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									In a nutshell …
 This presentation will cover:
    Who is YES-HTI aimed at
    What YES-HTI does for them
    Why is YES-HTI the best solution available
    A quick look at HotelsAvenue features
    How to sign up the Travel Agent for this facility
    A detailed look at the operations of the Solution
Who will benefit from YES-HTI …
 A brick ‘n’ mortar travel agent looking to get additional ready-
to-book inventory of hotel rooms at his counter.
 A brick ‘n’ mortar travel agent looking to expand his market by
providing hotel rooms to customers online through his branded
 Any entrepreneur who has walk-in traffic and want to
monetize it by starting a travel business.
 How will YES-HTI be useful for the TA …
 Gets instantly ‘bookable room inventory’ from over 1,00,000
  global hotels.
 Earns huge profits with minimal efforts and investment.
 No minimum room night commitments to any hotel.
 No blocking of funds by paying advance deposit to suppliers.
 Gets an efficient, easy-to-use cutting edge web based interface.
 Pays for rooms with his YB account and get commission credits.
 His customers can also pay at his website through Credit Cards,
  Debit Cards, 30+ Net Banking Accounts & Cash Cards.
 Commissions paid to TA 15 days after the guest checks out.
All this at Rs. 2000 set up cost and zero recurring cost.
Why YES-HTI is the best solution …
 Real time instantly bookable room inventory managed and
    updated by the hotels front office staff themselves.
   Best rates guaranteed by the hotels on signed agreements.
   Low startup fee, no ongoing technology costs, technical staff
    cost or system maintenance costs.
   Best commissions paid directly into the TA’s YB account
   Gets a fully hosted, enterprise quality, booking engine working
    from his website.
   TA’s can manage their business directly from anywhere and at
    anytime with a single computer with internet connectivity.
Why YES-HTI is the best solution …
 Online Room Search and Booking: Advanced Hotel Search
  Engine Module to search for hotels based on the traveler's
  criteria. TA’s can book rooms instantly and pay through their YES
  Bank account. TA’s customers can book directly on his website
  and pay through multiple payment options
 Online Accounting System: Maintain all records in a single
  database online. View records from anywhere, at anytime.
  Built-in accounting facility enables TA to track reservations online
 Automatic Report Generation: Generate reports easily with
  HotelsAvenue's Auto Report Generation facility in any major
  format - PDF, Excel, Text and XML.
The Sign Up Process
TAT for making TA live …

  TA earns 10% commission on his bookings
Using the HotelsAvenue
    Booking Engine:
  The Reservation Process
 To initiate a reservation, TA clicks on:
HotelsAvenue: Hotel Status Confirmation Window Sample
HotelsAvenue: Hotel Status Confirmation Window Sample
HotelsAvenue: Confirmation Voucher/ Invoice Sample
HotelsAvenue: Confirmation Voucher/ Invoice Sample
HotelsAvenue: Confirmation Voucher/ Invoice Sample
         A look at
 the HotelsAvenue M.A.R.S
Merchant Accounting and Reporting

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