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					Have Some Fun, Lose Some Weight!

Taking up a new physical hobby is a great way to enhance your weight loss efforts. You will quickly see the
results if you begin participating in something you love, and you will boost your mood and self esteem in
process. Here are some great ideas for activities that you can start enjoying today.

Lose weight the cowboy way. Riding a horse is a great way to lose a few pounds, enjoy the outdoors and make
friends with the animals. If you are new to riding, take a few lessons before you hit the trails. You
will just over 400 calories and hour while you are having fun on the trails, so gallop away!

Take up some boxing or go for a spin. Kickboxing and spinning classes are hot trends in fitness, and classes
that teach them are available at gyms across the country. If you are not the type to head to a class, you
can enjoy these activities at home, in front of a video. Each of these styles of exercise will burn just
overcalories an hour, making them fun activities that are worth trying.

Enjoy the latest dance craze - Zumba! Zumba is a fusion of Latin dance, kickboxing and general fitness. When
you are in a Zumba class, you feel like you are at a big dance party. These classes are increasing in
popularity and available at gyms and recreational centers all over the world. You do not need any special
equipment to join in on a class, so get out there and dance those pounds away!

Lose some pounds with a backpack and a walking stick. Hiking is a great way to see the beauty that nature has
to offer while burning off a few pounds. Hiking trails can be found for all fitness levels, making this
activity that is as easily suited for a beginner as it is for a professional. There are many different
hiking to be found across the world, so do not make the fact that you do not want to go it alone an excuse for
not getting out there to hike.

Backstroke? Doggy paddle? What is your style? Swimming is a great fitness activity and it is perfect for the
beginner fitness enthusiast. Swimming is easy on the joints, but still cardiovascular in nature, making
it a
perfect combination for individuals of all ages. You can swim in a local pool, a lake or even the ocean,
finding a spot to enjoy your new activity in will never be difficult.

If you want to lose weight, the best way to do it is to have a little fun in the process. Finding an
activity love to do will encourage you to stay on track with your fitness goals, and you will soon feel
that you
as if
the pounds are melting away. Use this guide as a starting point for finding the perfect activity and have
somewhile you burn those calories away!

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