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									                              ‫بسم اهلل الرحمن الرحيم‬

        Human Resource Management and Development (MBAG 6307)
                           Course Outline

                             Second Semester / 2011

Course Title:
Human Resource Management and Development.

Course Description:
This course studies concepts, functions and development of HRD.

Main Reference:
Human Resource Management =Gary Dessler=

Course Plan:
   Part One – Introduction: Discussing the strategic role of HRM in modern
   Part Two – Recruitment and Placement: Studying and analyzing different
      functions affecting proper selection of employees.
   Part Three – Training and Development: Studying and analyzing different
      functions measuring and developing employees capabilities.
   Part Four – Compensation: Studying and analyzing the process of establishing
      pay roles, payment of financial incentives, and benefits.
   Part Five – Employee Relations: Studying and analyzing different measures an
      institution may take to insure employees safety and health.

Detailed Topics:
    Ch 1 - Introduction to HRM&D.
    Ch 2 – Equal opportunity and the law.
    Ch 3 – Strategic human resource management and the HR concerned.
    Ch 4 - Job analysis.
    Ch 5 – Personnel planning and recruiting.
    Ch 6 – Employee testing and selection
    Ch 7 – Interviewing candidates
    Ch 8 – Training and developing employees.
    Ch 9 – Performance management and appraisal.
    Ch 10 – Managing careers.
    Ch 11 – Establishing strategic pay plans.
    Ch 12 – Pay for performance and financial incentives.
    Ch 13 - Benefits and services.
    Ch 14 – Ethics, justice, and fair treatment in HR management.
    Ch 15 - Labor relations and collective bargaining.
    Ch 16 - Employee safety and health.
    Ch 17 – Managing global human resource.

Total Number of Lectures:
16 lectures (any not given lecture for what ever reason should be rescheduled the
week next).

Study Plan:
    Each student is requested to participate in preparing and delivering one
      presentation of a case study.
    During the course four case studies or assignments are going to be delivered,
      which each student has to analyze and deliver a report about it.

Marks Distribution:
Total number of marks is 100 distributed as the following:
    Final exam 50 marks.
    During semester activities 50 marks distributed as the following:
         Preparation and delivery of case study 8 marks.
         Case Studies or assignments 32 marks.
         Seminars, group discussion, attendance, and level of participation 10

   Dr. Sami Ali Abou-Al-Ross                


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