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									A New Kitchen On A Tight Budget

Little changes throughout your kitchen can help you update its appearance and make the room look new. Complete
kitchen renovation is too costly. Follow these budget conscious tips for a stylish kitchen you will

Appliance paint can be found in a variety of fashionable colors and finishes. The hardest part of updating
your appliances with paint is removing hardware and covering the parts that should not be painted. However,
painting them is relatively simple and you might be surprised at how good old appliances can look. Replace
old, stained burners with new shiny ones for an inexpensive improvement. Use heavy-duty glass cleaner to clean
badly stained glass on your appliances. Your painted, cleaned and updated appliances will help improve the
overall look of your kitchen.

You can find a huge selection of cabinet hardware to change the appearance of your kitchen. Choose a style
that goes with your overall vision for the room. Outdated hardware, which makes the entire kitchen look out
date, can easily be removed. You can take your old hardware with you when shopping; use it to mark the holes
on a piece of paper or measure the distance between screw holes to make sure you find new fixtures that will
fit the current cabinets. The new handles, knobs and pulls can be easily attached.

Talk lighting under you kitchen cabinets can put the spotlight on a beautiful countertop or your favorite
kitchen accessories. Consider changing the overhead lighting as well. Fluorescent lighting is too harsh and
will make your kitchen appear less attractive. Look for a set of trendy pendant lights or an elegant
chandelier style light designed specifically for the kitchen.

Curtains can change the entire appearance of a room. If you decide to cover or accentuate your windows with
any type of material, be sure it is a color and pattern you love. Curtains are simple to hang and you
change them often if you do not spend too much money on them. Be sure to wash window coverings often because
they tend to attract and hold on to dust and aromas. This is especially important for window coverings in
kitchen because they can quickly fill up with smell of food.

If you do not want to spend the money on replacing faucets and other fixtures, consider repainting them. You
will need to buy specific metallic paint that can withstand scrubbing and constant water. Switching your
faucets and other metal fixtures from a shiny gold or brass to a matte silver or brushed nickel is easy
withright type of paint. Be sure you know how to reinstall all fixtures. This simple step will update
kitchen quickly.

Even though the kitchen does not usually have a large amount of open floor space, rugs can help solidify the
style of your kitchen. For an elegant, simplistic look, place a hardwood or bamboo mat on your kitchen floor.
Brightly colored and patterned rugs can add interest to a room that does not have much color. Make sure you
rugs match or complement your window coverings and lighting fixtures.
Updating your kitchen does not require a lot of money. A little time, effort and style can improve the look
of kitchen with very little expense. You can choose to make all the changes at the same time or do them over
an extended time period.

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