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    February 17, 2012

            Building On Our Faith

             Epworth by the Sea
            St. Simons Island, GA


 9:00 PM        Registration Begins at Epworth
 10:00 PM       Meeting Called to Order
 12:30 PM       Lunch
  1:30 PM       Reconvene
  4:00 PM       Meeting Adjourned

                              Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.1
                       Friday, February 17, 2012

We are called by God to this Time and Place. We gather in Worship to
praise God for all we are and are to be. We seek to honor God in the work
we do this day, for all moments are holy as we seek God’s will for God’s
Church. We welcome all to this gathering and seek to fellowship together as
we celebrate the gift of all life and of our individual lives by God’s grace.
May you find today that you have been blessed through the ordinary as well
as in the extraordinary, for we are standing, in all our days, on Holy
9:00 AM     Registration (please turn off all cell phones)

10:00 AM    Call to Order – Reverend Andy Meeker, Moderator
            Election of the 2012 Moderator, Ruling Elder Paul Scott
            Opening Prayer, Song, and Litany
            Welcome and Introductions
                  Determination of Quorum…………………………………………………
                  Appointment of Standing Committees…………………………………….
                  Introduction and Welcoming of first time Elder Attendees & Visitors…...
            Organization of the Docket & Meeting
                  Approval of Minutes: October 25, 2011(as submitted online)……………
                  Presentation of the Docket, Handbook……………………………………
                  Docketing of New Business………………………………………………
                  Adoption of the Docket……………………………………………………
            Report of the Stated Clerk…….……………………......................... 9, Addendum
            Report of General Presbyter……...……………………………………..Addendum
            Report of Treasurer……………………………………………………………11-15
10:30 AM    Order of the Day: Presentation and Adoption of the 2012 Savannah Presbytery
11:00 AM    Order of the Day: Break Out Discussion – Local Congregation Vitality
            Led by the Evangelism and Transformation Team
12:30 PM    Blessing for our Lunch and continued conversation at table together.
1:30 PM     Reconvene with Song and Prayer
            Committee Reports
            With Recommendations
            Presbytery Council ………………………………………………………….16-18
             Church & Polity Team –
                Committee on Ministry …………………………………………………..19-24
1:45 PM     Order of the Day: Welcome and conversation with The Rev. Stewart Fletcher
            Education and Training Team………… …………………………………….25-26
            Mission Ministry Team……………………………………………………….26
            Evangelism and Transformation Team…………………………………….....26-27
            Committee on Nominations…………………………………………………..28-30
            MK Pentecost Committee…………………………………………………….30-31
2:30 PM     Order of the Day: Resolution from Altama PC – Kerry Klumpe, Chair of the
            Without Recommendation

                                                Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.2
            Savannah Presbytery Task Force………………………………………………..34
            Committee on Preparation for Ministry…………………………………………34
            Presbyterian Women……………………………………………………………34
            Prayer and Song…………………………………………………………………
3:00 PM     Order of the Day: Report of the Administrative Commission at Hinesville
             Korean PC………………………………………………………………………
            Special Reports
            Swainsboro Hispanic Ministry……………………………………..…No Report
            Swainsboro Apartments………………………………………………Eric Beene
            Two Minute promotions…………………………………………………………
            Committee on Resolution & Thanks ……………………………………………34
             Benediction & Adjournment …………………………………………………...35

          The next Presbytery Meeting will be on Tuesday, May 22, 2012
               at Allenhurst Presbyterian Church, Allenhurst, GA

                                            Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.3
                       Winter Stated Meeting
     February 17, 2012 at Epworth Center, St. Simons Island, GA


                      ELECTION OF MODERATOR
Elder Paul Scott was unanimously elected as Moderator of Savannah Presbytery for the
     term ending at the Stated Meeting in February, 2013. The Moderator gave a
presentation and presented a cross to outgoing Moderator Reverend Andy Meeker with
                    thanks for his service to Savannah Presbytery.

                   DETERMINATION OF A QUORUM
The Stated Clerk declared a quorum of 29 Voting Minister Members, 30 Voting Elder
Commissioners, 2 Voting Commissioned Ruling Elders, 2 Other Voting members, and
           20 Other Attendees and Visitors, for a total of 83 in attendance.

                          No new business was docketed.

                      ADOPTION OF THE DOCKET
                       The docket was adopted as presented.

                    The minutes were approved as posted online.

The Moderator appointed Rev. Kevin Hicks from Vidalia PC to serve as the Committee
                             on Resolution & Thanks.

                                           Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.4
                                Savannah Presbytery Commissioners
  Church                          Active Minister Commissioners Serving Churches                                    Elder Commissioner(s)
Allenhurst                      Ben Beasley                                                                         Charles Rogers
Altama                          Bert Cramer                                                                         John Kiley
Blackshear                      *Ainars Berzinch, Stated Supply                                                     Mary Lott Walker
Brunswick Second                **Benjamin Holmes, CRE - Unexcused
Butler Memorial                 Don Dilley, Interim Pastor                                                          Maxine Jackson
Christ                          Kenneth McKenzie, Stated Supply - Excused                                           Henry Barthe
English Eddy                    **Dean Wohlgemuth, CRE - Excused
Faith                           Mary Beene, Stated Supply                                                           Julia Pratt
First, Brunswick                Dawn Mayes - Excused                                                                Joe McGoogan
First, Darien                   **Danny Grace, CRE                                                                  Kay Burch
First, Douglas                  Ed Ayers, Stated Supply                                                             Ben Wilson
First, Eastman                  *Anne Gibbons, CRE                                                                  John Ricks
First, Hinesville               Kathi Parchem, Interim Pastor                                                       David Sapp
First, Midway                   VACANT                                                                              Curtes Roberts
First, Saint Marys              Rick Douylliez - Unexcused
First, Savannah (2)             Stephen Williams                                                                    Jim Baker
                                William Shelburne, Associate Pastor                                                 Bryan Stovall
First, Statesboro               Dan Lewis                                                                           Jean Burnett
First, Waycross                 Trip McKinnon - Excused                                                             Shelly Wood
Flemington                      Greg Loskoski                                                                       Hazel Stafford
Frederica                       Andy Chambers - Excused                                                             Melissa Williams
Grant Chapel                    *Jimmie Sanders, Supply – Not Present
Henry Memorial                  W. Mark George                                                                      Norman Buckhouse
Hinesville Korean               Choongyun Yu                                                                        Yoon Pyon
Jekyll                          Grady Allison, Stated Supply                                                        Alyce Boorman
Jesup                           Bill Platt                                                                          Bud Frankenthaler
Lyons                           *Bobby Dixon, Supply - Absent
McGregor                        *David Blalock, Supply - Absent
McRae                           *Norwood Davidson, Supply - Unexcused
Metter                          **Joe Anderson, CRE - Unexcused
Montgomery                      Craig Pope                                                                          Jason Paquin
Mount Vernon                    VACANT
Peabody Heights                 David Muntford
Riceboro                        *Janet Longnecker, Stated Supply - Unexcused
Richmond Hill                   Greg Gillispie                                                                      Tami Garrett
Saint Simons (2)                Bob Brearley                                                                        Alex Sifford
                                Troy Hauser Brydon, Associate Pastor                                                Gwen McKee
                                Jann Briscoe, Parish Associate
Savannah Korean                 Yoon Nam                                                                            Cynthia Woo
                                Stuart Fletcher, Parish Associate
Skidaway Island (2)             John Wall - Excused                                                                 Paul Walter
                                Claire Williams, Parish Associate - Excused
Swainsboro                      VACANT                                                                              n/a
Vidalia                         Kevin Hicks
Walthourville                   VACANT                                                                              n/a
Washington Street               Ricky Porter                                                                        Gloria Brower
White Bluff                     Eric Beene                                                                          Chris Thomas
Wilmington Island               Andy Meeker
                *     indicates a non-voting minister as Interim or Supply who is not a member of Savannah Presbytery
                ** indicates a Commissioned Lay Pastor whose vote counts as an Elder Commissioner, not as a Minister Commissioner

