A tour package for a day long visit to Dubai by dhowdinner


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									                           A tour package for a day long visit to Dubai

People visit Dubai for different reasons. Apart from the adventure sports and variety of
entertainment options on offer, this global travel destination is also involved in a lot of trading
activities. Entrepreneurs and businessmen usually stop by on their way to their other offices, to
check on their business or simply to visit the variety of conventions that take place out here.
Some come alone while others come in groups sent over by the companies themselves.

If its business that you are here for—which would be over in a couple of hours—why not take
some time off and enjoy the rest of the day, while you are still here? There are a number of tour
companies in Dubai to choose from, that can and will immediately make arrangements for you
and give you the time you need away from work, travel and the hectic schedule that goes with

We at the Dhow Dinner Cruises Company provide a half-day city tour of Dubai with a dhow
cruise included. It makes a great way to spend the rest of the day since you are in the mood to
do something different and get your mind off work. The tours usually include an orientation tour
of Dubai, which will commence with a photo opportunity at the Burj Al Arab hotel. Dubai’s
unofficial symbol, the landmark hotel is a hotel in a league of its own with its stupendous
sailboat-style architecture and luxurious fittings. Next up would be the Burj Khalifa, the world’s
tallest tower with an observation deck at 452 metres or 1483 feet. If you are afraid of heights, you
could also enjoy the mesmerising Dubai fountain below at ground level or explore the
humongous Burj Khalifa Park.
After enjoying a few adventurous hours in the city, it’s back to your hotel room for some rest and
relaxation and then out in the evening again for a silent and peaceful Dubai dhow dinner cruise
along the Dubai Creek. Dhow cruise packages are even more convenient to book online via
our website. Simply log on; select your package; book; and make the most of every single
minute of your stay here in Dubai.

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