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Pharmaceutical Key Trends 2011 Overv


									Pharmaceutical Key Trends 2011 Overview - Key strategic trends in the
pharmaceutical industry


A number of factors have and will continue to impact pharmaceutical sales and profits going
forward. As a result of rising healthcare costs, healthcare budgets are being stretched.
Healthcare payers are also feeling the impact of the global economic downturn.
As a result, payers are introducing a number of cost-containment strategies as well as tougher
regulatory measures

Features and benefits

* An overview of drivers of rising healthcare costs
* Review the impact of the global economic downturn on the healthcare and the pharmaceutical
* Assess the growing cost-containment and regulatory pressures facing pharma
* An overview of the impact of the patent expiries on pharma together with the industry’s


Aging populations, the growing prevalence of chronic disease, greater use of expensive
treatments, and expanding public healthcare coverage are stretching existing healthcare
resources. As a result of rising unemployment, healthcare payers are also feeling the impact of
the global economic downturn through reduced funding via taxation.
In response, payers are introducing a number of cost-containment strategies, such as reducing
healthcare budgets and implementing pricing and reimbursement cuts, as well as bolstering
generic uptake. These measures, together with the increasingly tough regulatory environment, all
have a negative impact on the pharmaceutical industry.
Branded pharmaceutical companies are set to lose approximately $100bn in sales due to the
patent cliff and the resultant generic erosion of branded sales during 2010–15 in the seven major
markets, while the industry is also feeling the effects of the recent global economic downturn
both directly and indirectly.

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