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									      Science Sample Paper Of Cbse Board
Science Sample Paper Of Cbse Board
The Council of Boards of School Education (COBSE) had proposed for a common core curriculum for
Science and Maths at the plus two level and this proposal has been approved by the Union Ministry of
Human Resource. The first board examination with the newly launched syllabi will be conducted in the
year 2013. Thus, students in class XI in the academic year 2011-2012 will face their board exams with
this common core syllabus.

A common syllabus for Science subjects will ensure a level-playing field for all students as they prepare
for the various competitive entrance exams for admission into professional courses such as engineering
and medical entrance examinations.

Most of the school boards in India have agreed to launch the new syllabi for Science and Mathematics.
Some state boards such as Andhra Pradesh have decided to implement the core syllabus from the next
academic session in 2012.The boards that have agreed to introduce the new syllabi from this academic
session include the two national boards, namely CBSE and Council for Indian School Certificate
Examination (CISCE).

Talks are also underway for the core curriculum approach to be implemented for the Commerce stream
as well. The good news is that with the introduction of a common core curriculum for Maths & Science,
class XI students of ICSE/ISC

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During exam:

1. Proper planning is the key to success. Use the initial 15 minutes to scan the entire question
paper and keep on tick marking the questions that you find at your grip. First attempt these
questions then the rest.

2. In case you get stuck while solving any question, don’t panic. Leave appropriate space and
don’t even cross out some of the steps that you may have written. This will ensure that even if
you don’t find time to solve this question, the examiners will give some marks as step wise
marking system is followed in this exam.

3. Ensure that graph/figures/diagram/tables vis-a-vis the solution be neat and clean and on
the relevant page. It is always better to shade the area under the curve.

4. If you do not have any clue to solve some questions and some time is left out, try to show
your effort by writing at least the introductory steps and even sketch out
figures/diagrams/tables if relevant to the questions.

5. Do not forget to write the unit in the questions involving dimensions.

6. Always draw lines for rough work on the right hand side of every page. This would minimize
the chances of error in noting down the numeric value from rough calculations done on some
other page of the answer sheet.

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7. Manage your time in such a way that you can have time to check your solutions as it
reduces the chances of error.

Some general tips:

1. Extra sheets should be tied in proper order.

2. Enough space should be left in between solutions of two different questions.

3. In questions having two choices, solve only one part.

4. Try to avoid crossing in answer sheet (especially on first page).

5. Remember to carry the required stationery items like scale, protractor, pencil, eraser etc.
with you.

6. We advise you to take proper sleep, avoid junk or oily food and take break from at a stretch
study. It is better to take energy drink.                                                   Page : 3/4
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