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									                                 Prevalence of Dedicated Servers in India

When it comes to hosting services, dedicated servers with their efficient performance have been
beneficial for online commerce entrepreneurs. Dedicated servers make it possible for an individual or an
enterprise to select a hosting service where they will be able to lease the entire web server and it won’t
be shared with anyone else. In addition to that, these dedicated server users are able to control
independently their websites and sever and can enjoy a safe private network.

Leading IT brand names providing new age solutions to datacenters have introduced high-end dedicated
servers in India that are further backed up by an expert group. Furthermore, it is interesting analyze and
understand the reasons why dedicated server hosting solutions have become predominant in India.
Important reasons for the same are listed below:-

        Offers Complete Access – Dedicated server hosting provides the customer total control on
        everything that comes under the server. This makes it easy for the customers to decide on the
        scripts that are required to be used and also about other allied online actions that are essential.
        In addition to that, the server allows the customers an overall access to the servers because of
        which they get the configurations done as per their requirements.

        Elasticity and Software – Dedicated servers provides their customers with a dedicated platform
        that enables them to install their own scripting language or a software on the servers. This does
        not impact anyone else.

        Increased Speed – When you are using dedicated web hosting, you can have the sense that your
        online business might have a dedicated sever for the web portal. This kind of a server ensures
        enhanced web speed.

These apart, there are other features and benefits that the modern day service providers of dedicated
hosting solution offer their clients. The important ones are listed below:-

        Performance Tweaking
        Linux and Windows assistance available
        Change in configuration assistance
        24X7 remote hands assistance
        24X7 monitoring for spikes or unusual activity
        Software preloaded
        Free IP addresses and many others
        Routine maintenance activities on the server
        OS patching
        Fault management
        Antivirus installation and updates

Companies offering dedicated hosting solutions in India often specialize in advanced data centers,
making sure that all the IT needs of the client are fulfilled. These requirements usually vary from firewall,
network penetration testing, co-location services, back up solutions and many more. Furthermore, there
are SLA’s with leading industry standards along with an expert team offering the customers a
competitive edge over others.

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