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									Get More Visits With SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is a strategy you can employ to get your website ranked high with the major
search engines. By getting your site ranked well, you will get more visits, which will bring about more
business for your site. If you want to optimize your site, follow the tips in this article to make sure
yourefforts pay off.

One of the most important things you should do is make sure your content is relevant. When the spiders are
searching your site, they will look at your content. If the content is not relevant to your site, you
will not high. Do not put random content on your site thinking it will attract visitors, it will actually
be ranked
quite the opposite.

Another way to get your site ranked well is to find quality sites that will link back to yours. If you
can get
sites that already have a good reputation to add your link to their site, this will look good to the
search spiders. You can also contact websites that are similar to yours and exchange links. This works well,

Do some research on keywords and keyphrases. You do not want to choose a very popular keyword that everyone
else is choosing or your site will be lost among many other sites. You should choose keywords that some sites
use, but not words that too many sites are using. The more unique and original that you can be the better.

Your keywords and keyphrases need to be on your site, but it is just as important not to overuse the keywords.
By adding your keywords too heavily on your site the search engines will mark your site as spam and not rank
it at all.

SEO efforts should be ongoing. You can work on it a little each day. Monitor your site regularly to see where
changes need to be made and what is working for you. When you make a change and you see improvement, obviously
this is something that is working for your site. If you make a change and there is no improvement, make some
positive changes.

Sites do better with images so you should add a few images to your site. The images you put on your site
should have tags on them. When you put tags on your pictures, you need to use your keywords or keyphrases.
Remember, though, that you do not want to use your keywords too much.

Add a site map to your site. Search engine spiders like site maps and by having a relevant one, your site will
rank higher.
The content on your site should stay current. Change it up on a regular basis so the search engine spiders
will find new, more current content whenever they crawl your site.

Properly optimizing your website can either make or break you. The tips here can help your page get ranked
well with the major search engine. Put them into practice and your site will see many benefits.

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