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					Tips that will help save you money and give you peace of mind

Many of us struggle with financial worries at least occasionally. Is money and financial security often
concern for you? It simply does not have to be. If money is something that worries you, commit to taking
control of your financial future! There are steps that you can take to transform your relationship with money
and be on a stronger foot financially.

What would you do if the worst case scenario happened and you were unable to work for several months? Do you
have an emergency savings account? Many financial experts recommend that people have an emergency savings
account, a bank account that is only to be used in disaster situations. How much money should be in the
account? Experts recommend that you have at least three months' worth of expenses, and ideally six months.
Hopefully, you will never need to use this account, but many people have been ruined financially by massive,
unexpected expenses. Make sure you have a game plan in this event.

Do you pay for your checking account? Many banks charge a monthly or yearly fee for their checking account
services. Save yourself this unnecessary expense! There is simply no reason to pay for a checking account.
Numerous banks now offer these services for free, so start looking for one! You will likely be able to
find a bank close to where you live. You should never pay for checking or savings accounts or the ability
to your bills through your bank online.

Do you have a realistic idea of where your money is going? If not, keep a money journal. Record each and every
time that you spend money for several weeks. After a month or so, put all of your expenses into categories
like "food," "entertainment," "household expenses," etc. It will be hard to save money if you don't exactly
know where all your money is going. Often times, having all of your expenses laid out in front of you will
make it easier to know in what categories you can reduce your spending, and which categories cannot change.

Many Americans spend hundreds of dollars each year on credit card interest. Is this your situation? Resolve to
pay off your credit cards, and come up with a realistic plan for how this will happen. If you only make
minimum payments each month, you will likely spend far more money in interest paying them off. This is a huge
financial pit fall to avoid. Credit card debt is serious. Get out of

Financial peace of mind can take work and effort to achieve, but it is absolutely worth it in the long
Having concerns about money can take a huge toll on your mental health and can seriously impede your ability
to enjoy life. Resolve to take charge of your finances - you will feel proud of yourself and will feel
anxious and be able to enjoy life more. You deserve it!

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