                                                                              Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.5
VOTING MINISTER MEMBERS                                                             OTHER VOTING MEMBERS
* Required to Attend Presbytery Meetings                                            *Officers of the Presbytery
                                                                                      Russell Gladding, Acting General Presbyter/Stated
Active Minister Members                                                               Clerk/Treasurer

*Members serving Validated Ministries beyond the jurisdiction of                    Presbytery Council
the church (G-2.0503)                                                                 * Paul Scott, Moderator of Council………Present
                                                                                      * Kathi Parchem, Moderator-Elect….……Present
 Alan Baroody, Exec. Director, Fraser Center….…..Excused                              * Kevin Hicks……………………………Present
 Rachel Butler , Chaplain, Memorial Hospital……...Present                                Karl Branch………………………..Not Present
 Ozeas Silva, Swainsboro Hispanic Ministry………Unexcused
 *Ken McKenzie, Egret’s Roost Respite Center………Excused                               PRESBYTERY STAFF PERSONNEL
 George Brink - Excused                                                               Liz Richardson ................................. Business Administrator
 Harry Horne - Excused

Honorably Retired                                                                   VISITORS
  Bob Allman……………………………………..Not Present
  Art Bishop…………………………………………..Present                                               TOTALS
  Fred Boozer……………………………………..Not Present                                              Voting Minister Members ........................................... 29
  John Bressler …………………………………...Not Present                                           Voting Elder Commissioners………………………...30
  Gil Clary………………………………………...Not Present                                              Voting Commissioned Lay Pastors……………………2
  Tom Dunlap……………………………………..Not Present                                               Other Voting Members………………………………...2
  Don Fehr………………………………………...Not Present                                               Other Attendees & Visitors………………………..…20
  Dean Jeanblanc………………………………….Not Present                                             Total………………………………………………….83
  Larry Kennon…………………………………....Not Present
  John Law……………………………………………Present
  Diane Lovin……………………………………..Not Present
  Wayne McDaniel………………………………..Not Present
  Thomas Mueller…………………………………Not Present
   Cecil R. Taylor………………………………….Not Present
  Dan Thomas……………………………………..Not Present
  Jessie Truvillion………………………………....Not Present
  Carl Schlich……………………………………...Not Present

*Members At Large (G-2.0503B)
  Nelle Bordeaux……………………………………Excused
  Fairy Caroland ........................................................ Excused
  Susan Lewis……………………………………….Present
  Deanie Strength……………………………………Excused
  Kent Pettit………………………………………Unexcused
  Claire Williams……………………………………Excused

* Listed also as a pastor of church

                                                                                    Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.6
                     REPORT OF THE STATED CLERK
                       Ruling Elder Russell Gladding

 1. That Savannnah Presbytery approve the request of Savannah Korean
 Presbyterian Church to be dismissed to the Atlantic Korean American
 Presbytery, a non-geographic Korean Presbytery subject to confirmation of the Synod of
 the South Atlantic, and the 220th General Assembly.

 The Recommendation was approved.

  2. That Savannah Presbytery approve the request of the Lyons Presbyterian
  Church to waive the requirements of the Book of Order and allow ruling elder
  Carl R. Sharpe to serve another term on the Lyons PC Session.

 The Recommendation was approved.

  3. That the Standing Rules of Savannah Presbytery be set aside for the Report
  of the Administrative Commission at Hinesville Korean Presbyterian Church
  and that the following rules be in place for any discussion.

  a. Discussion be limited to no more than one hour.
  b. That the AC be given twenty (20) minutes to present its recommendation and
  c. That the discussion for and against the recommendation be limited to forty
   minutes, with no one person speaking more than three(3) minutes at a time and no one
   speaking twice until all who wish to speak have been given opportunity to speak. That
   the pro and con speakers will rotate alternately as guided by the Moderator.

 The Recommendation was approved.

  4. That the privilege of voice on the floor, with no vote, be given to the members of
   Hinesville Korean Presbyterian Church.

 The Recommendation was approved.

  5. That the priviledge of voice on the floor be given to Rev. Bob Morgan and Ruling
  Elder Jean Vernon.

 The Recommendation was approved.

                                               Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.7
Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.8

                                      Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.9
                           Ruling Elder Russell Gladding

It has been my privilege to serve you as the Acting General Presbyter of Savannah
Presbytery since March 15, 2011. I have continued my duties as Stated Clerk and
Treasurer during this time. Today you will decide whether to continue this particular
journey together as God leads us and transforms us as a people, as members,
commissioners and churches of Savannah Presbytery. I have over the past months elected
to use the word transformation instead of transitional. Perhaps, this is a difference without
distinction for certainly we are on a journey, a passage, to determine our future as
Savannah Presbytery. The Presbytery Council has changed my title from Acting to
Transitional General Presbyter as I seek to lead in this next year, should that be your

No matter what the title, I hope that we will seek to be transformed by God’s Holy Spirit,
for that, I believe, is the answer to the end of our sometimes seemingly endless transitions.
As a people who follow a resurrected and alive Jesus, we cannot wander in the dessert
doing our thing. 2 Corinthians 5:17-19 reminds us; “If anyone is in Christ, there is a new
creation: everything old has passed away; see everything has become new! All this is from
God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ, and has given us the ministry of
reconciliation; that is, in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting
their trespasses against them, and entrusting the message of reconciliation to us.” My
friends it is God who transforms us and indeed gives us our marching orders. As humans it
is all too easy to try to do it on our own. I hope that this year of 2012 will be a time where
we renew the intentionality of discerning what God is making new in us, as we actively
seek to be disciples of the Christ within Savannah Presbytery.

Today, in this meeting, we have opportunities to consider God’s will. Some of the
opportunities may seem routine like voting on a budget. Perhaps we should consider what
God’s priorities are in the life of Savannah Presbytery. Are there things we should let go
of? What new things might God be laying before us? Are our tithes and gifts sufficient for
God’s calling to the churches of Savannah Presbytery? Are we being good stewards of our

Other opportunities throughout the day will challenge us to look at new ways of being vital
as a church in our local settings. The Evangelism and Transformation Team will lead us as
we consider ways God may be at work and is asking us to follow. Maybe that is in the
form of larger worshipping communities seeing smaller churches as part of their mission
field and of providing human and/or financial resources to them. Perhaps that new thing
God is doing is calling a good church to become a better church; seeking ways to move
from what is good and comfortable to a place that may not be as clear and might call us to
risk for Christ’s sake.

