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									         43 Additional Ivey Cases Being Translated into Simplified Chinese
                           (to be published in Jan 2012)
 No.    Case No.                                            Case Name
  1     9B09M029   PRC & Peter Ross
  2     9B09M030   MAN B&W Diesel A/S - Managing Licensees in a Globalized World
  3     9B10M021   Mobile Language Learning: Praxis Makes Perfect in China
  4     9B11M009   Carlsberg in Emerging Markets
  5     9B07M013   Hong Kong Disneyland
  6     9B09E023   iSoftStone: The Globalization of a Chinese IT Sourcing and Services Power House
  7     9B08M004   Roaring Dragon Hotel
  8     9B08M052   Jadelink and the Luxury Goods Market in China
  9     9B10D005   Operations Strategy at Galanz
 10     9B10M055   Bank of America and the Chinese Credit Card Market
 11     9b11M012   From PPG to Vancl: Business Model Evolution of Online Apparel Retailing
 12     9B11M053   Internationalization of Koyo Jeans from Hong Kong
 13     9B10A001   ASIMCO Technologies: 2005
 14     9B10M041   GENICON: A Surgical Strike into Emerging Markets
 15     9B10M057   Geely's Acquisition of Volvo: Challenges and Opportunities
 16     9B09M077   Sanlu Group and the Tainted Milk Crisis
 17     9B11M006   Chinese Fireworks Industry - Revised
 18     9B11D012
 19     9B11M038   Hebei Dawu Group: Building the First Family Business Constitution in China
 20     9B11M054   Bestseller - Facing a New Competitive Landscape in China
 21     9B10M078   China's Banks 2011
 22     9B10M019   Canadian Solar
 23     9B09C021   Swine Flu Tour
 24     9B08D009   Wal-Mart China: Sustainable Operations Strategy
 25     9B09M009   NFC in Mongolia
 26     9B09M097   Speed Race: Benelli and QJ Compete in the International Motorbike Arena
 27     9B08M083   China's Economy 2008
 28     9B09C002   QiLing Research Hospital
 29     9B09N004   Cadim: China and India Real Estate Deals
 30     9B08N016   Melco Entertainment Limited
 31     9b11D009   MGT Group: Reconstructing the Supply Chain After a Cross-Border Factory Relocation
 32     9B09N003   Cadim: The China and India Real Estate Market Entry Decisions
 33     9B10M050   China's Economy 2010
 34     9B09E008   Long Wang Sha Tan Ku Company
 35     9B09M072   Bon Star Hotel
 36     9B09A002   Trouble Brews at Starbucks
 37     9B08M077   Sinyi Real Estate in Taiwan
 38     9B08M010   Mattel and the Toy Recalls(A)
 39     9B08M011   Mattel and the Toy Recalls(B)
 40     9B08M046   Research in Motion: Managing Explosive Growth
 41     9B08M048   Carrefour China, Building A Greener Store
 42     9B09A008   FIJI Water and Corporate Social Responsibility - Green Makerover Or "Greenwashing"?
 43     9B10M028   The Entrepreneurs at Twitter: Building a Brand, a Social Tool Or a Tech Powerhouse
Total         43

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