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getting_your_site_to_rank_higher_in_search_results by Rundari



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									Getting Your Site To Rank Higher In Search Results

You can adapt your SEO strategy to get your site to rank high in search results within weeks instead of
adopting a slow approach. Find out more about this efficient strategy in this article.

When you get a new domain name, you have to keep in mind that search engines have absolutely no information
about this domain name yet. This is why you need to have everything ready before you launch your site. You
should have all your important content ready, your site should be well-organized and filled with strong
keywords and you should already have a good idea of how you can get your first back-links. Your goal is to
make an excellent impression on the first search engine spiders visiting your site.

Legacy content refers to outdated pages that are still central to your SEO campaign because there are a lot
back-links bringing visitors to these pages. Do not get rid of these pages; you would be giving up the
hard-earned trust search engines place in your site. Instead, you should use a 301 URL redirecting system to
transform these old back-links into links to your newer content. You can also change the content presented on
these legacy pages or add links to your more recent pages or to the pages where you sell your products. Keep
track of how many visitors you get and where they came from to find out where your best back-links are
located. Perhaps you could get in touch with the webmasters or bloggers who posted these links and have them
update the URLs.

A good content management system can be a very useful tool to update and improve your site, but make sure you
choose an SEO-friendly system. You should try ModX, Joomla or WordPress. These systems are easy to install and
allow you to create an entire site from scratch. You can easily personalize your site and create a unique
design, as well as modify elements that are important to your SEO campaign, such as your meta tags. Most of
these systems offer suggestions for a good SEO campaign; make good use of these resources.

If your pages contain a lot of information, think about layering the content. It will make it easier
search engine spiders to analyze it and determine how relevant it is. Establish a very simple template for
your pages and optimize it with strong keywords. This template could contain your meta tags, main titles and
menu to your most important pages for instance. You can then layer this template by adding new content
regularly; this new content can be more dynamic and contain links to external sites relevant to your topic
or other updates. Use keywords that are more descriptive of the specific topic you are writing about.

Apply these tips and make sure you have a complete strategy planned before you jump into this aggressive phase
of your SEO campaign. You will get results within a week if you planned everything right!

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