                                                Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.10
There are yet other items we will consider today. Some are joyful and some are sad and
difficult. God leads us as we “Sing O Church In Joy” and as we grieve at an end of what
was so promising.

                            REPORT OF TREASURER

                          Ruling Elder Russell Gladding

                                2011 Year End Report

2011 was a year of ups and downs with separations of staff that required severance pay,
reduction in staff, and some angst as to whether the presbytery could make it financially.
The economy and other factors caused our pledges to be much lower, and although we tried
to be good stewards and reduce our expenses, many things were locked in. We reluctantly
passed a deficit budget of <$77,612.>.

I am pleased to report that staff and Ministry Teams doing everything we could to hold the
line on expenses, coupled with faithful giving from our churches and increased revenue
from our presbytery programs, allowed us to see a positive $20,324 at year end.
The negative of that is some of our mission commitments were not realized, and our
connectional commitment to the Synod and the General assembly were not able to be paid.
We did, however, pay off our per capita commitments to the larger church for 2010.

Today we will vote on the 2012 budget. We have some challenges to face in that we are
not the Savannah Presbytery of recent years. There are some discussions, I believe, that
even though painful to all of us who love the tradition of this presbytery, need to be
commenced. Our current level of pledges is less than last year and so even with a very
reduced expense side, we still have decisions to make.

My prayer, and I hope that yours will be, is to ask for God’s guidance as we seek to be
faithful stewards, but even more faithful disciples of Jesus.

                                               Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.11
Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.12
Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.13
Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.14

                                      Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.15
                               Presbytery Council – Budget
                              Reverend Andy Meeker, Chair
   Presentation and Adoption of the 2012 Savannah Presbytery Budget

Simplified 2012 Presbytery Budget
Meeting of Savannah Presbytery
                              2010                    2011                2012
Church Support                  $    342,941     $       293,630     $      273,126
Grants                          $     12,660     $        11,949     $       12,000
Investments                     $     26,319     $        17,724     $       26,400
Other                           $     43,000     $        41,988     $       40,000
              TOTAL INCOME      $    424,860     $       365,291     $      351,526

Education                       $     47,973     $        27,034     $       21,850
Church & Polity                 $      2,240     $           5,888   $       14,500
Evangelism                      $     41,305     $        31,196     $       30,000
Mission                         $     21,834     $           9,877   $       14,700
                      Total     $    113,352     $        73,995     $       81,050

GP/Clerk/Treasurer              $    151,639     $       136,521     $       77,000
Support Staff                   $     96,637     $        57,721     $       65,000
Program Staff                   $     51,961     $           8,144   $           -
Taxes                           $     10,340     $         8,779     $       10,000
                      Total     $    310,577     $       211,165     $      152,000

Operating Costs                 $     67,933     $        59,156     $       64,000

Per Capita/Unified Giving       $     86,672     $           5,000   $       55,000
            TOTAL EXPENSES      $    578,534     $       349,316     $      352,050

                                               Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.16
2012 Presbytery Budget Rational


•        The largest portion of the presbytery’s income comes directly from the unified
         pledges from the churches of Savannah Presbytery.
•        Grant Support comes from the Synod of South Atlantic which supports New
         Church Development/church transformation.
•        Historically, Investment Income has come mostly from the interest portion of the
         loan payments on a mortgage we held on the Hilton Head property that was sold to
         Providence Presbyterian Church. In 2012, after the mortgage loan was paid in full,
         the Finance & Stewardship subcommittee of Council has recommended that a 4%
         draw on the money received (and invested in New Covenant Mutual Funds offered
         by the Presbyterian Foundation) from the Hilton Head property sale be used to
         support the Presbytery’s general budget.
•        In 2012, the “Other” category of income includes the use of $40,000 from the
         invested money from the sale of the Hilton Head property for the Hispanic ministry
         in Swainsboro. Currently, the Presbytery has self-designated these funds to be used
         for new church development and church transformation projects in the Presbytery.

•        The Education & Training Team expenses include support for Leadership
         Development Conference, Summer Camps and some youth events. The 2012
         number does not include support for School of the Laity which is taking a “Year of
•        The Church and Polity Team expenses include support for the Committee on
         Ministry and the Committee on Preparation for Ministry as well as some training
         and emergency funds.
•        Most of the Evangelism & Transformation Team and Mission Team budget goes to
         supporting the Hispanic ministry in Swainsboro and other projects.
•        Staff – We currently have two full-time and one part-time staff members at the
         Presbytery office. Russell Gladding is doing the work of our General Presbyter,
         Treasurer and Stated Clerk as one full-time position; Liz Richardson, our Business
         Administrator, is the other full-time position; Beth Sutton has recently come on
         board as a part-time (12 hours/week) support person in the office. The Tax line in
         the budget covers employer-paid payroll taxes.
•        Operating Costs covers the day-to-day costs of running the Presbytery office:
         utilities, phones, computers, copiers, supplies, maintenance, insurance, postage,
         cleaning, etc.
•        Per Capita is the required support for Synod and General Assembly services based
         on the number of members in each of our churches. It is one indication of the
         connectional nature of our Presbyterian faith.

A more detailed version of the 2012 budget is available. Please speak with Russell
Gladding if you would like a copy.

                                                Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.17
The 2012 Budget was approved.


1. That Savannah Presbytery elect Russell Gladding to continue to serve as the
Transitional General Presbyter/Stated Clerk/Treasurer until March 1. 2013.

The Recommendation was approved.


Russell Gladding’s breakdown of the $77,000 package under the proposed budget is:
Salary -                                   $52,000
Benefits -                                   16,757
Auto/ Gas Allowance –                         7,200
Miscellaneous Travel/Continuing Education – 1,043

Total Compensation Package -=                $77,000


                              ORDER OF THE DAY:
      Break Out Discussion – Local Congregation Vitality Led by the
                 Evangelism and Transformation Team
                         (See team report, pages 26 & 27)

                            PRESBYTERY COUNCIL
                          Reverend Andy Meeker, Chair

   1. That the Reverend Kathi Parchem be elected Moderator Elect of Savannah
      Presbytery for the three year rotational term 2012 – 2014.

       The Recommendation was approved.

   2. That Ruling Elder Elsie Sederholm be elected Moderator Emerita of the M.K.
      Pentecost Committee and serve as Ex officio to it.

                                              Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.18
       The Recommendation was approved.

   3. A motion was made seconded and passed without objection that the Presbytery
      Council recommend to the Savannah Presbytery that with introduction of the 2011-
      2013 Book of Order, the following resolution be adopted. That the Presbytery
      Council retain its name to perform the functions outlined in the new constitution.
      That further, the Presbytery and the Presbytery Council, should the new book not
      be sufficient as to details of operational responsibilities and methods, as outlined in
      the 2009-2011 Book of Order , “The Provisional First Year Manual for Savannah
      Presbytery 2010-2011 and the “Savannah Presbytery Manual of 2003”; that these
      operational guidelines remain in effect on an interim basis to guide the Presbytery
      and the Council until such time as a new Operational Manual for Savannah
      Presbytery is written, approved and implemented by the Presbytery.

