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Rehabilitation services are ideal for chronic back pain. Rehabilitation services incorporate a number of treatments designed to help those who suffer from chronic back pain.

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Rehabilitation Services for Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain could be the result of a hectic work schedule, poor
posture, simple muscle strain, increased muscle contraction, stretched
muscles,       excessive      usage       of
muscles, and strain on the spine.
Whatever be the reason, appropriate
measures should be taken to achieve
back pain relief.           Rehabilitation
services       provided        at      pain
management centers are a great
option for treating chronic back

Effective Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation services are effective to:

           •    Ease pain
           •    Restore the patient’s independence
           •    Help the patient physically cope with everyday activities
           •    Prevent physical problems that the patient may acquire because
           of inactivity
           •    Increase function and prevent re-injury

Intensive rehabilitation programs are carefully planned and provided for
people with chronic back pain. The treatment begins with a detailed physical
and psychological evaluation. A study of the patient’s medical and
psychosocial histories and musculoskeletal examinations are carried out by

                                    Rehabilitation Services
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the rehabilitation specialists. Once an accurate diagnosis is made, a treatment
plan is developed.

Treatment Alternatives for Back Pain Problems

Physical therapy rehabilitation is important in back pain management. Based
on the condition of the patient, physical therapists utilize a variety of
physical therapy modalities and therapeutic exercise programs for providing
back pain treatment. Specialty centers offer rehabilitation for post-surgical
patients, which enables patients to return to the highest level of function, as
quickly and safely as possible.

Maintaining a balanced and healthy life is essential to minimize the risk of
chronic back pain. Physical therapy exercises are often administered by
specialists, which are effective to mobilize and strengthen the muscles and
joints, reduce pain, and increase flexibility and function.

During the initial stages of treatment, the pain management specialists use
different kinds of equipment to relieve the stress and pain. These include:
       •      Rocker and Wobble boards
       •      Therabands that offer low tech elastic resistance
       •      Physioballs to increase balance
Treatment modalities used include:

   •   Myofascial Release – This is a hands-on treatment technique that
       helps to eliminate pain and restore motion.
   •   Chiropractic care - A hands-on therapy that involves spinal
       manipulation or chiropractic adjustment. Highly effective in reducing
       the patient's level of pain

                                   Rehabilitation Services
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   •   Spine/tissue manipulation – the technique for manipulating the soft
       tissues of the back)
   •   Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) - A form of
       low - voltage electrical stimulation that provides short-term pain
Back pain management services also include education programs. Through
this, patients are given proper advice regarding the management and
prevention of back pain. Treatment methods will differ from individual to
individual, depending upon the condition of the patient. Pain management
centers offer different types of rehabilitation services for chronic back pain,
with all programs focused on promoting health and speedy recovery.

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