (b) How can the display increase student awareness of the product?
         A) By the counter so they can impulses buy when they check out.
         B) They will think they need it, and could make studying easier.

4. In what ways might 3M try to promote its Post-it® Flag Highlighter and make students more aware of the
        Give out free ones for students to realize they are helpful and they should continue to use them.

    5. What are (a) the special opportunities and (b) potential challenges for 3M in taking its Post-it® Flag
       Highlighter into international markets? (c) On which countries should 3M focus its marketing
                Expanding the target market. Reaching a lot more potential customers. Shipping is a
                problem for international markets. Designed for college students. I would focus on China
                and Europe.

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