Further, nothing in this action shall pertain to any other parts of the 2011-2013 Book of
Order; and in particular it has no intent to change or limit anything in G-2.01.

       The Recommendation was approved.


       1. The presbytery council concurs with the Education and Training Team in its
          decision to not convene the School of the Laity in 2012 and that a Year of
          Jubilee be observed to discern where god is leading in this area of our ministry.

       2. That the Care of Church Professionals committee be dissolved and its functions
          be merged into the Committee on Ministry.

          its functions be incorporated, as appropriate and needed, into the other Mission


                      Reverend Eric Beene, Chair

1. The Committee on Ministry recommends that Savannah Presbytery adopt the attached
“Guidelines for Dissolution and Separation”.

Guidelines for Dissolution and Separation
Savannah Presbytery

                                                Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.19
According to the Book of Order (G-2.0901), only the Presbytery may dissolve an installed
pastoral arrangement. Other arrangements for pastoral services must also be approved by
the Presbytery. Sometimes, a congregation and a pastor disagree about whether their
pastoral relationship should continue or be dissolved. In such situations, anger, fear,
disappointment, and frustration combine with many other emotions for the pastor, his or
her family, the congregation, and the congregation’s community. These guidelines are
intended to establish a process to smooth out the dissolution process, to ease tensions and
limit destructive exchanges between individuals, to assure that the needs of both the
congregation and the pastor are met, and to protect all parties involved from civil litigation.

For the purposes of these guidelines, “pastor” shall refer to any Teaching Elder in an
installed or temporary pastoral relationship or any Ruling Elder commissioned to pastoral
service. These guidelines shall apply for full- or part-time pastoral arrangements.

   1) The Presbytery expects that the parties in disagreement over the pastoral
      relationship will first seek a mutually acceptable resolution of the disagreement.
      Parties to the disagreement are encouraged to seek the counsel and mediation of the
      Committee on Ministry. Any party to the disagreement may request the counsel of
      the Committee on Ministry by submitting a request in writing to the General
      Presbyter, Stated Clerk, or the Chair of the Committee on Ministry. The Committee
      on Ministry’s Companion assigned to the congregation can help the party or parties
      prepare such a request.

   2) If the parties fail to resolve the disagreement with the counsel and mediation of the
      Committee on Ministry, the parties shall negotiate a Dissolution Agreement. The
      Chair of the Committee on Ministry, the General Presbyter, or their designee shall
      facilitate the negotiation of the Dissolution Agreement. The facilitator shall invite
      the Session to designate no more than three persons and the Pastor to designate no
      more than three persons to participate in the negotiation process. All Dissolution
      Agreements shall be compatible with the provisions of the Book of Order.

   3) The Dissolution Agreement shall be a written document which must be approved by
      both the congregation and the Committee on Ministry, acting on behalf of Savannah
      Presbytery. Copies of the written Dissolution Agreement shall be available to
      members of the congregation at the congregational meeting at which the agreement
      is to be considered. The dissolution shall not take effect until it is approved by the
      congregation and the Committee on Ministry.

   4) Ordinarily a Dissolution Agreement will include:
         a. The date on which the dissolution is effective;
         b. The last date on which the pastor will be expected to perform ministerial
         c. Continuation of effective salary, payment of dues to the Board of Pensions,
             and other insurance benefits. Ordinarily, compensation shall continue for no
             more than 6 months from the date the dissolution is effective. The
             continuation of salary and Board of Pensions dues will vary with each
             situation, but shall take into consideration the financial resources of the

                                                 Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.20
                  congregation, the situation of the pastor’s family, and the potential for the
                  congregation and pastor to find new pastoral relationships. All parties shall
                  also remember that church workers, including clergy, are not eligible for
                  state unemployment benefits.
             d.   Provision of loan repayment or shared equity arrangement (where
             e.   The last date on which the pastor may use the manse (where applicable);
             f.   Terms and time limits on the use of the church office or church-owned
                  equipment as well as physical presence on church premises, except the
                  manse (not to exceed 30 days from the effective date of separation);
             g.   Provision that if the pastor finds a call or comparable employment prior to
                  the end of the term of the agreement, the church’s financial obligations for
                  the continuation of effective salary and Board of Pensions dues ends as of
                  the beginning date of the call/employment. A part-time call or employment
                  may result in appropriate adjustments in financial payments and Board of
                  Pensions dues which shall be negotiated by the parties and approved by the
                  Committee on Ministry;

    5) The Committee on Ministry shall monitor compliance with the Dissolution
       Agreement. If either party feels there is a violation of the terms of the agreement,
       the Committee on Ministry shall investigate and address the violation.

    6) If parties to a disagreement are unable to reach a mutually acceptable Dissolution
       Agreement through the counsel and mediation of Committee on Ministry, and if the
       Committee finds that the church’s mission under the Word imperatively demands
       the dissolution of the pastoral relationship, then the Committee on Ministry shall
       recommend a dissolution agreement to the presbytery with terms of dissolution of
       its devising. The Committee may recommend that the Presbytery appoint an
       Administrative Commission if requested or needed.


Terms of Dissolution Agreement Between

Pastor                                       Congregation

We the undersigned request Savannah Presbytery to dissolve the pastoral relationship
between the Congregation and the Pastor on the following terms:

    1) Continuation of Compensation:
          a. Continuation of salary and benefits (exclusive of mileage and professional
              expense reimbursement) for         months;
                   Salary and benefits are understood as follows:
                    Cash Salary: $                        per month
                    Housing Allowance (if applicable): $                        per
                    Payment in lieu of Social Security (if applicable): $
                             per month

                                                         Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.21
                      Employer Contribution to Retirement Savings Plan (if applicable):
                                             per month
           b. Continuation of full Board of Pensions dues (covering medical insurance,
              death and disability insurance, and pension benefits) for         months
           c. Continuation of other insurance benefits for          months
              List benefits:
           d. Use of the manse (if applicable), including utilities allowance, for

   2) The last date on which the Pastor will be expected to perform ministerial duties:
   3) Date after which the Pastor shall not use church office or equipment or be present
       on the church premises (except the manse if applicable):
       List equipment which must be returned to the church by that date:
   4) It is understood that all salary and benefits for the Pastor will be discontinued should
       s/he receive another call or other full time employment. If s/he receives a part-time
       call or employment, the undersigned Pastor, Session Representative, and
       Committee on Ministry Facilitator are authorized to negotiate prorated benefits.
   5) Other Provisions:

We, the undersigned, having negotiated this agreement in good faith, will be diligent in
fulfilling it. We agree that all parties will refrain from disparaging the others in any way. If
this agreement is violated by either party, the terms of dissolution may be altered by the
Committee on Ministry.

