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									Workout Tips For Seniors

Exercise is important for everyone of every age, especially seniors. As people age, sometimes they lose their
motivation and their energy, but with exercise, they can get some or all of that back. If you are not
sure to start, or maybe you already exercise, but aren't sure about which way to go, read the following
article and you will find some great tips on incorporating exercise into your life.

One of the best ways to stay motivated to exercise is to make it fun. Exercise does not need to be torture.
Find something you enjoy doing and that will help you stay motivated to continue on. If you love being
outside, go for walks with your dog, a grandchild, a spouse or a friend. Walking is a great way to get
intostay in shape.

As we age, so do our bodies. It is best for seniors to do low-impact exercises that do not put a lot of
stress joints, such as ankles and knees. Walking is a great low impact exercise, where running is not
on aging

Another great way to ensure you continue exercising is to exercise with your friends or family. Being with
friend whose company you enjoy is a lot of fun, so why not exercise with this friend? Also, when you have
friend to exercise with, you are less likely to make excuses as to why you can't exercise. You can encourage,
motivate and support each other. Chances are, if you know your friend is waiting to go for a walk with you,
you aren't going to stand her up.

As we age, we lose both our flexibility and strength. Those two areas are especially important to work on for
seniors. You can work out in your home with light dumbbells or at the gym. You might even be able to find
local exercise classes that are geared towards seniors.

Dancing is not only fun because you are with people you enjoy and you are out having fun, but it is great
exercise, too. Whenever you get the chance, take your friends or your spouse and go out dancing.

Swimming or water aerobics are great exercises for seniors. You can get a great workout in the water, without
the impact on your knees and other joints, that some exercises cause. If you enjoy the water, you may enjoy
swimming for exercise. If you want something more structured, there are water aerobic classes that are a lot
of fun and will get your heart pumping.

Look for exercise classes in your area that are geared towards seniors. Many gyms have classes like this, or
you might check with your local community or senior center.
Having a healthy body is so good for so many different aspects of your life. By choosing to exercise and stay
in shape, you are choosing to feel good and do the best thing for your body and mind that you can possibly do.
Use the tips in this article and find out how good exercise can make you feel.

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