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                          PROCESSED PRIOR TO 5pm by the 15th of each month after the end of the month
       Account                                                                                                                                          Responsible

                          REVENUE and RECEIVABLES
                          Trade Debtors
                          Trade Aged Debtors Trial Balance                                                                                                    JC
        121100            Reconciliation Trade Aged Debtors trial balance to GL                                                                               JC
                          List of customer open items - Non $A                                                                                                JC
        121102            Reconciliation and supporting documents                                                                                             JC
                          Details of account balances, investigation is requirred in unusual items.                                                           JC
   121150 , 558600        Accounts are preparred for the annual reconciliation of the movement of the Provision (Impairment) for Trade                        JC
                          Doubtful Debts
        557200            Adherance to the policy                                                                                                             JC

                          Student Debtors
                          Student Aged Debtors Trial Balance                                                                                                  JC
                          ATB to AMS to SAP GL reconciliation                                                                                                 JC
                          Details of account balances, investigation is requirred in unusual items.                                                           JC
    122150, 122199
        558600            Accounts are preparred for the annual reconciliation of the movement of the Provision (Impairment) for Trade                        JC
                          Doubtful Debts
461315, 557210, 557220    Schedule student bad debts written off.                                                                                             JC

    122300/122310         Student Debtors Accrual                                                                                                             JC
        122350            Student Refundable Deposits                                                                                                         JR
        123200            Student Debtor Clearing A/c                                                                                                         JR
        125110            Student Loans - AMS                                                                                                                 JR

                          Sundry Debtors

121200, 121260, 121261    Sundry debtors ageing and listing. Documentation to be provided for items >$50,000.                                                 JC

                          Prepayments - General and Library
        152100            Prepayments listings                                                                                                               WB
        152600            Prepayments library                                                                                                                DH
        126100            Schedule of Insurance Premiums Prepaid / Accrued                                                                                   WG
        126110            Schedule of Insurance Premiums Prepaid - Tivoli                                                                                    WG

        121104            Staff Travel Advance                                                                                                               DL
        126200            Schedule of Interest Receivable preparred on a monthly basis to assist year end process                                            SO
123110, 123120, 181000,   GST Accounts. Copy of BAS returns for Oct, Nov & Dec to be available for audit along with documented reconciliation                AL
    181010, 281000        to GL for each.

                          PURCHASES and PAYABLES
                          Trade and Sundry Creditors
                          Trade and sundry creditors detailed ageing and listing                                                                             KH
211100, 211300-211700     Reconciliation of ageing and GL.                                                                                                   KH

        211400            Trade Creditors Foreign                                                                                                            KH
                          Schedule of debit balances and explanation.                                                                                        KH
    211200, 211210        Sundry Creditors - BDA                                                                                                             SO
211230, 211240, 211250    Sundry Creditors - Portfolios                                                                                                      WB
   241100 & 241200        Details and period of government grants and research grants received in advance                                                    WB
        211500            Sundry Creditors - Employees                                                                                                       KH
        261100            GR/IR Clearing A/c                                                                                                                 LW
        262100            Freight Clearing Account                                                                                                           LW
        211210            Accruals listing (ensure incl GST Liability). Supporting documentation (invoices, calculations)                                    WB

                          Grants In Advance & Grant Income
        126300            Grants Receivable listing                                                                                                          WB
        212130            DEST Loan                                                                                                                          RL
        126300            Government Grants Receivable                                                                                                       RL

                          Other Sundry Liabilities

   213600 - 214500        Trust Funds, Unclaimed Monies, Health Cover Costs, Refundable Deposits, Refund Clearing Account                                    JR
242100, 242110, 242120,   Schedule of Deferred Income / Revenue in Advance (Student Fees CNAF & HECS, International Deposits and Material                    WB
        242200            Fees received in advance)

                          EMPLOYEE EXPENSES
    231100, 231200        Details of accrual of salaries and on costs.                                                                                       GOR
    511100-525200         Reconciliation of salaries/ wages expense per the payroll system to the relevant general ledger accounts                            IB

                          Annual Leave & Long Service Leave
    234100-234250         Calculation of annual leave and long service leave provisions                                                                       IB
                          Rationale and calculation of Current / Non Current split for Provn LSL                                                              IB
232100 - 233930 (except   Calculation /support for other employee related costs/accruals.                                                                    GOR
        233300            Confirmation for amount owing to DMB/DOT on SSF pensions                                                                           SO

                          Unfunded Superannuation Asset / Liability
126400, 126410, 234300,   Details of balances through the year with the preliminary year end details in November                                             SO