Pastor Signature                                                      Date

Session Representative Signature                                      Date

COM Facilitator Signature                                             Date

Approved at a duly called meeting of the Congregation held on

                                                 Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.22
Moderator of Congregational Meeting Signature

Approved by the Committee on Ministry on

                Committee on Ministry Chair Signature

The Recommendation was approved.

2. The Committee on Ministry recommends the Presbytery accept Elder Grace James’ resignation
from the Administrative commission for Blackshear Church and elect Elder Jean Vernon to serve in
her place.

The Recommendation was approved.


                                 ORDER OF THE DAY:

          Welcome and conversation with The Rev. Stewart Fletcher


1. The Committee on Ministry has enrolled the Rev. Stuart Fletcher as a member of Savannah
Presbytery upon transfer of his membership from the Presbytery of Southern New England. He is
serving in a validated ministry as Parish Associate with the Savannah Korean Church.

Bio for Rev. Stuart Fletcher

Rev. Fletcher was ordained as a Minister of Word and Sacrament on January 28, 1994 at the First
Presbyterian Church of Sparta. He received his Bachelor of Science from Houghton College,
Houghton, NY, in 1987 and his M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ, in
1991. He is certified by the Evangelical Teacher Training Association as a Christian Educator. He
was awarded the Hugh McBurney Award for Competence in English Bible by McCormick
Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL, in 1988. He was commissioned to serve in the U.S. Navy and
graduated from the Chaplain Candidate Training Program in 1990, served with the 3rd Marine Air
Wing, and following an injury sustained during a live fire exercise, the then Lieutenant Junior
Grade was medically discharged in 1993. In 1999 the Presbytery of Southern New England
recognized his leadership with a Kosovo Refugee Relief Effort with their Walter M. Elwood Mission
Award. Rev. Fletcher was also one of five PC (USA) pastors to be part of the first Billy Graham
Advanced School of Evangelism, held at Wheaton College, in 1998.
Rev. Fletcher served Christ and the people of the First Presbyterian Church of Sparta, Sparta, NJ, as
an un-ordained Pastoral Associate 1988-89, and as pulpit supply after graduating from seminary.
He was called to be the pastor of the United Presbyterian Church, Milford, CT, where he served
from 1994-2003. An unsuccessful surgical procedure caused a worsening of his injuries and
necessitated a decrease in his duties. He accepted a call to Savannah to serve as an Interim

                                                    Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.23
Associate Pastor (¾ time) for the Skidaway Island Presbyterian Church. In 2004 he applied for
disability which was granted in 2005. Since December, 2004 he has been serving as a Parish
Associate at the Savannah Korean Presbyterian Church where he continues to lead worship for the
English speaking side of the congregation on a volunteer basis.
In April, 1994, he married his wife, Charlotte, who is his better half, his help-mate and his yoke-
fellow in ministry. They have an eight year old Golden Retriever named Cree, who is their pride
and joy and Stuart’s constant companion.

Rev. Stuart Fletcher
My Statement of Faith
I place my trust wholly in the living God, who is eternal, all wise, most holy, and the source of love
and life. God is transcendent yet imminent, unknowable yet self-revealing, intangible yet
experienced by faith. God is so much more than the human mind can comprehend or invent, thus
any attempts to define God both limit God and lead us astray. God is more than I can imagine, but
must be allowed to be who He* is and not what I would have Him be. It is not for me to define
God, but to be defined by Him. God is Creator and I am but a small part of His creation. In faith I
must humble myself before Him so that He may cause me to become all that He created me to be.
Almighty God has chosen to reveal Himself in three distinct yet same persons: the Father, Jesus
Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God is relational, creating us in love to find wholeness in Him
and intending us to experience His love in a way that transforms how we relate to ourselves, other
persons, and the world around us. I need that love and welcome God reaching out to me because,
like the rest of humanity, I am a sinner. I have fallen short of God’s intention for my life and
relationships. On my own I cannot overcome, nor can I rise above this fatal flaw.
Though I am a sinner and was lost, I was found by Jesus Christ, who being fully God and fully
human, embraced me with God’s redeeming love, is working to redirect and revitalize my soul, and
through grace is helping me to become the person that God created me to be. I am in awe, and am
eternally grateful for His sacrificial death for my sins, and for the sins of the world, on the cross. I
am amazed and forever changed by His bodily resurrection from the dead to bring new, abundant
and eternal life to me, and to all who believe. As my Savior, Jesus does more than save me from
sin, He saves me to life in the renewed presence of God who I may now know intimately as Abba,
Father. My Lord Jesus leads me in the ways of God, not merely by His teachings and example, but
by His presence in my life. I now offer my life and my service to Him in faith and with gratitude as
I wait for His eventual and certain return in glory.
I believe in the Holy Spirit: mystical yet relational, untamed but empowering. The Holy Spirit is
more than my mind can grasp or my love can embrace, yet God offers Himself to every believer in
the person of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit lives in my soul, explaining God’s Word, exhorting
me toward God’s will, encouraging me in faith and life, and equipping me to deepen my devotion
and to serve my Lord. I am, as is every believer, more dependant on the Holy Spirit than I am
usually conscious of.
I believe that God’s inspired Word in Scripture is a precious treasure. In the pages of Scripture I
meet God, learn more about myself, and discern how to relate to others and the world around me. I
believe that the same Holy Spirit Who inspired the Bible’s co-authors continues to speak through its
pages helping us to understand, remember and apply God’s Word. The authoritative Word of God
as found in the sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments are central to the life of every
believer and foundational in the life of the church.
I believe that Jesus Christ gave us the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper as tangible
expressions of His presence and promise. The efficacy of the sacraments are not dependant on our
institution or participation, but are uniquely and irrevocably tied to the presence and working of
God which we experience through our participation by faith at the font and table. Baptism, a sign
and seal of God’s grace, initiates us into Christ’s Body by faith and calls us to ministry.
Communion is a tangible reminder of our redemption from sin, Christ’s presence with us, and
empowerment to life and ministry. It is the wellspring of our unity, community and commission in

                                                     Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.24
I believe that faith is a life response to God. The more we know God, being embraced by His grace
and becoming transformed in His love, the more we will be motivated to love and serve God. All
that I am and all that I have, is a gift of God. In thankfulness I respond as a faithful steward – not
out of obligation but gratitude, not because I must but because I may, not merely for duty’s sake but
for the opportunity to show my love and thankfulness to God. As God’s child and Christ’s disciple,
I am grateful for all that He is doing in my life and for His call to the ministry. I serve now at His
pleasure and by His empowerment, seeking to live in sweet communion with Him, and desiring to
hear Him say on the day that I stand before Him, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”
I believe that we were all created to live in community. The church is to be an example of
redeemed community to the world. It is to be a place and a people where love is evident and
experienced, where faith is offered and fostered, where human needs are addressed and alleviated.
The church is intended to be a place where Christ is present. All that we do should point beyond us
to Him who is our Head. The church is, however, as human as it is divine and weeds do grow with
the wheat. This fact only underscores our need for and dependence on Christ, for if we are to be
what we are intended to be, we must lift Him up for all to see.
I believe that coming to faith is a call to ministry in that ministry is a necessary outgrowth of faith
and a life response to the experience of God’s grace, love and presence in our lives. While God
does call some to positions of professional ministry, ministry is not the domain of professionals but
the people of God. Ministry in various and vital ways is both the work of individuals and of the
church as a whole. Thus every believer is given gifts and abilities to use in service as a response of
faith. The church is impoverished if such involvement is withheld or impeded. The Holy Spirit
guides our ministry according to the Word, in response to needs, utilizing the gifts given to Christ’s
disciples, and for the glory of God.
I am grateful for the presence of God in my life. God’s love enables me to trust that He has my best
interests at heart and that His will is the best way. I want to share the good news of the Gospel, not
because it is my job, but because I want others to experience for themselves all that I have found in
Christ. God offers Himself to us in Christ. In Him is life. Therefore, in Him I live and move and
have my being. Thanks be to God for this indescribable gift!

