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									How To Do Chimney Repair
The chimney structure is made up of Flue (most important part), Cap, Crown, Flashing, Dampers,
Liners, and cleanout Door. Over the period of time, the chimney structure can become worn out and
damaged. Improperly maintained chimney structures pose serious problems as they are unsafe. It is
necessary to regularly check the chimney structure to ensure than it is functioning well and in good
condition to avoid fire hazards.
Chimney parts that need to be checked include crumbling mortar joints, broken bricks, missing crown,
leaning chimney and water damage around the chimney. Here is a look at the points that you need to
check for chimney repair:
•Look bricks on the outside of the chimney can be fixed by you. You need to get a type N mason
cement and sand and mix both in a 1 to 2 proportion to prepare a mortar that can be applied to
various chimney parts.
•On inspection, if the damage lies inside the chimney it is necessary to get the repair work done by a
professional. Complex chimney repair task need to be done with precision, so that the problem is
fixed and the chimney condition is maintained.
•If the mortar around the bricks is chipped off, make use of a hammer and chisel to remove such
chipped off parts and full the crevices around the brick with fresh mortar.
•Repairing a chimney crown requires the use of masonry cement and pea gravel, mixed with water.
The crown mix has to be prepared in a wheelbarrow and one cup of bonding agent must be put into
this mix and blended. This mix must be appropriately applied on the crown area.
If damage to the chimney is extensive, it is necessary to contact a mason contractor for the purpose
chimney repair as the repair work can be complicated requiring higher expertise for rectification.

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