What is the right credit card for you? by cashzilla


A look at the various different credit cards that suit people with different money personalities.

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									What is the right credit card for

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 First thing’s first, it’s important to stress that this
  guide to credit cards is written by an interested web
  user, not a financial expert, so please don’t make any
  financial decisions based on the content of it.

 With that out the way, we hope you enjoy it!
                A credit card for everyone…

 While there are obviously situations
  where it’s not advisable to make an
  application for a credit card (ie if
  you’re in a difficult financial
  situation), there are different credit
  cards that suit people in different

 Let’s have a look at them, shall we?

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                            For the student…

 Everyone knows that students have
  different spending habits and
  priorities than most people, mainly
  because they have to operate on such
  a strict budget.
 As such, many financial providers
  offer credit cards that are designed
  with students in mind. These can
  come with a range of benefits,
  including rewards functions (from
  discounts on shopping to freebies) as
  well as cash advance and balance
  transfer features.

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                         For the big spender…

                                        Whilst it’s important to hammer home the
                                         point of avoiding overspending, some
                                         people use credit cards more readily than
                                        If you’re in a position to, then fair enough!
                                         But you’ll want to make sure you’re using a
                                         card that gives you the best deal. One that
                                         offers a fairly long term 0% purchase
                                         period might be ideal, as would be one that
                                         gives rewards for using your card more
                                         (although always remember to live within
                                         your means).
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                           For the saver…

                                   If you don’t like overspending at
                                    the best of times, then goodness
                                    knows you won’t want to when it
                                    comes to credit card charges. As
                                    such, a simple, no frills single rate
                                    card is probably ideal.
                                   Not only will this present you
                                    with a minimum fuss credit card
                                    option, it’ll allow you to slowly
                                    and surely build up your credit
                                    profile – something that’ll prove
                                    extremely helpful as you go on.
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        For those with an existing card…

 Already got a credit card,
  but not happy with what
  you’re paying? Then how
  about looking at balance
  transfer credit cards?
  Many of these offer users
  the chance to transfer
  their funds at a very low
  interest rate, sometimes
  with no interest rate at
                A bit of everything?

 There’s a specific credit card out there to suit
 everyone, it’s just a case of figuring out exactly which
 one is for you. Even if you feel like you don’t fit any
 of the money personalities mentioned beforehand,
 do your research and see where it takes you. Taking
 out a credit card is an important step for anyone, and
 as such, you have to be certain that the card you take
 out is the right one for you.

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