* Because I believe that God is relational, having revealed Himself that way in Scripture and in the
historic experience of God’s people, I think that any language or philosophy that denies God’s
personal nature prevents us from truly knowing Him in a profoundly transformational way.
However, while God has revealed Himself as Father, God is not man, nor is God like any human
we have ever known. I use capitalized pronouns for God to signify this truth and to retain the
personal, relational character of God.

2. The Committee on Ministry has approved Temporary Supply Covenants between the following:

                - Rev. Grady Allison and Jekyll Community Church
                - Rev. Mary Beene and Faith Church, Rincon
                - Rev. Ainars Berzinch and Blackshear Church
                - Rev. Kathi Parchem and First Church, Hinesville

3. In order to build stronger relationships with our congregations, the Committee on Ministry has
committed to visit with each Session in our Presbytery each year. Each congregation has been
assigned a member of the COM to serve as its “companion.” The companion will contact the
Moderator or Clerk of Session to request some time (normally about 20-30 minutes) at a regular
Session meeting. The purpose of the conversation will simply be to learn more about the strengths,
the sources of excitement, and the needs of each congregation. The information will be shared with

                                                     Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.25
the whole COM, which can help the congregations celebrate their gifts and address their needs as


                    Reverend Mary Beene, Chair

1. The Team recommends that Celebration of the Lord’s Supper in accordance with
appropriate Directory of Worship requirements be approved for Education Training Team
events in 2012, as determined by the organizers of the particular event.

The Recommendation was approved.


1. The Education & Training Team has proposed and the Presbytery Council concurred
that School of the Laity will take a “Year of Jubilee” in 2012 and will not hold classes.
There are a number of staffing and financial issues that need to be resolved and volunteers
working on the program do not have time to both run the three annual events and do the
necessary planning and “transformation” of the program to meet the new Presbytery
financial and staffing realities. The hope is that in 2012, people interested in helping re-
vision the program will be able to put together a proposal to restart classes in 2013.

2. Feel the hot breezes? Summer planning is already in full swing for youth events:

Summer Camp will be the week of June 18-23. Trey Haddon will again serve as
coordinator. If you are interested in volunteering, please call the Presbytery Office, leave
your contact information and he can get back in touch with you.

Statesboro Presbyterian Church is planning a trip to the Montreat Youth Conference. To
find out more, contact Susan Parrish at the church. If you are planning a youth trip this
summer and would like to invite other churches’ youth to attend, please send an invitation
message to Liz Richardson at the Presbytery Office and she can forward your invitation to
church pastors and clerks.
The Leadership Development Conference and the Spring Youth Connect begin this
evening, and planning for 2013 will happen soon after. If you have any comments or
suggestions, please let Mary Beene or Nan Thompson know in writing and we will bring it
to the Team at our next meeting.

3. The Presbytery Resource Center is being neglected! We have wonderful books and
resources sitting on shelves or in bins and boxes. No one is ordering new curriculum
materials since Lou Ellen has left. If any church would like to “Save the Resource Center”

                                                   Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.26
by hosting it in their facilities with their human resources, please let Rev. Mary Beene
( or 912-856-2806) know of your interest and the Presbytery can
determine whether it is possible to continue to offer financial support.

4. All of these events and programs are dependent on you and your church for leadership
and financial support. Please contact Mary Beene if you would like more information
about how your Presbytery giving supports these programs, as well as how you might be
able to set up ways within your church to develop funding for participants in the various
programs. Even in these difficult times there are models that are working for churches
around the Presbytery!


                         Reverend Rick Douylliez


1. The Savannah Presbytery Mission Ministry Team will sponsor the 2nd Annual Mission
fair at the Leadership Development Conference February 17-18. All churches are
encouraged to bring a display highlighting an area of local, regional or world-wide mission
supported by their respective congregation.

2. Plans are underway in District III to provide a week-long opportunity in the summer of
2012 for hands-on mission for youth within the boundaries of the district. Congregations
will select a specific mission opportunity in their area, host the group overnight, provide a
meal, and additional support to accomplish the mission task.

3. The Mission Ministry Team is seeking a congregation to sponsor a presbytery-wide
mission trip in the fall of 2012. In 2011, the following churches partnered together:
Allenhurst, Jesup, Wilmington Island, and Saint Marys. The group worked with the
Episcopal diocese of Alabama and Habitat for Humanity in early September rebuilding
two homes in the devastated area following the severe tornado that ravaged through
Tuscaloosa Alabama on April 27, 2011.

4. We will soon welcome the following new members that have been recommended to the
Nominating committee and who have expressed a desire to join our Team:

Rev. Andy Chambers – Frederica
Rev. Trip McKinnon – Waycross
Burke Basquin – Statesboro
Ann Henderson - Statesboro

                                                 Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.27
                 Reverend Greg Gillispie


1.    That the Presbytery use its small group break-out time at this meeting to discuss
issues of vitality, growth and outreach.

RATIONALE: This theme aligns with the upcoming emphasis of the Leadership
Development Conference, and addresses the requests we’ve heard through last year’s
conversations and surveys of our pastors and churches. The goal of these listening sessions

is to share success stories and hear about local needs. This will help us to identify how we
can be encouragers for local congregations in their growth and evangelism efforts.

The Recommendation was approved.


1. The Team has begun scheduling consultations with interested congregations and
clusters of congregations who are ready to explore ways to strengthen their local mission
and ministries. Anyone who would like to have a conversation about these matters – either
in a local setting or presbytery-wide – is asked to contact Don Dilley, Ed Ayers, Greg
Gillispie, Kevin Hicks or Russell Gladding.

2. The Team commends to local congregational leaders some insightful resources which
might be of interest in your setting. Various resources can be a good match for particular
situations. If we can be helpful in your exploration, please let us know. If you have other
resources you’d like to recommend to our churches, please share those details.

Denominational Resources

•      “Starting New Initiatives” is a process of prayer, discernment, conversation and
reflection for congregations to decide how they can best minister in their particular
contexts. Download this in a PDF format (or order a hard copy) at
•, an online community seeking to foster healthy, mission-
focused churches in the PCUSA.
•      PCUSA’s Church Transformation website:
•      “Get Walking: Church Transformation Conference” July 30 – August 2, at St. Pete
Beach, Florida.

