AI ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE The translation of by dwieps


									                                ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
        The translation of Artificial Intelligence is meant to create intelligent machines like humans.
Machines capable of thinking like a human logic and human behavior. Artificial Intelligence is
defined in four categories according to Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig, which are:
    1. Thinking humanly
    2. Acting humanly
    3. Thinking rasionally
    4. Acting rasinally

         But for the time being not fully human thought can be simulated by machine, such as reflex
action. For now Artificial Intelligence is more precisely defined as acting rasionally.

        Artificial Intelligence and computer programming are different. Some things cause it
different, which is:
            1. On computer programming, the computer programmer give rule to computer, while
                 the Artificial Intelligence computer only need the problems and it will think of
            2. In computer programming, we need to solve the problems completely by our
                 method, while Artificial Intelligence computing, computers have been purchased of
                 knowledge about a subject so that the computer will determine which method
                 should be used.
            3. Data processed on computer programming with a clear and detailed with the
                 methods and solutions have been determined previously, while the Artificial
                 Intelligence computing, data in the forms of symbols that can be manipulated in
                 various ways to determine appropriate software.

        An example of Artificial Intelligence product is Jabberwacky
        “Jabberwacky”, is a chatbot that is on computer hard disk which able to use the funny
words, play on speaker, and also can be confrontational. The speciality is it will learn more by
chatting with many chat users. Found by Rollo Carpenter, Loebner Prize finalist.

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