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                           PROPERTY AND EQUIPMENT
                           Fixed ASsets
                           Fixed ASsets register up to date                                                                                                   AD
     161100-166310         Fixed ASsets lead schedule reconciled to GL                                                                                        AD

                           Reconciliation between Fixed Asset Register, Fixed ASset Movement Schedule and General Ledger (ie FA Lead                          AD
481100, (481200/481300),   Schedule of disposals (incl scrapping / retirement) with details of proceeds from sale, and profit or loss on sale.                AD
 481600, 491210,552400,

583100-584300, 584500 -    Reconciliation of depreciation charge                                                                                              AD

                           Library Assets details movement schedule to be reconciled to Library system.                                                       AD
    321100 - 321300        Deatils of Asset Revaluation Reserve Movements                                                                                     AD
                           Detailed listing of all finance and operating leases committed end of June preliminary reconciliation                              AD

        173100             Listing if Intangibles                                                                                                             AD

        173110             Amortisation of Intangibles                                                                                                        AD

                           Capital Works in Progress (CWIP)
        167200             Deatails of WIP                                                                                                                     LE

        167100             Detailed listing of Capital WIP (Departmental)                                                                                      LE

                           CASH & TREASURY

     111100-111700         Details of all bank accounts with listing of transactions includingg details od any problematic items                              NB
     113100-113200         Reconciliations of all Investment / Treasury / FOREX accounts to Bank Statements                                                   NB

                           PETTY CASH
    112100, 112102         Reconciliation of balances                                                                                                          YZ


        122250             Details of transactions for allowance for Impairment of Debts - Subsidiaries                                                       SO
113100, 113200, 131100     Detailed schedule of investment through the year                                                                                   SO
    134100, 135100         Detailed listing of investment in subsidiaries                                                                                     SO
    134500, 135500         Allowance for Impairment - Investments                                                                                             SO
    451100-451300          Details of investment income for the period. Ensure that this agrees to respective accounts.                                       SO

                           INTER-COMPANY BALANCES
     155125-155190         Reconciliation of Inter-company balance confirmations. Ensure that Debtors and Creditors balances are off-set or paid              SO

                           CLEARING ACCOUNTS
                           All items affecting PROFIT to be cleared from the accounts listed below                                                         AS Below
        124350             Telephone Clearing Account                                                                                                     ITS Finance
        124351             Telephone Maintenance Account                                                                                                  ITS Finance
        124352             Internet Clearing Account                                                                                                      ITS Finance
        124700             Stationery Clearing Account                                                                                                        DL
        123100             Trade Debtors Clearing Account                                                                                                     JC
    124101 - 124112        Credit Card Clearing Accounts                                                                                                       JK
        124200             Miscellaneous Clearing Account                                                                                                      JR
        124600             Scholarship Clearing Account                                                                                                        JR
        299998             Data Conversion Clearing Account - AMS                                                                                              JR
        299999             Data Conversion Clearing Account                                                                                                    JR
        124210             Miscellaneous Clearing Account - Revenue 1                                                                                         AK
        124220             AMS Clearing Account                                                                                                               AK
        124230             Miscellaneous Clearing Account - Revenue 3                                                                                         AK
        124240             Miscellaneous Clearing Account - Revenue 4                                                                                         AK
        124250             Miscellaneous Clearing Account - Property Services                                                                                 AD
        213200             Withholding Tax (No ABN)                                                                                                           KH
        124300             Fleet Management Clearing Account                                                                                                  SO
        124900             Macquarie Bank LeASing Clearing Account                                                                                            AD
        213400             FBT Clearing Account                                                                                                               SO

221100, 221200, 221300,    Details of any tax related transactions through the year                                                                            AL
    152400, 152500         Details of any withholding Tax (Singapore / Malaysia) related transactions                                                          AL

    212100, 212130         Detailed listing of all borrowings (Bank & DEST)                                                                                   SO
        558100             Monthly account details with the reconciliation to the related accounts                                                            SO

    311000, 314000         Equity movement schedule through the year                                                                                          SO

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      Documented closing dates for each month                                               SO

 AK   Amarjit Kaur
WP    Wayne Poole /Alan Lopez tax accountant
TIW   Travis Ingram Walker
 DL   Don Lundy
 JC   John Cotterell
GOR   Grant O'Rourke/ P&C
 IB   Irina Biletskaya
 AD   Alex Dieng
 YZ   Yuri Zhylyuk
 KH   Keryn Hartin
LW    Lance Williams
 NB   Norman Brown
 RL   Rebecca Laoang
 DB   Darren Bass
WB    Wayne Benton
WP    Wayne Poole
WG    Warren Grant
 JK   Jerry Kangalis
 SB   Sam Bakas
 LE   Leanne Ensor
 AL   Alan Lopez

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