Other Resources

                                                Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.28
•      “The 1 Thing”, a small book by Thom and Joani Schultz. A good one or two meeting
book discussion will open up awareness of growth and stability issues.
      “Holy Conversations”, a book, website and process from the Alban Institute to guide a
congregation to discern its unique identity, calling, and surrounding outreach opportunities.
•      “Spiritual Strategic Journey”, a months-long process for congregational leaders to
evaluate a church’s strengths, needs, life stage, and energy level. This self-discovery will
help you to know when to make moves forward, and when to foster internal support.
Depending on your evaluation of your own context, it will guide you on whether to
emphasize Vision, Relationships, Programs, or Processes and Resources.




1. That the following be elected to serve as indicated.

Moderator Elect of Savannah Presbytery – The Reverend Kathi Parchem

    I.   Church and Polity
  • Committee on Ministry
     Nominations: Class of 2014

       Eric Beene, I (2)
       Christine McGoogan, III (2)
       Lois Stroman, II (1)
       John Wall, I (1)
       Leslie McCracken III (1)
                  Class of 2013
      Alan Baroody I (1)
• Committee on Preparation for Ministry
   Nominations: Class of 2014
     Craig Pope I (1)
     Dan Lewis II (1)
     Chris Benatti II (1)
     “Ro” Kinson III (1)

   II.     Education and Training Team
             Nomination: Class of 2012 Will Shelburne, I (1)

                           Class of 2013: Mary Smith III (1)
                                                Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.29
                          Class of 2014: Nat Scott III (2)
                                         Nan Thompson, II (1)
                                         Doug Black, III (1)

   III.  Evangelism and Transformation Team
Nominations: Class of 2012
Crawford Hammond I (1)

Class of 2013

Bobbie Scott II (1)
Choongyun Yu, I (1)

Nominations: Class of 2014

Don Dilley I (1)
Ed Ayers II (1)
Kevin Hicks II (1)
Allison Schuerneman I (2)

      IV        Mission Team

         Nominations: Class of 2014

         Joan Ashley III (2)
         Will Shelburne I (2)
         Greg Loskoski I (2)
         Andy Chambers III (1)
         Trip McKinnon III (1)
          Burt Basquin
         Ann Henderson

   Other Committees:

Swainsboro Apartments

Nominations: Class of 2014

Chuck Clark II (1)
Kashey Odum III (1)
Ron Polmanteer III (1)
Benjamin Holmes III (1)

  M K Pentecost
Nominations: Class of 2014

Gwen McKee I (1)
Joe Anderson II (1)

                                            Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.30
      Bob Killian III (2)
      David Sapp II (2)

   Committee on Representation

       Nominations: Class of 2014

       Curtes Roberts II (1)
       Jamie Ward II (1)
       Choongyun Yu I (2)

   Permanent Judicial Commission

Nominations: Class of 2014

      Sonny Jones I (1),
      Orion Douglass, III (2),
      Jim Baker I (1)

   Presbytery Council – Member at Large

Nominations: Class of 2013

       Karl Branch (1)

Nominations: Class of 2014

       Kevin Hicks (2)

The Recommendation was approved.


                  Reverend Mary Beene, Coordinator


M.K. Pentecost Ecology Fund Report
February 17, 2012

1.      Some of you may not know what the M.K. Pentecost Ecology Fund is. In the
1990s, Mr. M.K. Pentecost left a large charitable trust to the Savannah Presbytery,
established for “the presbytery’s ministry of environmental justice and ecological
stewardship of natural resources including marine and wild life. The funds are to be used

                                               Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.31
for promoting the support of conservation efforts, education, and studies in key
environmental issues of endangered ecosystems and ecological projects which are
approved by the presbytery.” The M. K. Pentecost Ecology Fund was set up as a
committee, elected by Presbytery, to administer this grant-making program. Most grants
go to regional nonprofit organizations working on coastal and ecological efforts in the
southern coastal region, the geographic area specified in Mr. Pentecost’s will. Through the
“Go Green” program, some grants are also given to churches in the Presbytery working on
ecological projects that fit the requirements of the trust. At our recent committee meeting,
$5,000 of the grant money was set aside for an emergency fund “for the purpose of
providing relief in the case of an ecological crisis or disaster.” Funds for the grants and

programs of the M.K. Pentecost Ecology Fund come directly from the investment income
of M.K. Pentecost’s trust, and are managed by the Presbyterian Foundation. No Savannah
Presbytery operating funds are used for the program, nor can the M.K. Pentecost funds be
used by the Presbytery outside the requirements of the donor’s stated intentions. This has
been a wonderful program in our Presbytery and there are probably people in your
community that would like to know that the Presbyterian Church supports conservation of
God’s creation. Please contact the Fund’s Coordinator, Mary Beene
( for more information or if you have interest in or ideas
for getting the word out in your community about this great work.

2.      The M.K. Pentecost Fund will be accepting new “Go Green” grants from churches
for work on environmental and ecological projects. These $400 grants are described in
greater detail in the materials included in the Presbytery packet. Applications are due:
April 1, 2012. For additional information, see our Savannah Presbytery website or contact
Mary Beene.

3.     Alan Baroody will be the chair of the M.K. Pentecost Ecology Fund Committee in
2012. On our last conference call, members of the committee voted to make Elsie
Sederholm, long-time committee member and chair an “honorary member emeritae” of the
committee. We want to thank her for her many years of service to the Committee and also
thank her for her continuing work with us in this role.

4.      On our last call, the committee also tasked the fund coordinator, Mary Beene, with
a priority goal of doing more outreach to our Savannah Presbytery churches, working to
connect MKP grantees with the work of our churches and vice versa. If your church has a
special interest in ecology and environmental issues, please let Mary know.

                  Ruling Elder Kerry Klumpe


Altama Presbyterian Church of the Savannah Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church (USA)
has submitted to the Feb. 17, 2012, stated meeting of the Presbytery for its consideration

                                                Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.32
and action an overture addressing Amendment 10-A to the Book of Order of the
Presbyterian Church (USA), concerning standards for ordination.

The submitted overture sets forth a rationale for adoption and, within its four corners,
standards for ordination that Altama Presbyterian Church intends to follow. Because the
future application of these or any prospective standards could give rise to a judicable case
that would come before the Permanent Judicial Commission of the Savannah Presbytery as
a matter of first impression, the submitted overture is hereby transmitted to the stated
meeting of the Presbytery without action by the Permanent Judicial Commission.

The Overture was not approved.

                                                Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.33
Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.34

                                      Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.35
               Reverend Rick Douylliez, Chair

The Savannah Presbytery Interim Administrative Task Force has completed two primary

       1. The first (short term) objective was to identify and secure presbytery staff
       leadership following the resignation of the General Presbyter in 2011.

       2. The second (long term) objective was to begin a process by which the presbytery
       could envision a new administrative structure. The first phase of this process
       resulted in a presbytery-wide survey conducted by Holy Cow Consulting. The
       second phase of this objective will involve a strategic plan based on the
       interpretation of the survey and subsequent feedback from various focus groups.
       The first opportunity for small groups to participate in this process happened at the
       October 25, 2011 stated meeting of presbytery. Summaries are currently being
       prepared by each small group facilitator.

