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Roof Gardens_ History, Construction And Designs - T Osmundson_


oasis within themetropolitan areas and assist in enhancing the quality of air by reduction of polluting

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									Roof Gardens: History, Construction And Designs - T Osmundson
Roof Gardens generally Roof gardening is very challenging, however the idea isn't new.Certainly
one ofthe favourite roof gardens is Full Semiramis' Gardens, The hanginggardens of Babylon, that
was built around 600 B.C and was destroyed byseveral earthquakes after second century B.C..
,These for instance, wereterraced gardens arranged in set pyramids over elaborate rooms. You will
find many reasons for roof gardening. The foremost andforemost reason is the fact that roof
gardening increases use of privateoutside eco-friendly space,roof gardens behave as environmental
oasis within themetropolitan areas and assist in enhancing the quality of air by reduction of polluting
of the environmentand mud. They appear Very attractive &amplifier decorative It produces a really
attractive private space for relaxation Mr. Osmundson the writer of "Roof Gardens - History,
Design andConstruction" is really a veteran landscape architect , and within this bookhe shares his
practical expertise of roof garden design, research andtravel. It is highly highlighted with attractive
photographs ,some plans for roof gardens and score of particulars concerning theconstruction ,about
some prominent roof gardens in a variety of metropolitan areasaround the world with highlighted
pictures.. It's a lovely guide for garden fanatics.Perfectly detailed with some very practical
suggestions.. Some subjects included in him:- You will find some things that should be investigated
while planning for a roof garden:- 1,Ensuring the rooftop which your garden will be laid, issufficiently
strong to hold the load from the garden.Wet soil can weigh morethan 80 pounds per sq. Ft. Your
homes roof must have the ability to supportthis weight. Peat moss moss may also be used to make
sure that you will seesufficient base needs to Make certain the roof is waterproof.2,The
rooftop or even the terrace ought to be sloped and also have a highly effective drainage system.
3,One needs to make make certain that there's no leakage water while planning a roof garden.
Selection of Plants It's important to find the plants with shallow root system whichwon't penetrate the
rooftop floor in long term.Simultaneously, it'salso better to grow such plants that flower at various
periods ofyear and therefore are effortlessly be maintained at roof top. Some suggested plants that
enjoy Roof Garden Foliage plants:- Asparagus, coleus, croton, diffenbachia, dracena, paperomias,
philodendron rubber plant, etc. Flowering plants: Periodic flowers like Anthurhium, Asters,
Balsam,Calendula, Celosia, Cosmos, Daisy, Dianthus, Gaillardia, MarigoldNasturtium, Pansies,
Phlox, Verbena, Zeinia, etc., and perennialflowers like Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Dahlia, Rose,
Tuberose, etc. Fruits:- Gooseberry, strawberry, peach, pear, pineapple pomegranate, etc Cactii and
plants:- Agave, Aloe, Kalanchoe, Opuntia, Cehpalocereus, Notocactus ,Nyctocereus, etc. Veggies
like Bringal, broccoli, chillies, lettuce, tomoto, etc Soil mix Generally a soil layer of 10-20 centimetres
thickness is enough for plantingvarious foliage and flowering plants. A great soil mixture for
roofgardening must contain soil, sand and well rotten FYM by 50 percent:1:1 ratiofor flowering plants
however for foliage plants, a combination that contains equala part of soil and organic manure is the
greatest. PlantingBefore planting, the container ought to be completely cleaned andsanitized with 5%
formalin solution. A little bit of curved pebbleought to be placed within the drainage hole to avoid its
obstructing. Forproper growth and drainage, the coarse sand ought to be placed in thebottom that a
combination of soil and organic manure might be put intofill the container departing 2.-3. Centimetres
pot brim for irrigation.Planting will be made by creating a hole within the center to ensure that
anyinjuries to youthful plant or its roots might be prevented. While planting, thesoil round the plant is
pressed to carry it firmly within the growingmedium. An easy watering is needed soon after planting
andought to be done with the aid of rose stick. Next the vegetation isstored within the shade for
around a week prior to being placed at theiractual location on the top. Repotting The pot ought to be
checked once each year throughout monsoon season(June-This summer) and repotting is needed
when the roots from the plant arefound to bound the whole pot. Repotting can also be needed if there
are anyplant looks too big because of its pot or even the water passes with the pottoo rapidly.
Repotting is performed in both bigger pot or perhaps in exactly the same potwith fresh soil and
manure after light root pruning.. The writer also provides a detailed description plus some helpful
strategies for the constant maintenance from the roof garden.. This book covers just about all facets
of roof gardening and is easilyrecomended to any or all garden enthusiasts go ahead and...a really
helpful additionto ones library i'd say. Product DetailsAuthor : Theodore H. Osmundson Hardcover:
318 pages Writer: W. W. Norton &amplifier Company first edition (November 1997) Language: British

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