The Task Force is expected to make a final report with recommendations at the October
2012 meeting of presbytery.



                               Janet Ward, Moderator


                              ORDER OF THE DAY:

      Report of the Administrative Commission at Hinesville Korean
                         Presbyterian Church
                           Rev. Andy Meeker


1.      That Savannah Presbytery act to dissolve Hinesville Korean Presbyterian Church,
effective February 17, 2012.

                                                Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.36
The Recommendation was approved.

2.      That if the above action is approved, that the formation of a second Administrative
Commission also be approved (appointed by the Presbytery Moderator and Stated Clerk
according to presbytery’s polity) to aid in the process of dissolution. This Administrative
Commission shall be comprised of members of COM, Savannah Presbytery Trustees and
others, and shall have the authority to:

a.     Assist the pastor and session to wind up any and all affairs of the church in a timely
b.     Take possession of all real and personal property, financial records, inventories of
       equipment and all other assets and arrange for transfer of title to Savannah
       Presbytery of all accounts and real property known to be in the possession of
       Hinesville Korean Presbyterian Church based on G-4.0203 and G-4.0205 of the
       Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA).
c.     Receive all Session Records.
d.     Grant letters of dismissal to members whose names are on the membership roll of
       the church for a period of one year from the time of dissolution.

The Recommendation was approved.


In March of 2010, Hinesville Korean Presbyterian Church was chartered as a member
church of Savannah Presbytery and the PC(USA). This chartering took place with the
understanding that the conflict, violence and divisiveness that had plagued the previous
Korean Presbyterian congregation in Hinesville, Mokchun Korean Presbyterian Church,
were all things of the past.

In August of 2011, Savannah Presbytery was made aware of significant conflict between
the pastor and the elders of the session of Hinesville Korean Presbyterian Church.
Numerous attempts were made to understand and mediate the conflict using an ad hoc
group of presbyters and translators. Little headway was made.

At the heart of the conflict is a struggle for power and control within the church which has
led to numerous conflicts, accusations and reprisals. This conflict has resulted in a
complete breakdown of the HKPC session and disruptions to the worship, ministry and
spiritual life of the church.

In September, after reports of escalating conflict, altercations and threats of violence
(including occasions in which the police were called in), Acting General Presbyter Russell
Gladding called an emergency meeting of the Committee on Ministry and the Presbytery
Council to approve the appointment of an Administrative Commission with the power of
Original Jurisdiction. Both bodies unanimously approved this action. Members of the
Commission were Rev. Andy Meeker, Chair, Rev. Alan Baroody, Rev. Ed Ayers, Elder Joe
McGoogan (First Brunswick) and Elder Alex Sifford (St. Simons). Soon after, Rev. Ayers
was replaced by Rev. Yoon Nam because of scheduling conflicts.

                                                Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.37
Continued attempts to mediate the situation were not successful. The AC acted to place
Pastor Yu on a paid sabbatical leave for approximately two months to try to make room for
listening and discernment. The elders were asked to act in keeping with their ordination
vow of “furthering the peace, unity and purity of the church.” Threats of disruption to
worship caused the AC to extend Pastor Yu’s sabbatical leave.

Listening sessions were conducted in early December to allow any and all members of the
congregation to share their views and opinions with the AC. The results of these listening
sessions indicated that the conflict between the pastor and the elders ran deep and had
spilled over into the congregation. Rumors and innuendoes are rampant in the church and
greater Hinesville community. Almost everyone who shared their views has chosen sides
in the conflict, and there didn’t seem to be much hope for reconciliation.

With the deep-seeded antagonism and the history of conflict in this congregation, it is with
deep sadness and regret that the AC recommends to the presbytery that this church be
dissolved. Countless hours have been spent in trying to understand and remedy the
situation. The history of conflict and violence in this church make successful remediation
unlikely. We hope and pray that dissolving the church will provide an opportunity for a
fresh start to all involved.


                 Reverend Kevin Hicks

Where as:

               By the grace of God we were blessed to gather for the 603rd meeting of
                Savannah Presbytery.

               We were once again provided with wonderful facilities by Epworth by the

               The Rev. Ed Ayers opened with piano, guitar, song, and prayer to set the
                tone for our meeting as well as “saving the forest by using the screen.”

               We celebrate Rev. Andy Meeker’s service as Presbytery Moderator and
                continue to pray for him as he enters what he called his “third and final”
                year of serving in the moderator cycle. And, we note, that he looks good in
                a gold chain!

               Elder Paul Scott, running unopposed, successfully won the nomination and
                was elected moderator for the 2012 year bringing his steady and calm voice
                into our meetings. And, we hope, that he will no longer be tempted to
                supplement his income at the local Dairy Queen.

                                                Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.38
             Rev. Kathi Parchem was elected as moderator-elect, thus starting the first
              year of her three year cycle. She also ran unopposed.

             Russell “slash” Gladding was elected to continue as Transitional General
              Presbyter “slash” Stated Clerk “slash” Treasurer. We are pleased that
              Russell will continue in this job “slash” calling.

             We are thankful for the diligence of the other half of the Presbytery Staff,
              Liz Richardson, always a welcome presence in our meetings.

             We were blessed to welcome the Rev. Stuart Fletcher to Savannah
              Presbytery from the Presbytery of Southern New England.

             We were once again entertained and informed by the energetic report from
              Janet Ward on the Presbyterian Women.

             The Rev. Ricky Porter presented us with a budget for 2012 that was
              accepted by the Presbytery and passed. The hard work of the Finance
              Committee during this tough economic period is appreciated.

             Love was expressed for the School of the Laity and future plans for it will
              be made.

             We will keep Savannah Korean Presbyterian Church in our prayers and wish
              them well in their new relationship with the Atlanta Korean American

             With great sadness we hold the people of Hinesville Korean Presbyterian
              Church in our prayers as we took the tough step of dissolving the

             The Reverends Beene do a wonderful job reporting on many and various

             The Rev. Rick Douylliez is noted as a great recruiter, the Rev. Dan Lewis
              still appreciates a call ahead of time.

We give thanks:

      To the wonderful grace of God working through the staff, ministers, and elders of
      this Presbytery.


                    NECROLOGY OF RULING ELDERS

                                               Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.39
The following is a list of Ruling Elders who passed away between All Saints’ Day 2010
and All Saints’ Day 2011 who were not noted at the October 2011 Stated Meeting:

First Presbyterian Church Savannah

Howard Ewell Cheney
David Rice Elmore, Sr.
Patricia Harcourt Knight

Saint Simons Presbyterian Church

Richard Heller
Jack Kite

Skidaway Island Presbyterian Church

William Foster, Jr.

Vidalia Presbyterian Church

Dr. A. J. Morris

Washington Street Presbytery Church

Edward Copenny
Geraldine Lilly



         The next Presbytery Meeting will be Tuesday, May 22, 2012
             at Allenhurst Presbyterian Church, Allenhurst, GA

                                              Winter 2012 Stated Meeting Minutes P.40

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